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someone offered to move don't we oh you
want the real on so yeah it's long the
real answer well in I was working at a
university. I was in helping a lot of
stuff trying to use the internet for
teaching and I had a very interesting
job which they call the boundary ride
was like a cowboy. So I basically a
random office in the morning I spent
the whole die just looking around the
campus just with with different people
helping them we problems. So one minute
the cleaner one minute on it top vice
chancellor teach. So I kind of got to
know everybody at this time I had long
hair yeah and a big be it and I was
kind of like the internet person and by
could see that everyone was having
trouble trying to use even the basic
stuff let alone things teaching. And I
tried different tools that with and I
eventually decided that I I need to
make some so I sat down one day I had
nothing yet zero. And I had to make a
folder on my computer to put my working
as like what am I gonna call this so I
started thinking of the nine mood and I
was trying different things first names
so I had a in the topping the modular
object oriented dynamic learning
environments but these words all came
from my full so what this thing was
going to say yeah I thought it would be
my hobby I thought I would work on the
soft evenings spare time I thought I'd
be academic eventually. And very
quickly I stopped everything else just
a little that's being this white now
for fifteen years yeah and that's the
short on stuff probably stop a are a
lot of the I could talk for two hours
Laughter and has been without to our
first child and such teachers
originally this good question because I
I had this point of view of humans
learning and the teachers and students
in mood to just settings but then not
be routine so you have the ability to
give people permissions and part of
what I used to recommend and to you my
courses was give students teacher
admissions to make things. But most
people don't do this I stick with the
default roles but yes it is a course
management system and so it is about
management of so I guess the the
teachers I think now most of the work
is happening about the students
experience because ninety nine percent
of the users of are students in fact so
much more important to focus on this
now okay thanks multiple no move the
can also And the speed the seasonal
funded in this object or move the than
I would explain this already it at a so
the the module I mean when I can I had
the these words. And I also wanted it
to be something you could say I want to
that see a would that meant something
but was also an acronym acronym signing
french and also the domain name had to
be so yeah I once I got some little in
the middle. It's an English word. It's
not used very much it's very most
people we speak English don't know it's
an English word. It's a very skew a
word used in like nineteen ninety or
something like this a long time ago but
it's it means the process of doing
something in a unstructured. So you you
it's across of two words muse use like
the use and do you know you draw on a
piece of paper using and do do. So the
idea is that you would you would look
around the the do different things and
you would learn almost non
intentionally you would just pick it up
by doing which is exactly what we all
do on these things now as we get into
click that it and you know I really
think the following right you kind of
just follow your inclination and you
end up the back then in the beginning
of the last decade this was not so
common these are not hard questions we
then there's something more palace the
platform you treat it "'cause" I tell a
factual dish executives on the team
would help to connect platform okay
well some of this is my like my
reasonings one it's free open source
right people can just get it and use it
in the beginning I spent a lot of time
putting willow into places on the
internet where people could find that
it's now this is school search engine
optimisation ACR but they were the last
decade many places where people had
scripts. PHP scripts little programs
doing different things. And always make
sure moves listed in all these things.
And sometimes it was surprising people
are looking for a little things that
they would find that's a whole learning
management system sitting here and
downloaded. So the afraid but secondly
I think one of the things that made it
popular was it was one of the first
systems that made of course as a list
of things to do. It's such a simple
simple idea it's so simple. And yet
noise systems do that mostly. So if you
look at black borrow web CT they have
content discussions. Um another thing
separated by time whereas in little
everything is combined in two weeks or
topics I thought this was the most
basic white atlantic close and so I
might than this way and I expected that
the community would come up with new
interesting close formats because
that's a plug in the course format this
this display is a plugin actually there
are very few course format plugins that
change this basic least idea and so I
think a lot of people when they saw at
the time felt very into people wait
yeah okay that's good good honest we
call this process scaffolding
scaffolding your expectations. It's
just like when you build a building in
put a scuffle. It's a structure yeah
probably it's probably more reasons
well actually the third and biggest
reason is the move from the beginning I
always feel teen and always thought
about sustainability. It's so important
you know open source projects stalking
someone will yeah it seems to be the
very last thing people think about they
get a grind or some money or some time
to build software but then I don't plan
how it's going to leave and five and so
they in two thousand and four what I
came up with the middle partner program
the middle partners are essential to
the sustainability yeah it's angel just
having a community using it does not
necessarily make a project you need
people who up I need to work on some
and the pardon is the middle part was
to the the experts in the middle
community other ones who are paint for
the development the cool sustainability
of the project. So this super
important. And I think when I started
that no other open source projects had
such a bit had "'em" business model
some Mike it sustainable and I think
that's why a lot of them have
disappeared where is mood was still
here so did you think when you start
soon without that it would create such
a huge community ah I see I've been
using open source software since I
would say nineteen eighty five so I was
very involved in open source software
from a long time and I knew the power
all that the power to change type
software changes in and share. It's
very close to acted in academia you
know when you write when you are
researching you invent something you
publish a paper to tell everybody and
everyone she is this information that's
the sci model it so you know and so
natural and good it feels good to
sharing communicate so it's always been
the best mode for me. Um now academics
is not so and your research papers get
locked up by publishes you have to buy
them it costs a lot of money it's not
good but I knew that if mood was open
source that a lot of people would like
it and use it but I wasn't quite
prepared for how many so I was
surprised I thought it would be much
small this day I put up on the internet
someone in Canada downloaded and
installed it and started using it for a
school that was like well slide names
Jacob remain. And he was seventy six is
all yes like unexpected I used it in a
goal school like a secondary school I
was like wow are this universities. So
I was just surprised immediately and
then you can still see the early
discussion the first discussions about
who are still on top. So you can go
back and see them still and back then I
had so much input from people. I was
putting out new releases every couple
days. So every few days I put out any
version of middle. Um people would say
that's a bug. And then go to sleep. And
then they wake up in the morning. And
you know that they here in Europe or in
america. And meanwhile during the night
the striking was working fixing and I'd
wake up in the morning and there's a
new version of Nero and it has new
feature it's always got all the new
stuff and so it became very exciting
this cycle. So got pretty so yes it's
very cool I'm I'm very very lucky as
personally I can go anywhere in the
world and find some friends now it's
these are nice questions and then I
have a trick one a good okay. So enough
ideas that I'm students and using
movable almost everyday and no seems to
years I'm also developing something so
have both sides of the your and as a
student I always surprised to see that
teacher using that as a PDF symmetry.
And just imagine that's you have every
student that using will like provoke
just hear what we use a two down sorry
because yeah this is this is so true
that move do is used very badly ninety
percent of the time and it's the the
generation of people who are teaching
with middle in the last ten years never
took an online course it off and it's a
big it's been a big problem in my PHD
originally I thought if I built the
tools people would understand the menus
though but they don't people have their
own conceptions of learning and
teaching from when I did that's cool
man university and so they do things
the same way. And most of that
generation the first thing they wanna
do is put PD f.'s. And put contents and
the lecture notes okay yeah I put in
there. And maybe weeklies maybe maybe
in assignments and and that's all but
as you can see from the talks he many
experts to do you know had a start
using little there some tools they
removed with get real depth I mean the
wise you can use forums a still unlike
any other forums on other tools anyway
I think workshops the databases
"'cause" stories and and all these
tools have pedagogical things in on
that nobody ever uses which is very
sad. So we get back to our card focus
which is on usability. So it's about
people knowing how to use these tools
and learning how to use yeah that's a
big work I think well having a second
round that a lot of the remote remote
controls and more difficult for the
mood for sort of controls most of most
of our spectrum we're gonna filters
from what in also accessible promoting
exactly promote low you click on the
maximum fifty percent of it well I it's
been international from the stuff
because of the internet. So what I I
said that I put it on the internet one
day like the act canadian was using it
and then if you look back at the
versions I think I added the
translations in version one point zero
three or something very very early and
straight away I had people volunteering
to translate into multiple languages.
So I the language supporters been
anyway since the beginning. And now we
have I think it's a hundred and twenty
languages or more but what I found
interesting was the culprit cultural
differences internationally. So in a
stride yeah it's not possible to get
more than one hundred percent probably
the same here yeah but in America you
can get a hundred and ten plus and and
I was like well it's a meticulous and I
ice five forward for mathematical
reasoning for some time before I
realised like I shouldn't fight this
it's a cultural thing with the united
states of America that I can have more
than a hundred percent and all okay and
we rewrite the great bulk to allow this
right so you know even even I thought
it was stupid at a lot of developers
think quite a lot of things that people
want a stupid it's what I do is what
they need is we have to implement these
things. So it does complicate the the
little bit to be international. But I
was talking to someone he I think it's
really quite you know the country like
Switzerland you have more than one
official language here you have more
than one official culture. And it I
think it makes life complex as a
country but also you have an
understanding of multiculturalism and
everyone at least can work on fixing
these problems and and working out how
to deal with it whereas someplace is a
very Mona cultural and I don't even
realise that other people can think
differently or better the high
differently do things differently so
yeah I'm very happy that movie is a a
multicultural place. Yeah why did it
shows and that process that essence
very beginning yeah open source was my
fault mode. So it's essential I think
it's what makes a little there's always
saying in like a know it like a a
research platform you know everybody
can study how to do online learning and
shape a practise without having to
worry about licenses costs things like
that oh "'cause" "'cause" of the the
plastic could shock for fuckers like
that the second one you can see some
that you did look was the move the
what's that S it's us right I would
expect this no I would seriously is
like I am not even though you know
you're asking very nice questions and
it I had under no illusion that it's a
perfect piece of software I use
everything to right it's middle very
complex it has many liars. So it's a at
all to media lines of source code in
the bottom and these too many many jobs
and they integrate with many many
systems but the person who installs
into has to choose which pieces to use
and to configure it probably and then
you have the teachers who take this
configuration of blue and they have to
implement a course and they have to use
some things and not use other things.
Um in a descriptions that have to be
clear by that each it needs to be a way
of user interface and most teachers I
have no chance to know it is they're
not software designers. So you know
looking just so far that H is the
responsible but even the students are
responsible about students are
responsible for giving feedback you
know way to teach is to help improve
teaches. Um and so there's a lot of
responsibilities a lot of this the
results ease up or experience a bad
experience because things are difficult
to get a file from one place to another
or it's difficult to to format
something in a particular way all is
you know all the problems of technology
coming together. Um and yeah on top of
that you also have the internet itself
which you know why five sometimes
doesn't work so this sometimes that
work and usually when someone is trying
to use moo and anything goes wrong I
always blame a little was it was down
downright. It's not not always middle.
Um anyway I think I might focus on
usability will help because it's about
simplifying interface for everybody and
it gives everyone more ability to
produce quality of a result makes
sense. So it's a job we all have to
work on and you could see from
presentations that everyone is trying
to solve these problems and work do you
still have new ideas about developing
without or is it only of the or indeed
the department work some ah well the
roadmap of middle some of it comes from
the community. Um some of that I never
I've never even another because I mean
I come to these conferences and I see
really cool things that I never heard
about before you know that people are
doing in the community which is really
practical but I have many ideas sure my
list of ideas is like a thousand
things. And I'm always trying to push
them into the process and encouraged by
developers to work on on some things
and not other things yeah I have a lot
of ideas there's a there's many many
things not done yet. So is your idea as
plugin or to the the but basically no I
focus more on the basic too because the
plugins the community develops and yeah
there there are many that some of them
plugins straight yeah but I guess is my
job to focus on the core formidable
particularly yeah if you could start
your project motel all over again would
you do something differently or
completely differently depends on which
level it would still be open source the
why that community work some things
would be pretty similar. Um but on the
technical level it would become if you
started with today's technology it
would be a very very different type of
system yeah you know I'm the the middle
using now was not my first attempt it
was much the prototype. So I had a
couple of prototypes that I started.
And rejected the reason this once tie
was because I used PHP and PHP at the
time was the only language that you
could use on very very cheap web
hosting the the very first really web
hosting starts become very cheap like
five dollars a month. And you could run
a PHP program there. And so this was a
good the very good thing for murder
would like P like people run Mouton
service easily. Um but it's not the
nicest language. And now the techniques
of really of balls people have their a
new frameworks many new frameworks menu
languages the front ends the Java
scripts and the HTML in the CSS of the
front end of appearance of of of the
web now is very involved since then you
know what I started Miro all that you
know are talked to manually as capital
letters. But it's really stuff but yeah
things the very much nice and now from
a computer science point. So yeah it
would be the lot but nobody can see the
card right usually it's it's out there
on the show you develop do you have any
computer science will know a bit yeah
yeah I mean I'm ill you know with the
apple you just it's a nap it's like any
other system you'd it's just gonna be
it's more about the communication
people not thinking about the the
programming anymore okay you say that
make sure sure are using modelling very
different way maybe fronts
functionality features so it's been a
three days that you're here and what's
your vision of our vision of wood or if
you have to summarise here what you're
selling three D three days what you
what would you keep and what would you
throw away as in that school but ID a
dark keep it all that's like saying
beautiful soup which ingredients which
you throw away doesn't they're all go
together so there's been some very
technical presentations. It's this
being teaches being all sides site. I
like as I said before I love this
culture you have here there's a little
bit more all the research focus maybe
it's the higher it higher education
university people that are here but I
love the fact that you try and justify
things with tighter. And this is a good
culture at this very moment it's being
recorded is a going live at this very
moment there is a a middle moot in the
US in Montana which is not like that
but I you can just look at the tweeter
and you'll see the difference. Um this
is more my style. So yeah I I really
like this I guess yeah it's perfect
there's nothing else I would want more
you know I love the fact that everyone
is trying to push push move forward in
some way. Um I guess my job is to
trying to like this and getting to cool
so everybody can can benefit sidecar to
work without a signal OHQ to try and
get this stuff you know out there yeah
no and I with double key if you use
your ideas mixtures chairs projects I
know you're doing the mobile version of
creating. This idea flatmates some
notes. Um which I remember the I I I
think some of the offline uses and and
it allows got here this sort of offline
mood those little mini movie does this
is a very exciting area the the talk
from the the gentleman from the Congo
yeah because the right yeah yeah
thinking about the african context I
think this sort of offline how we
operate in a place where there's no
internet is very interesting and got me
thinking about how to how to improve
middle for this situation. Um because
we'll take internet for granted you
know in in this sort of society here
and the most the world does not have
that the every time I see a middle page
that's full of little text I just I'm
always thinking how can we stop that
because when you have a wall of text it
it's not a good user interface like you
look at these apps. They're not much
text okay it's quick small chunks. Um
easy to absorb and developing those
sorts of things. It's yeah right now is
all the responsibility of the teaches.
But I think moo could do more to have
content easily available to grab
examples to grab. Um bits of metal
content to build up your courses
quicker. And it's not just about what
the teacher does it should be making
students create content in that way as
well suspect making it more easily easy
consumption. I guess something thinking
about these things also the virtual
reality stuff I have been thinking
about virtual reality for like twenty
years. Um and it's always been coming
coming it's coming it's coming. It's
yeah right on Monday when I get home my
I have a a a virtual reality hits a
waiting for me. Um and I should be
playing with a lot. And I'm eight I got
some good ideas was thinking this week
about how you would show you middle
individuality world literally as a web
page that that kind of thing. But then
the mortgage simulations. And you pass
user information to those somebody who
could pass parameters into those apps
you do something. And maybe you get a
great for you get assessment the
assessment gets pushed back into middle
again I was just thinking has that
gonna work and what's it's like a LTIVR
I'm gonna coin it now feel TI so yeah
that's been interesting to so yeah some
things. I guess at that a beings also
struggling a lot with the french. So I
I I'm missing a lot of details of the
presentations which is frustrating and
just encourages me to learn french more
is that have it easy to his own cop who
the platform comic will piece of pot as
you did the more which is a promise
you'll on top of a school posse would
new Orleans all is this a CI a like
decision the bush pretty much a key
piece director more steel. She's on
often it just to see like a multi
sources there so about yeah you could
do this come up as a suspect I think
I'm just to GW is the social but for
and what exactly what planned so what
yeah the question is how can we do the
do for this you students not to use
good who's ah oh well I well no it's
it's not meant to replace those things.
I mean I use about six apps for just
chat we probably older new rules right
now we're working on the middle
messaging and notifications to improve
that's even more and actually I said to
my company last week I said when I get
home next week the whole company is
just gonna use them into rap for all
communications because I think it'll
improve the at very quickly. Um so you
yeah I think middle just be another
tap. So you may be used telegram with
your frames and use Google plus for
this group and you use Scott for work
cool or something but you you use
different things for different groups
and that will probably always be like
that. But hopefully you might use
material for your school stuff. And
it'll work as well as the other ones I
think we're close actually it with this
it'll be should be cool well here is
that have you noticed how the old
converging they all look the same now I
spoke Messinger and the apple I miss
each ad telegram and Scott pinnacle
pretty much exactly the same you can
have individual chats all group chats
you can send gifts and pictures a my
cons they're all the side. So I'm the
the the middle one is getting close and
so it will be the same it'll look just
like so that's a go I've got a question
for you guys what's the one thing you
would change about all the most you
you're from this institution here yeah
so it's the same will so I I have seen
it or how what still coming down to who
set up I don't know is that what
direction would you like it to be what
you think it should be for your little
sisters and brothers who haven't not
yet using it I think it would be cool
if you could configure it as you want
like a colour so you can structure it
the way you want because some times
like the teacher to it one way it's not
much coffee it's all very cool good
suggestion for me as a student user I
think it's a very easy to use and we
don't actually for for example I think
the teachers has I have a more to the
problems other than those two and the
the real question you think it for for
them because yeah oh yes. I I recall
for me. I it's very useful for
everybody but I think for us. It's
pretty easy to use but they put a we
have of course so for example of
communication we have the the documents
on the on the and of course and I think
the on the board the with difficult is
it to find the the key the key like you
to to enter and in the course ah then
you you you do have to come to lectures
sometimes I so for me as a simple user
I think so okay. So well anyone else
got any suggest it's the for me what I
was looking for in middle east maybe
something more that's a lie something
more for me like every website if we
apses doing something for say students
I think at one time we want to use more
than ones you smooth for me and my
friends in classroom I own for really
need to have everything else on we were
discussing yesterday about something
like press I'm education just for
having reminder to say oh I have to put
yeah silent tomorrow don't forget it
and and waited for see what some
obviously I'm improvement we make for
that size experience for students that
that point is one I keep hearing is
simply from students what is next what
do I have to do now which I think is a
problem a big problem we have to work
on that we have started actually that
it's something I think we we need to
solve so yeah okay anyone oops audience
mister what is your vision of wood
early twenty S you wanna see it well
it'll be like I said we pretty
invisible it'll be well but it's very
hard to predict twenty years cheese oh
okay I ten years yeah look it's gonna
shrink to you won't even notice it's
gonna be almost whole accessible
through whatever device but they won't
be screens very much they'll be glasses
you put on they'll be things you put in
your ear doubly things you have
embedded in your brain and you'll be
communicating three messaging too this
system which will be almost like an IRI
or something yeah it'll be you'll be
talking to it's talking with its I
think and that's very interesting I so
I don't I didn't think it was gonna be
of a possible to download information
your head but I read some research
recently that suggests that might be
possible. Um like on the matrix the
movie where she needs to learn have a
fly this helicopter. And he downloads
the the pilots the pilot information
straight ahead. It's just goes okay
that's gonna mention twice a
helicopter. Um I thought this
ridiculous. Um but I I read something
in it. I don't nineteen twenties I mean
how many times now when you wanna ask
request a trick question you talk to
your phone now right you do a Google
search or something within seconds you
know that answer that Amy is this time
can be almost nothing you will know it
that stuff they will be you know. So I
don't know maybe we'll be doing
something else we want be teaching
anymore I maybe it won't even have
universities I don't know if it'll be
ten use could be very interesting time
well we'll just have more slim fines
and it's gonna be more or less the same
maybe that but it would make us feel
better what do you think it's gonna be
ten years' anybody else think got some
ideas you think will have universities
in ten years all scattered like blocks
yeah yeah you know I'm working in
morals from for for adults so this
being when you it's a continuous
training and and and I think is
becoming more and more important. And
now you will not have menu for me
anymore we do we need a CT on one side
squadrons of the side. And poor fraud
ut another way probably will wow how
would we would like to see to see them
walking more together and also private
companies as well. yeah okay but my
dear yeah yeah anyone else wanna
predict. So I I don't know what to more
there will be but I think I mean while
you're here oh sorry I things of value
is no more about the content the value
is about the way you coach people or
you many when you're on the side my as
the way you want decide or so students
is your weight is way you are mentoring
insane yeah and I think this is the
next university of information to face
and and you can see with some cinnamon
so more of a personal a personalised
support continuous support like I don't
want to students when they say we need
to do some nice experiments. And to be
able to move blocks introduce things
and to get information what's next to
get the information zero I I feel the
the major changes going to be what
happened in the media in other words
some would be content providers some
will be audience. Now call the
students. And the there will be
operators like we do groups. And as
more and more tasks being a traumatised
industrialised. Um we will see waves of
changes and the the winners will be the
organisations universities or training
centres that do understand the learning
experience and the learning curve that
is expected by the end users. Um so
that they can address the needs either
to be to have a tutor ought to be self
pacing they're burning. But basically
the three main issues or industrial
eyes the content production serve the
user needs. And and illustrate the the
whole thing which is basically what
cool provide. So once to think about
it. it's yeah so we just you know how
do you guys feel about the world
changing so rapidly. "'cause" nobody
hears if experience such change like
but you think the when you'll teach is
when you are teaching when you are
running things. How do you feel about
that the double feature excited or you
came to change the world a use case I
think I'm scared okay because they
ninety percent of the our courses or
with the computer. And I heard the that
it would be better if a student stay at
home. And then violates the side. And I
just thought if I have questioned and
they listen to "'em" and explaining his
team in the in the video. I don't know
how I can have a great answer yeah I
think we should avoid this feature yeah
we we can make the future as we want we
don't want the matrix I hope where we
are all lying in the billboards with
wise in virtual reality all the time.
Um I I like getting together with
people and I think most people do so we
need to make this happen yeah good
that's all solved yeah yeah oh if we
can really be skewed because form is
different I mean this like computer
scientists business I changing is
having you work new experiments and
improving but something that's web and
always you have new won't won't be able
to change is having someone that no
knowledge that is around you I can just
you using sites if you know every tear
it apart everything every line of code
of to do that and you have the people
just right of from right in your site
and say okay you can do that that's the
record but if you change is that it
works better I it's cheaper and it's
faster and maybe some say that
something you will use if you just see
like you said before with my creeks and
you have everything way if you want to
have stick to the chance to have
someone that's as already experiments
and you that's so it set if we were all
wearing virtual reality helmets right
now. And actually I mean astride idea
right now. But I can come to
Switzerland very easily you know would
be pretty cool. "'cause" it's a lot I
got along travel back this weekend. But
but yeah no it is something about being
in the same place is still very very
high fidelity this Fisher reality isn't
it very good resolution well we went
that escalated quickly yeah it's
everyone ready to go home do you think
I almost for that we have something
from you from every student here just
for you to be like us excellent. I am I
if I may just I wanted to to say a very
big thank you to all of the sponsors of
the conference and for all of you for
coming of course but what's a specially
thank you for the institution here to
to find never know how to say this
movie so at ha hash she S so well sorry
it just to me English just like he's so
something he's he's so no but I I
really I think this is being a very
beautiful very well organised I think
everyone would agree it's run exactly
like the cliche of a swiss clock and
has been a a real pleasure and one of
the best movies ever I would say so
thank you very much for inviting us all
here and and especially the students
and for helping and and taking part in
Spain really really helpful five and

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