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yeah simple group that happens you'll know what to say gee look at busy enough parts of the articles also told you
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to have this is the only your x. m. check any on overkill to check any on your personal priests uh
i need to see an asset like yeah for this at one point x. and then
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and look what i see it will be because wanted that that's what it does not practical
i had to to design a a detailed twenty fifth market is is often menu menu and it says a lot
national does a remote area to to have that you wish you would lead to really or she shouldn't
a sound how likely a gun to seal the moment was losing then yeah i have a
they're not that means the experience which really need the talking not a remote and the folks
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um the boon without as it could see a result can eat the folks or something on the rabbit is still
maybe it will be also make some mobile doll was a bit too metal placid that's on the door english so complex
too long that fear that's not the p. d. p. dues on second amendment is that what that would tell you what to help with that
we gathered expected to have that's all some of that position and so just explain that if something that's workable remove more
your communicable to openly if it is your the prices will use excesses
yeah then you you you learning not the shit on that
this is a moment to depress there's only laptop to ship of
salty of them really falls out on lake extremely his children
i don't know who unless you use also put it is the last yep after the light happy either put it more to sell
oh clown or whatever 'cause the corners by eric what is gonna put that part
is that this is then you doctor pretty uh you know can you get
back down to move object yeah i tend to put it's an added to buy this was good of soul you know more than you could pass or
luigi them item amoco most of the bestsellers up today um what any person who was
actually a little bit of put you haven't affected what top level that but still
it also laptop with you to a professional cooking vessel appears again with a soldier here then is that it also one
long down it buddy is experiment was also abductions for them with another man not no trees i don't i
mean it was just to effect a going away to probably not feels positive we're happy that's all
right now this is an what what and when you would you still to use on the control the civil
you know the the keep essential but not the not the test last wasted paulson prefect of key point it
okay if if you want to be to the duke multilevel seated often or
a civilian wanted to know the fall to put a channel ten more
so that it affects more people possible then it gets a little boutique lies on
the dinner does it assortment you don't go really which is we don't uh
that propose the i think one on the way it is still the movement you want functional well but just opinion marshals on below
well lit up as a left it nestled offline muscle cinema should just little pulled
um joey thought to to people look at us with them that if two l.
also do you wanna look we used his love from you tested israel
to because some master a slaughter that on on the coalesce into israel
uh it's really good i take it you l. l. put took
it universal act whistles placebo when excluded is also everyday
then what we'll have is what will be the time she looks that if in fact if
a shack chances that an overlap it affected facilities it in x. you'll if level is even more i'm not what it says
you can we see you did you say that like i posted in a sort of of of checks all's well voice either of you
the no more not discern live you can we still go to the most if
i still legend but next your discuss what they something the normal budgets
the two she would've been at each would do replaced unix function pass your
wishes you take the t. v. set the you know selective trail off
see the point is what some of us then it won't last the nearly buckled the the
metric which we should do you still have been with the uh doesn't so useful
how long does yet it a little bit on that uh what you up to speed it up a bit pushy
okay person wants them to hit it young mormon sustain article the entourage if you're
probably cannot go to the folks again more but i think this is
a typical 'cause then you're not gonna see a a pity them enough to
climb your seat the company i think this we selected you to him
and or g. c. c. uh which is a process what our last so cheesy and a core you do
put only one of you could cross socially person or quality knowledge you it would be neat if
you pay computed of was a massive project in common you just want x. one of the conversion box
it just it you see the broccoli jericho process all was subjected to look at the or the whole the call
to proceed but the company does it have all maximum the feedback to human most of what mexican easy
okay the german plus noise full bessie puzzles you see piece of
excuses them to to put the movies reasonable process you tell
this is done but then you know what to the folks device always expect actual was a little bit of
is the early about what awful mess on that one over two so silly but actively visual symbol
memo more as we get the on again moderately knowledgeable that awful mess on the first deputy but but still
i bet always save us extended attributes of israel models onto the new material
hello he knocks or speak most pussy dignitaries these are the prosodic use
a depressive uh i'm only fifty acres of it only call
it is off unless you wanted to feedback feedback israel l.'s feedbacks
also humid uh well uh he's a memo monticello so nettles
the normal but the plastic adults means goals like autumn is one of the well the that's also why won't you do
what flexible shaking usual lack some jokes all doable with descriptive will uh
see the knife alma moore said quantities that when they get if complete
no cell article would be we could if you couple of of
uh will be less than a boutique pieces then they did you just want to the company to pace euro and it also longer
the materials that that the that extensive so curious how they can pull have a television said
that once windows that come to battle something like what if you actually don't down um
ones on is one that also to says that most you two are just as many
feet excluding others get check expected this this is then we can make a lot
it's a little bit people but to let all sorts he fixes on this one you would is you cannot have a
excess a good good the most handsome when our last i'm sure products on the group
is was is them switches up so i could task so they can the core
thirties you did what it was actually clashes is automatically a relatively multi national to put a soap bubble
of all the plots was the best either given or college on from one machine whatever happened on marshall is one season pushy
it's a yeah project why did they probably not was local clubs that's
selected on a fit it in it but by some active
it's essential goal cannot people push the best what is a are cheaper for only two blue
it's on many pages of his own could you go get an easy this one little
national t. she watches didn't want the eighty some voice in machine possible sit
it doesn't reconcile available with this icon that's your which yes what did she
okay put on having platform uh that's that's similar but it yeah or to use it in was it
was it so i don't have to determine the design a remote that put aside learning about that
didn't of them were not axle connected up to it it was it meant that so much like anyone at one of the universal
it was a line on its critical but was when i had to get rid of it what it causes decisions is to use you
uh would have a deduction specific than more associate dolly parton wanted you know what's yours
when i see the volunteer miserable way too easy on the champion magic a a a chance in was
it when you know when you will have a city no one actually was active it what or
that's what i can clean tasha could also give move while you were computed dash laugh because
i didn't want to she she has some spies on crusty appoint banana sweden banana
status all simple button you will keep words directed if you had a ticket you when you come
on the point on the school while this welfare route cortex all kinds of this movie
it didn't take us to the context equivalent to my complaint paschal got priests activists solicits when the did you still
jessica motorists amplitude if it does he see those are you don't get yours are these are these are more and more
if it was used the levels it on cable television slap which divestitures
martian measures in the matters in the solar cell phone who
uh people start with only hardliners one the next one liners what actually that's what it on the you know when you are
consider march too far and hoots decision martial law by such get all we usually talk with all
oh clown per class i hated each and what what you don't even more interesting useful text though
the c. d. the most as all get if it by your them by the elected elected me on the news on the research
but not the most hassles because up until uh uh that it it gives you an or them and uh that's all uh the the novell yeah
it's on the news objective why so that is one of the last push it took
a nap wasn't little jobs out there that would not get a little while it
it'll within less installs of focus also like about the for you to foreclose on stand it
becomes lines up an adult on page each different more do don't put to sleep
don't put back turgid only for what it is on that note deepest wonderful sweat on digital pulse also i don't send
what i did to countries also the result of our that it it's well documented it that's all
to double anymore to a much evil what but still some shoals also cortex the that we love to tell a second is all
must get a switch fanatical because we're the only one more speech mostly personal only twenty to the post office or for
his release then on the body to comedy user reviews will do that like it was like some more coffee
what what do you mean you mean a twisting really been sent jesse light vessel disposal to stay home for up a lot
preserve to the multilateral 'cause remotes also put the keyboard to hope that the moves you
the best one is that the passive believe opposite remain available that will offer um
to the multiple once it moves you the pocket if you wanna put as we that's still a remote take you have listed more visitors it up
uh automatic morning to defend parental remote either feedback on encrypted backed israel or whatever
these are the feedback that they uh it's also humid uh uh feedback office
security more facile argument to its feet on the course you not cast lawful prisoners
pushing down at least wanted to uh it's kind of it's it's it's if
um i said just people to to just one up unless it's normal butterfield on that will will okay
uh to supplement to possibly twenty chief with nobody wanted bush to pass and put it
would that would uh i would it would never logic what can israel will
which is again want to see is with this is that the fact that if you help is
not the best one to the me uh uh when they actually this is a cheetah
not a more excuses radical forty at home articles which you just need because they jesus will
result even you mushy remote useful ends as it happens on for the deficit bus width
well okay long that was down to be typical messes enough when you push them on open for the moustache to
right up should distill device uh sounds to do she won a pocket is still hated if you're like the bus
on it is a little was if we say take the bus or like people visit our initiation imaginative possible
on the civil people up with that'll still uh should we would just so
missy puzzle puzzle 'cause yo interest you know
i'm into the gym and put it on the
mm onto the the yeah the reason this man and look at the moment not put the minutes you may proceed
just if it's that that's your uh the most uh since you are not as possible so like hope international blacks
much like would be appalled all day level other incidental muscle classic t. v.
this is an invaluable asset lash was she wanted us given by the computer to shannon menus or should we voice activity
when you would like to get us affect your office of why are just like it out last
scene really helpful actually that one lie paper here as an asset and then some more
that's all for open everybody's you know to do that so that it's very dependent on context cortex acquittal
no jacket when you're little you know the more tasteful porn pass some point
asking about the vision a some point doesn't that make exact blesses
you checked followed motor cortex all the normal prison much it quibbles naive uh what expected as well as on it when you were
it's one architect stock market or whatever but i mean
we'll see it you look as though
was it because or yeah sure okay so you you talk about learning under multi sensory
conditions that you didn't say much about the impact of auditory a feedback on hectic
perception you haven't get on that and so not for the moment but uh i don't know we try to to to to
give a visual feedback to the game so visual effects that then into that uh uh the sound of the puff
some of the gates that's very easy to to to to to add to the
tool training then we the robots of course we uphold if force feedback
but we don't have any and meter or i am demonstrating that's
a really improve the the activation of the neural system
okay alright darn are physiologically that showing or i'll just an actor or if things
okay look at the windsor people could go low um look as though
with the kid going around wouldn't be solar look quickly save
this is routine to soak up the nobody caffeine it lapping who

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TABLE RONDE : Quelle innovation pour la santé du futur en Suisse?
Eric Beer, Henning Müller, Pascal Detemmerman, Victor Fournier, Resp: Head of Customer Engagement e-Health (Swiss Post), Professeur en informatique médicale HES-SO Valais-Wallis, Directeur Exécutif SwissEnov, Chef du service de la santé publique du Canton du Valais
9 June 2017 · 3:20 p.m.

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