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my name's john marshall play and uh i'm i'm going to start with a brief introduction
of the topic of this morning which shoes as you know a sporting technically
i think it's a very important topic and uh we're glad the
of that uh uh so many people chose to come
uh yes they we had the digital revolution in sport which is obviously
an important topic that also has integrity to say the least
it's not such a new topic actually uh i it's a
hot topic today but i will show you also
but it is not such a new topic it's about that big i just listed here a few initiatives
which will uh recently uh and balanced by uh
several organisations for example we i you see
uh in february two thousand seventeen very recently
started use international sport integrity partnership
i've uh been stations are done similar initiatives uh in fact discovered doing this presentation that
next week you know the city will next next the next to junior and was than
we'll uh we'll be these like the world capitals or sports integrity of you know but but it's probably not the
end of it and uh uh so uh we we are really a little bit advance when we could dance
uh i asked so many initiatives in fact in terms of sports integrity at the moment
uh about some colleagues call it a an industry
a cottage industry a lot of people are
investing or trying to invest or trying to do things regarding sports integrity but
as i told you before it it's not such a new topic
it has been around for a many many years you can even uh
start at the engine to lead the blooms uh increase of course uh that was a lot
of cheating and the teachers were punished by having to pay fines and with his finds
the uh on the of the olympia site would build statues and temples
to the school design us and do this would be lined up
into the entrance of human tick stadium which you can still see today of course yeah
ruins of all these things always trophies which were paid by finds by teachers
this was a long time ago of course a modern sports starts in the nineteenth century
in england and in england in the nineteenth century base about a lot of other races
yeah a lot of uh races for prize money and a lot of backing also associated
we've all these races not only races but horse riding also rolling and so on
and uh uh it's it becomes a little bit of a mass and the the gentleman at the time
want to separate themselves from this uh activities uh
starting sport activities and they create the
idea of a matter isn't the concept of a matter isn't that is gentleman
playing doing sport among themselves without any prize money without batting
and of course this concept of the matter is um was very important in the history of sport
and uh lasted more that's until the seventies nineteen seventies didn't think
movement started because of is uh i matters in concept
and a spot in general and uh it at the end of the twentieth century
a lot of a score which is started to hear they probably existed before like drooping
like a hooliganism like a gigantic is um
and also more recently bribery and corruption
so this is not so new and uh in fact this is the taking over of
a new philosophy compared to a matter isn't it is the philosophy of not that
taking part is the important thing ask about them with that with that say that winning at all cost i would say
and um this isn't too well we have to live with today
and of course despite the fact of his being a
very well topic today it's even more important
um i just mentioned here a few scandals which you have all heard about
uh starting in nineteen ninety nine uh the uh soap lake city ices candle
you all heard about it of course but more recently in the the future scandal
in twenty fifteen and the ideal way of scandal yet leaks federation scandal
in a twenty sixteen and the scandals uh i still have a impacts
today for example the icy recently created the addiction compliance office
and uh uh as you know after the fusion scandal in i.
w. f. scandals governance reforms important government officials where started
continuing like we were talking today about what happened at the fever congress
last night and uh also in at idle yes as a bigger
issue um government reforms going on which is not finished but
not only in this a large uh organisation large organisations but also
we heard but the corruption scandals around the real games
uh and also in many of our international sports organisations
because even see reason has you so it it's it's not about sport but its title scandal
but we are going to to do today or try to do today is to define the
the what we're talking about just as a worked worked i i'd like to do
uh of course it's very difficult to this fine
sports integrity sometimes it's translated by clean
sport but one way is of course to define integrity uh by its opposite
so integrity is exposing thirty is not cheating spurt integrity is not corruption sports
integrity is not fraud spoke integrity is the lack of a play
well our ways to define integrity the idea well together is
to strive to safeguard the good side of sport
for health education integration sustainable development and so on
no it to fight the the dockside of what what i would talk
side of sport and i'm going to be a little more precise
doesn't work yeah here it is the dark side of sports i think they are four main areas of concern
for mains coaches that have to be fought possible drooping of course it's not only drooping
uh of elite athletes international elite athletes but
also the opening of grassroots balls
to do grassroots was a lot of people takes no kind of substances and supplements
we have proof of use for example in the twenty kilometres on was an
so this is a clearly something that should be fought uh you have all the
personal integrity which is in when they are um
tear tracked uses what i label here and one s.
i including it much fixing violence dresses and discrimination of
all kinds and so on you have be
connected with a um integrity which uh goes against corruption
and uh about the lack of ethics in general and
barbarism strings we just talked about three for and
maybe another federations and finally this is something which is often forgotten but i think which is very important
sustainable development a lack of sustainability but a lot of sports events
sports organisations and a sports in general many
sports are not respecting the sustainability principles
so this other four main areas of concern and in order
to to to do something we we should concentrate
i think on say sport that is the opposite of useful main quarters
um sustainability as i just say but also untied hoping
yeah play and tactics s. a. f. e. that's a macro name which is
easy to remember i hope and which uh it should help uh
fight hole against what is a good could become unsafe sport well
like having changed at sea unsafe here if the problem we we should go for say sport
has to be involved that i will be very brief well of course we individuals
uh you and me and uh these are the
athletes the interaction managers we organise is
spectators a television viewers that's what could be called a
behavioural integrity but also the organisations the sports organisations
what could be called mo integrity uh starting from most levels the club level
local levels national levels national federations international federations are and
what governing bodies in general but also sponsors
letting the parade to spark asses and so this is very
important i think if we want to fight against
against that sport integrity so what can be done i hope we will
have a few um solutions coming up today in the in the
i know uh for us we are going to listen to profess a bank kaiser from us you laws and
i was going to give us the keynote about uh ethics in sport
and sometimes we disagree and i'm sure this will be an interesting discussion
after that we will have the discussion led back to loom around we're way yet so i
didn't see you i will that several people but i i thought the piccolo the
japan because over from uh the international labour organisation
'cause can talk a a member workings of about workers rights in sports events
then we will have it in your gas chan from you have far we'll talk obviously but integrity include bell
then mike nouveau from the won't olympian association uh representing athletes and uh you
will talk among other things about the athletes right the clean sport
e. looping area which is unpacked looking area should say which is very important
then john look man and when a who is uh uh the uh
uh she c. o. r. b. look one more with the
you go up betting operator status with sudden they only two yeah one is in in switzerland
your when is in german speaking part but look real amount is in french speaking part
and obviously you will talk about match fixing and you
betting and finally my no she from amnesty international
and then an important uh and non governmental organisations and uh out talking
among other things about racism discrimination and so on in school
so thank you very much for your attention and we're not

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