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our clients this is if this is a way how we found our first wines
art to increase trust in our system of from trader side to
be um move some part of the system to open source
and it to be created a community around open source as theirs out so uh we can help each other
we will confirm your model it means that age trade at each anybody can is a
greater about tested connector your count and we'll provide basic protection of his money
but if you need a lot more than one just one good trait in sessions or he need a deeper
testing or he need a some additional servers from us
into actual system or adaptation robot to market
he would play also if you can pay for additional resources for q. stadium roberts
um for now we have no idea production but recovering day between all what you members uh
and we need to protect our intellectual system of for about adaptation for market changes
oh to grace the system when it team uh we have uh you know to make a project manager reason be a
a and to recover brand manager which works in mars in
ukraine i charge that will help us get great talents
uh he and sidekick of developers and developer and a web developer
uh and also uh what is most important because we have consultants from creep
or currency uh our trade interviewed and from o'shea eskimo just straighten
uh also bicker consultant we from creepy particular age at
a given security policies too much most important but
i can say use it now for move in in paper currency market we have
nobody else we can buy every sin what you're not what we want
what we need we will develop our project in five stages uh initial methodology it means
that we've you push a new updates to market each monster and view people uh
he offered feedbacks and after the change our um product too
much is it a customers received watches they really want
we have two main parts first it's a double up and brought it is developing our platform
uh and uh should go to different markets and second it's
attract people not from trading will attract people from uh
uh individual investor who wanted to straighten robots well
or freelancers who want right robots for traders
i'll talk only about first press become a at this is serious
idea uh and market research we've created here and we see
a set of it to be in style out of
for each customer locally and it covers any it's
on first pass uh would be uh uh implement every sin war traders need
uh and uh be commented on paper currency market and refocus on and keep the currency market
because for ex uh is quite similar to group occurrence yeah we
view extent before that and attract new users always system
uh this just our financial blah we will develop our system jordan twelve
months just why and uh we'll be attracted at eight months
um after that uh twelve months when system will be every idea
we need only supported aids means that cost reduce our dramatically
um at twelve months and we're going to have a ten thousand quiets uh
and it's on paper currency market and forks market in such case we woke up
uh it mm income uh more than one hundred uh fifty
uh a thousand per month uh the thousands that customers
uh and we will cross breaking point uh on twenty twenty second pounds
and what is good it's that uh would be cross a bridge across britain reckon pour
went way apart even if a bit of going with minimal of users uh
rewind a it's a up our partners uh that we can
get that that amount of customs increase our income
um i think this all our knowledge for casino show
your short um introduction how our system works
oh look ugly
thank you
ah it's so now we use google i series they seem to uh and now i see right now the changes to that term
and he had two main sections you debate gets library and backspace library
contains robots exit i frequently get sell these uh i don't see
the trader that uh that they get from the yeah another computer at
in our system outlook space has already configured roberts is description
ah these mean anna you can't if you get any exchange that
shouldn't you can configure as a parameters delete robots and actually
you playwright but you can see a a battery l. uh chats
like a balanced chart which is a real time data
and now you must understand it had grass ah one of
the most important tools for traders so we concentrate
may not have the attention on and these uh tools and
he can scare he can watch any data she whines
and and and he'll be able to sit here at yeah for which you want to get his data
and don't know it yet he's a grass in his computer
and also he can see office chair chad to reach a professional candlesticks and eh
all data data he needs and download us all these edited his computer
and uh it's nice to yeah which i tried it is able to see now
it's over there so by date type enterprise one c. r. e. d. meet
and that's out any be fine you thank you very much oh
and um
he's created a truce article uh um indicated just
so particular needs of traders our first winds
it's our clients we found some and we'll implement sam roberts xavier shay income of
robots it means that uh would be just too 'cause the idea right but a lot
of robots watching it published on our side and only we manage manage it
accessible for u. s. users uh but you can't use
any court for now support only one programming language
uh but uh it's system of budget our rage age
to support additional uh additional languages and additional technologist
um and also uh it's available on our side uh we
choose rubber waders could charge the other way the charge
a soul so that's all i seen and wants a accounts
um hum
everyone has to be here and i'm going to do my name is also up and then
go introduce your project probably yeah dude in austin part from forget it make trading robots
first of all i will describe our market i believe that you've got about for about
four bucks it's place where a lot of people change their money and it's
huge global you know because i'm a huge volumes a lot of people works here
and sure it's quite active but this market is quite old and um
few years ago it be a new market it's creator currency market it's very similar to
forks and people trade here is bit corner j. don't and as a group occurrences
um on boats markets um the same situation bryce
move move fast some people tried show up
may protocols for prices and uh by when prices will and
sell when buses high uh they don't monday by trade
uh the people who oh our role chris prices on
that markets uh traders as they create sample and
reach a help them be in and they fall this plant as
they execute it would've region operations oh to support the activity
to some oh outrageous uh prefer or or do every sin monitor
uh as as a trade just a brief row right some
problems that helps them save a time and save money
uh they create automatic system uh that eventually uh instead
of them insist taken systems uh uh trading roberts
um so on forks market yesterday percent of all people
used region uh stages automatic latest additions and
on paper currency market only ten percent they would like to use it but it's not possible and you can ask me why
um i don't answer you so i'm a little bit little still yeah oh this just read uh
and uh he works on paper currency market could pay 'cause great idea how to on monday
at some moment to decide uh sit here uh need to write
robot uh because it will work more and don't money more
but for creating this robot uh here should connected to change were tested
because it to work with real money uh h. u. should provide
some stubble environment uh and manage it properly and also if you
should uh somehow finalise is also this robot and improve which
and this isn't this is this is not end of story when he want to write
a what i'd new robot are connected to new exchange he would repeat it
and spent a lot use time forts souls part of
systems he was he was mining fuse time
uh i was in the same situation at the beginning of my career uh i was very interested in creating trading robots
um but uh i face a lock of a function
of work of tools and provincial not it oh
when i start working you stayed in a parchment as solutions i found that a
lot of people face the same problem and now i'm trying to solve them
oh oh we could eat system where j. the can concentrate only on trading idea only i'm creating
trading robert up does it he jet and buys awake you can use any technology for this
uh and he can park oh this robot and we should always steps
we provide every sin as the sellers so be it manages robot and uh in a cloud and
would be um provide trade ability to connect it easy
to change to butte reports uh to tested every
sin what you mean by by just believe is one click it's not available to the currency market
grip the currency traders radio specific people as they seemed
a frost uh about to give each um up
um and uh this interest uh about security that's why our design system uh
two major shows it we have no excess a joyous such as just
a sour scored in the trade an idea to change and
um so i just oh we will even we do even more we store oh
all right of ownership to particle robot in public statistic are ways ball chain
and uh we have no access to trade in account of trade it it's means is
that you you can easily who is uh all managed and controlled by trade
oh my cup of tea okay today didn't not not you wanna force market a lot of
companies that sold or some problems of uh traders uh and and people marks marketing
totally different situation and to be useful for problems of trade just conclude the market
mm all reap the currency market and we do even more adjustable we
keep we owe krypton kind unsteady aged watch for it means that
to be a a not nobody uh provide social security and protection of
traders digit and j. gen uh mm and and had to
and credentials noble uh nobody provide ability to use any technology for cajun robot and
uh only we use um uh stored in over a foster and rights of ownership a baseball k.
are we sure that our part time on the changes i would be interested in all apart from we already found uh
uh traders as it related to pay for the service we found them in ukraine
in poland and one we probably won't be found even in season one
uh some outrageous uh donate as money just to make the
system bring the wife as much as fast as possible
uh also we have technical support from or do cos cob on uh and uh
you will bring in exchange that look at and it's start oh for um
but we ship one of the trailer become our first investor and be here by that money
other stages we'll find by advertising in in good income by context advertiser profusion sides
uh and uh also a keeper currency traders quite confident people they
don't like ours uh oh the don't like talking is
as justin from the nodes if you as that's why we'll participate in exhibitions
in a smooth tops uh in a pocket owns bookkeeper gotten set and you will see of

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