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possible to get money have to
cholesterol it would you believe
engineer overall people but we do have
a whole shack on the protagonist of
except Novell don't you don't know if
it up all at the inmates are it it it
but still you don't replace the likely
along them okay well what if it all
mobile justified L do we need a fast
alley they really blow up a likeable
only a really cool that was the leafy I
thought along the doctors all Gabrielle
general yeah we can look at the looked
up at protocol well but I'm Christine
the avenue it should that be the case
if don't exactly you have and you have
only feed of all device for accident if
you're not well well to cut for the of
all the lifestyle sure but that will
people "'cause" all they lady film that
certain if you'll put all the the like
a lot a value but the approval of of of
this basically you know a lot more but
was that way that exact values some
don't that additional sure or actually
I whenever older men a la de like that
what we have really to defeat then it
like you would see the button but I
thought maybe did fell little they've
looked wanted technology that what
colour is show well on with the
episcopal everything but still I
thought what don't whatever this thing
the avenue keep strategic coming do you
have your own actually but I'm only
thematically concept before it you sent
on that spelled G format this format is
pass or to actually wear shoes it I
live in briefly it off in a lot of the
PK recommended it but still I don't
between those role to to us that what
the doctor is Gabrielle or general with
us specialist on which you know there
is a little happy previous
unaccompanied who has both of the
portions all the digital a BNB look
like what do you mean you only unique
maybe can you have it there was that
yeah that I posted this it may be cool
with the colourful warfare katrina
medical with yes what other worships
medical whether or not it'll be okay
will Philly "'cause" people okay I
thought what the dock the kit was kind
of file it yet but yeah or shoe ad was
that invented produced a pig publishers
special quarters you have because if
you the melody affixed use if you have
well your mobile cutting both the price
it disappears it it makes it could be
be a am actually let me think this
analogy. There's going to be a pretty
difficult you know sit don't a mark was
M make a if you go from that though if
you or to pry keep up with this really
sure look like that the vertical it
certainly can we a little anyone a
format dick that they're gonna stick it
in a C need in this and then a you have
see this for a coffee one of these are
illegal like you gonna for Pitney maybe
put apple it what could valuable but
your I the but I D clinic one are all
two cabinet C of those work at the
RTCPS at the that blow on it three but
that on is the open the the dispute
sure if you look at that bob hope okay
something more pop up to ski city or
probably all yeah I like that and then
that they aesthetic of me is it was
yeah peak yeah forty suggestion pop
we'll talk cometh well okay but still
it's causative what than if you don't
want the the fit only making without at
the top of Christmas cake a good all
too bulky people come off a but goes on
more console present that sounds it
makes itself that the as is just
elements not the customers and was a
general Koenig particular more life
across us on IB connect the all
sycamore force you and is it Mall both
okay you yeah sleep taking was it
eighty eight PV if you did whole with
you help us double so they don't work
yeah ES piece that you know some
propose a points out think that that a
don't that something connected to have
more effective like all the ideas you
may put closure on the but I'm never
new schemes that marketable fit the
shortly Um is if you click want all the
level of the issues that EG or can't
would sort of it good to see that you
fit the rate better measurement with
like instruments specific topic if
there's that whole use that was would
you usually a and crime all the PDBP
that's wrong. P that only on the
project to after all a more fit to
document faster Patience is a they can
equip it'll result set this for what is
it about the possible what impossible.
I know that the foreign people the I
imagine because there what was your
most normal was on this are the normal
way back what was gonna open up and
excellent by by you know if you have to
you but you more you know was the yeah
so I'm in a gimmick a list the the we
do have the others group so it was so
I'll see that's but I think is to yeah
and judicial that that and and then
yeah there is another would sure one on
all you want but that's what that's
what the critically should should that
level of objectives arrivals yeah well
yeah you can just enough happy to
measure this legend that you actually
measure the the the you have high
profile well what yeah that's that's
worked on that so what you I well okay
look to the past you'll they meet so
you P upon which you can apply it's a
small local politicos restrictions on
pogo colour already the them actually
program actually be way so they can for
the challenge but with bottom yeah see
but of gunfire or a set up I mean focus
to look as young patsy payments when we
test all the no just to impress you
need like a the like this at the the
present this on the top and all you
cool for but a lot of respect at the
don't then that's all the it'd
technology. CCDC like early pasture
only simple but this is something that
no one C sitcom in the like to kill
sold that the no no with US on the
normal okay that's a normal I think in
in what it market yeah I see would you
manage on this would be to look Mikey
was gimmick and see as a sound if you
don't and all that might be the
technology useful for with the remote
and also it sees operational make this
book which match the demo at the
request only question what about that
because it it does and it only the
people on television at the bow issue
you demo complete yeah happy malaysian
presented as to how it's gonna was
about this all for companies and that
or you some money of a couple would be
easy to use this method for that
comment. So so that's okay "'cause"
antibiotics yeah yeah the more it is
that don't suppressed kennedys astral
inaccurately the look could the us if a
could put that one drug available
competitive for probably yeah the
pastoral independently but we may face
that still solar this week. So sit down
place total zero like know the the six
to still be come sail like came mobile
of them but so it's it's not going to
press problem called to forfeit and for
you your instrument can you'll look
going to feel members arseholes for
this as a person not make a list of the
most recovered probably a a Samantha
and the the did you guys shown to you
with a fairly prepared for it you can
leave it like technology protected re
score but as you said that we were
talking with a of it if you sell more
of me for colour idea makes a
technology no problem automatic and the
yeah then of on a pole who is a more
not necessarily best you know keynote
force that we on is require yeah they
pass deportees strollers put on every
deported technology have LC maple S
dollar quickly yeah that'll cabin a say
because you know you want to happen
actually desire for my style is not
documents the hedges nine the all
designer press jokes to happen I talked
to an apple require he was the bastion
Mall by make "'em" put us twenty
percent was to happen at all to operate
or new separate buffy are going to
labels at twenty past available widely
quasi people one show see basic course
I'll accept capacity I too happen
definitely accept the capacity I I I
think this level much from any kind of
course that's real wanna buy for me
were powerful maybe to do would is was
sample exactly for my property not
quickly yeah there's commodity kinda
off that but I'm the definitely would
if if if the common you press feel come
of we're where you just them off at the
collateral to kind of luck or should be
made for forty fifty them or form a
erupted on the look but so a eat it but
still this quack them main thing is to
enough for the phone you're thinking
you're that P on the the but it still
appeals from that is you mean that
actually posted via to wind up with it
you ugly I represent the want but yeah
if if few me how what was it that you
think you need to manage a judge to
distinguish the difference really your
going to manage a unit that arguments
are of them on top of good or the
bathroom on the floor agreement to un
still is also used fill happened that
matter for songs used that get it but
you're wanting questions design format
strong views that I the people from
from all not much only badges that it
better not that net does that you know
conditional one it's an alternative
about to sum up down at the numbers
want the someone get shows that that
level apportion what you call bastion
of the quell like that that is on down
a button for handling that for it for
them all these evil you but not for
good profits and then I met different
formats on the get people can not
formats on the kennedy. I don't have
any data formats yeah resign commented
that the all the the stuff till the as
one token for eight that is actually a
format throwing that if every second
question genetic busily people for the
men approval mostly decision about
young fellows that my that you don't
have an extra people that have it your
the profits and then the last of the
why remember that it was actually what
we thought from selling it was useful
but it is that for a block fairly need
people you have extra seating give want
you to use the exact complete on the
soft have why of expect yours puppets
and then it the make a question on not
all sections to both if you know not
something add the problem make fun but
I think the buttons that much longer
but don't have any of that it's not on
on because prepare one three is not
that I is that is that by what purpose
it would qualify someone or start a
group of that and then in the bathroom
look them more case to done with the
the stuff till the as a looking for the
along the I on the continent say they
Israel this TIDE system that the office
or not oh the problem was good idea
because it almost gonna your what
appropriate much welcome to the
personal firewall hard for the the one
that them it's not you want. So the
office the the question is and get five
minutes to and know point how much you
on the clear because we you get back to
the point or what personal. Um as you
know he's sick even if it is as of our
ultimately it than new concern about
the net. So something like eleven yeah
the personal and then before consumes
diffuse them all it could be most
companies sauce over. So what kind of a
suggestion was treated would you bust
your that company the but you maternity
opinion question is so yeah yeah we
know they're going to have a problem
don't suppose want of them a
prescription and more room it's a a
proposal really but when you go to
format still could between a feisty
detestable some should never see the
formats still the that would solve the
shows can up that she they really good
regular form of the you command you
mention elk or the ogre always want to
sheaf was it possible to have an little
of what it okay don't get a weekly
personal if what is it in more fancy
that to can because what push the finer
present textual example some doubts at
all up only purity gophers on all but
more facility shows a plus panels the
general wonderment politics what can
create a touch screen it understood but
should be but still all possible
discreet you back when it was in a
polygon the also yeah that's big party
it double complexity may shack would
you shake technology can reside them
portion. So open amorphous it a
preschool format so but scribble
wonderful formats shall some comedy
broken ones yeah well remember. So much
about the to see any you know those are
city middle put back to someone to
clean it somewhat gila buckled one X to
D a friend also you but I I would think
it was comparable from the
irrepressible fit that what would I do
is your mentor competition at the time
the defeated all the score or for the
the one the the push and more us unit
it UK comedy national compressed so
also with thing you have to see well
this is apricot deprivation assault the
so another we got the big anything on
the ice twice. So so somebody's case
device it's cycle which Mafia it is. So
small you it'll people you know for but
in a minute okay you know uniform and
very go definitely yeah yeah on the
remote because of the whole utterance
from Basra maternal trivial happen or I
don't know maybe bestial apparatus
images if it might devices is all
external might either I know mine on a
bit more people actually and they came
at a city back while I believe is that
there's a lot of possibilities all this
as as if a us and I guess it was meant
it in a complete their you know what I
mean is I mean really can a fax to
suppress a DSMS or possibly data
formats to limit so the more happy at
the big buttons are formidable body so
sharply between part of what they can
you want P like that on on what you
they said the best thing. So you put
all don't all we went to me like the
model that expedition microsecond
something oppressed representing it but
others are or compressor allegedly I
see you capable of they didn't know
very valuable mezzo soloist Russia
socialistic assured about the oh
pacific casual push for picture what
can collide most of the up like that
one course record I did their job
welfare quickly that's ones of doctors
"'cause" I would put the course you
have to have a remote on dinosaur yeah
perfectly then we think about maybe
again you don't see see see bonuses
good basically all see seed also she
invited especially successful
articulated best you then maybe have to
want a apple you know usually about how
decisive for example plastic or
whatever to looking like I guess also
shared some and then it you're talking
you bestial people which is that it was
people who come whatever you don't like
me and melody need yeah I don't need
this we see it coming you have a good
question is what proposing for six year
quickly pressed Alt is just one KGQ
occupied really get to usually
incorporate all social cripple not
project. I was gonna probably about
property of this is something that I
can dig exactly high so stroller. And
then you at any that was also sanity
and this one is the could they want
blocking a component based on a source
if you push it pretty this record on
top of doing this of Seattle CC
currently but I don't know product
cycles yeah was oh I think census LCC
component and I thought I was a meets
all probably easy example to it has a
value to them double. This is sam
portico example no a compositional me
calm components in in I super a all and
that would make them mobile about the
best showed up a whole the two
component to show dramatically cab
clinic not but also the past actually
let them all displays almost Collins
inconsistency but I'm "'em" close call
this good the excel was a system
Stephanie palatial let's use say an
Illinois more that you have a separate
the usually because to make the
patients like me about that
specifically the the plush skewed annex
it will you know possible than us for
them all because than it was sent
anymore mostly I mean when when you
most of promote there issues only have
a clear push. E six yeah so in it guys
sure that's up to it on them a bit the
Quentin thing we can know for kidney
bleep CPU military also on record
called assaulting incidental to sit
there but in the mean whatsoever packet
especially small yeah the then manage
it is just a good example is so you
economic sometimes used casually cubes
that you would you well you'll afraid
that don't wanna be no suppressed three
create a more fancy that the the
bathroom the best driving them on a
list of someone's you trees even to to
to this them it if that's good I don't
we yeah I think two months to just run
program the tween above the eight
effective want somebody but it's just
that as well. So probably the main
completely common conclusion. So the
visual mortally who've you mean you can
easy living room for any treaty for the
the said okay discuss the fundamental
advances of the natural than me but
what do you ski ski so we'll see if
them if you see me systematically
community on the bottom so active was
found the community better if this on
different formats all could stop doing
it's they are quite happy if you do
that you can see phenomenon is is a
format similar but how poke the eight
posted you have through prophecy and
then I think of somewhat academic the
federal it killed don't know we
something about time for but the people
yeah no suburban up suppose that the
the yeah yeah I'm not attached to after
one object D not about me without me
back about I still want to want someone
look so quickly that that that's a lot
of bathroom forty the need like maybe
the that one responsibility that
essentially different formats your if
on formats of what they can use the
internet happen to be strong against
you get depressed don't stop using one
computer one of you decide fifty S and
you would have people secure of you
just have it if we can this that
company you're just that did proactive
bolstered he's comic that's only if he
"'cause" that's a fireman I've seen
some can see entirely fun that just a
up with god male bless this happy she
passed graphically model you on the
plate all the the device the cap the
impairment assume visually a longer
visually meant we ugh if you have a a
should be made whole plus I can the the
the the diffuse all the first couple my
or them with a specifically more well
what would do but report after you know
for my fuel own code but still yeah
what we do is force you what "'cause"
well but you know them all you know
whole ask you all the communication or
feel maybe we need a certain level. I
think more with S camel Morgan
initially by what I say review but I
feel with corporate affairs obviously
pastoral should Buckley vocal vocal
garlic to the devil yeah once don't you
know I know is actually personal you
don't take good to people are not about
the idea dusty mobile you know that
there are some of that something a but
there are so like at the collegiate
level. I was about to study of the so
with remote there it from the idea but
I don't know the what have the person
yeah but of the lamp overlap isn't it
or it's a about that with it. the only
the waveform only the white ball a
noise of wavy platform B you S carries
a way to usual quickly so we ritual
sure naturally what would people you to
with under the form I feel come away
uses if if I the that the selection
extremely lap one for myself if this
happens you know peaceful but how fifty
five what ifs off yell for what comedy
right what case try amount of Mike come
up if you know if they're sparse call
commerce access able shape a to than
image catalan body FA Only more deja
whole litany media calculates and then
I think the concede it didn't make cure
amount that said yeah Jed if you see
that got the ribbons and formats you
all the fifties back at six a market
you know a lot of of like at what
because after much stopped again you
pass you know encoded it donate local
appropriate holiday is search box local
if you can do that all just have one
anything at the German macedonia. But
can revoking our captors schemes using
the same you know I don't see all
should back me five system expansion
could just walk the ugly dolls assume
we live out of a don't always if you
need to make abdomen and box at the
second one button or whatever it is
that if it's all strips on just one
other than at the local actually a
problem all on or that I don't they
certainly key but what I one solution
for yeah JCD on is not the it's like
you have a fortune I don't suppose
pretty similar strategy getting is a
plastic what we know is that I don't
that to hope for simply don't care. I I
think much if developing that something
that made the the stupid to show maybe
numerically at the moment it's all just
happy yeah I see of it you know the the
old evil you know the more case
constrained at the us something that
gets to it P models you German logical
most sept once sock on the commercial
matters comes okay I see you know so
change the successful if you got more
like that can you guess you I vector
doctors if a formal motocross USU but
quite formal telephone poles well what
we can to highway selfish compatible
norm well then the lab lately I mean
that that strategy to find all affected
yeah screw pokemon as you got one both
take additional down be promote them
all the amount of the noise you make it
controls respond also of this is not
exactly can totally disagree September
the power structure actually having is
a format shortly Meta because I don't
supply convoy while example the yeah
Miguel really may yeah need best you
know jacket while of work to develop
people can just your model some
function type and then my comments and
I format is a duly passed on a pass any
for the the corporate animals that one
element team but it is all since
rollover I mean you say like when X
you're on a really personal
connectivity limits neck the said the
daily accident or pastel I don't need.
But cold don't nick you don't like what
the and then or the or don't need of
those timidly calla in S plus one of a
whole half yeah it's possible for yeah
they poke helmet see a promoted in when
molecular pathetic that shows that may
on typical processing currently past
simple or accept the I don't do any
sailor do anything or Mike easy access
dish pass key audio change or something
just the most perfect account work
exactly look perfume of either why
annex ecstasy they use general is you
have to do any which one is a
perspective you know I don't mind not
so only again upper the model
incorporates all the semitic let it be
got the one dimensional sort of swap I
suppose the different a copy of the
market segment up okay miss it by next
faster than a morse sparse people like
on annex a as taught in a particular
pass helper extra T I see Donny menu
kind on you can in this way yeah So the
I don't know how they can laws of the
personal. But we get a four track need
this that or the development of of them
or for them or on on and when you are a
purpose you your creativity don't
people it is yes have a tell me your
more squawk your hardcore that I don't
design the have a okay so human and how
much that someone usability can't a
sexist republics are have a a male and
wonder if it's not got much of a
problem with have a more china three
estimate fancy on became these you have
a have yeah I mean only mess was to
have what may started to photocopy that
script ask last don doty plastic key on
the main suspect made their collective
image you can yeah narcotics from opera
the twenty dusty midi quite dramatic
much gone astray limits that you know
okay preview board any on XA detectors
for Sebastian of survivor you is like
what specifically medical the second
time I formatted electronic divided it
all sounds me just by minded have I you
know do most of the most important
that's realistically who secretly
pastoral and you only have one there's
a million what wicked republicans have
back isn't that if they don't know the
see if there's actually set such as the
LC exactly what is in the peace river
on a scale I don't wanna do seem a bit
more more medical monkey prejudice
comments on the oh we not seeking
apparently cables onto CC to buy some
but there are still people expected it
through was that a fact revealed. So
much about you wanted to his sister he
can the actual if you could example
myself to not make that kind of quickly
decide exactly similar yeah was perfect
for backing up to appeal stumble upon
your mates on the microphone passage on
that you can see this one to see it as
a module or something for I can see
them on their way to say we make why or
what is that we see if I that they
might see dependent you know but that
has to say they see on the must is one
hex off as the choir even if we don't
if we think you in Kentucky stop people
that I thought they change because
stand for something coming not so that
doesn't know knowledge original shows
process and then about assuming
Cadillac CC plus a conclusion they have
a special to go is also composes
ubiquity "'cause" can emit some people
don't wanna back C wouldn't it is for
the agenda don't I guess it is a tip
about that post apocalyptic remote
assuming we can do the most obvious
posted all sits imagine a city many
document us your some of the semitic
and so right now we're just simply see
that you can have all said was an avid
system or the the the more casual
compressible especially yeah which is
to to see document is about but then
you act upon immaculately white house
mate was looking at central packs a
cost follicles these have time or
shortly corporate moment that's all the
scandals in what is is kinda here is
looking oh so that people say we really
young puking thing as any look about it
too is a document from medical to it
because it was a moment I research
problem six eight the remote say about
the body for them in legal because I
confess graphics you know what within
in the usual questionnaires for a susi
you know you have a before is good
shape I don't know what you made such
that the more they made a lot of it's
technology to to convict minority
documents what you want units and
portable gone about the but which one
six come complicated I would true tell
and it's a Kenmore this document that
we can set up I to get say we have CD
or signal oppose that from this you it
is okay to channel up you know the way
these initiatives going so this one was
for the best no wondering the point to
physically semen you disown the useful
collected these shows are supposed to
self at the palladium tool is a problem
Cornell it'll beep blip work is you can
for example I will see but that's
almost CCC don't format that Israel
that tough operability people
particularly to kill called about here
you know malfunctioned accompanies on
okay a little for some local or
prideful to won't a PB done. Instead of
appear distressed to the service SSAP
some and the profession at the school
some Spanish was a double and them as
opposed to yeah the spectral plan the
but I'm is just run question can maybe
corny good he will you shouldn't give a
compress shown company you should
figure ruin P jump off at preschool is
just a common additional like if and
americans sweetie the the five was only
usual place you don't on the on line
six maybe the most impact said what did
it looks even shows the won't work and
if you needed a one. So that you know
the loan handicap don't don't wanna
fall it P not solidity of client go if
you more Guinness math intimately
samples to let them go and be this S
amassed social couldn't about yeah
sports commission stuff. But it makes
the commission AP looked at
specifically more articulate but go to
the past you in a position and you have
we got but just people you want all the
low some of it's for a more the
personal the visual from what the
culture one thinking well to tell all
the the what should this for form to
see if you have a a about you are hope
we both you look completely the
probably labelling last show on the on
the now yeah the core level have sure
what makes one with a basket fifty more
comedy yeah me scale all collected on a
it pure politically please that
certainly SL the with a not you the
finish was sorely several for example
put that the melodies are travel and
anymore. I'll more sponsoring of work
video pass astronaut to pull all she if
you to the maybe can would to see past
you wanted to you have big pass yell
Eric used SCBM technicality ugly is it
utility fit then you're in unit you'd
menu feature it if it was it was really
keep that there's that of cost you like
say you passing us for the semitic
added some it's test we Pascal on every
ninety you can not the accent I love
the semitic can the can vocoder nuke at
the at the U pass you know so that only
a got when I saw the pastels it's
awkward make the I don't assume a decal
one court new ease of access eh I too.
We get nasty decoded small maybe more
notes menu skate who will not to do you
units so if we are all it cute to
moderate disrepair frank yeah limits
that maker me pass you know what the us
seven hundred I'd sit there. I find
ninety no not enough focus on the
pastels with continuing that works at
the end of the CPIE most likely they
demand said is a couple who to set of
yeah I see okay yeah you get like a and
if you could the I think the more Casey
don't just see the case you know I
today ha we have a look limit
separately back some pastel skip and
I'll mail experience anything extra
obesity that a a plastic cup of to CBS
that on the know when and how many
really want it one also the eight I
told you know don't need
underestimating can double curved post
cell are apportioned them among the the
pastel to kinda after after see
somewhat example policy you I what the
odds for this unit then is that the way
me on nap guess what any push it on TV
set look actual duet from the other
groups maybe oh I didn't want to when
they ethical yeah the what this case
queried Arlene Dahl books got you know
we're not important function ugly yes a
problem the putting together didn't
have much users you should post what it
also has not can format only the
problem the provision then working the
last to us at well yeah you tie yeah oh
but but once it's it's it's a little
bit more Lev what disk response lip
astral one was it it was provision then
bigger of this is the ability of
similar suit cut the course was
spotlight on a nearby don't don't even
today email she's Macaulay case
"'cause" it tickled don't elaborated a
that could be from the same all smart
phone Prescott the the in was any a it
personally you pour have a mobile talk
specifically more on defence see that
okay by a technique public keep an
excessively lately is on top easily you
don't creativity key to this additional
quality deal with that with you was
gonna see with everything "'cause" you
all would be home a we get actual up
well ask is D with equal key if if
you're don't recall patrol where you
see the well fitting implication still
we know that there are still in case
you and judgement is it is it is you
yeah it so mean it is a performance
rental something down then is that
still the whole ordeal applying to the
best show it snows also men illegally
the because this role the the moves
only dissolves make we didn't have the
yo that holds you to who you have that
set into the new additional about them
it's so it's one look once the one of
the biggest provisionally don't don't
you would use all the volume and let
multifunction mo. We want well the
total is for mentally pony you wanna
know what where you brought up a you
men the look who's useful okay but I
usually don't for look what was it does
really I somehow if it's so want to
keep it is and a would a pulpit the at
least don't impress you don't do could
not be boosted the you do them so is
the device with the part of the the
court mostly you simple busted you
dollars total so that's not one dog
appraisals live come on where use sit
the includes opposes sure on the hope J
principles places that we do only morse
which is basically is T after my take
why very well not have I prefer sealer
Mae west outside if he does that come
in I guess the only as it multicast
kestrel the whole at point example okay
said go here like twenty K much propose
without me passed on to know contacted
back we have twenty monitor of water
hazard to the double act ontology space
at least you have to a specialist but
okay like twenty K I think up to come
out there but what basket should work
together a little more questionable
tony. C telephone some functional also
yeah may suspect don't much chat of
know only sees that for a place on one
address email a PUT V.s slob when ACLE
more twelve yeah common you can see all
queen electronic I think me past you
know at the spa Siberia baskets uphold
plus a modify you marketed by due to it
being accosted that's real imposed it
it can still Elsa most that Anna
geniuses that I'm just a good qualities
that's what you could really see better
crippling passing also I did suggest
Rogers assets that they have messaging
and disappointed though don't use it
each commodity code communicate when
you get it I think it had other quoted
and second ninety you're not maybe the
concert by maybe in a facility Jamie
costly process a process at a of you
need to some and now they don't want to
also have out they don't expect like
technology and the FX are your
professor not possibly report you are I
would but to stop it I don't know why I
don't I don't what you can space on a
nationalist basque come on a payee at
the bottom makes a couple down pretty
dizzy depressed asks you a blackmail
yeah don't absolutely plus you know we
have cost suggestion telephone you okay
makes it by telephone I don't I know
but it's job that make your heart
require Syria copy maybe that's your a
can that starbucks by email a dog no
national sport at only on it yeah this
was to job a whole point or they're
typically maybe a problem you could
only man yeah in case you'll media have
we really deformation choice comment
about ball on every categories
technology beyond online on novel
signals right immortality appeals for
good cable could or someone could you
you the last cholesterol people
professionally but still use intuitive
perception atop last will initially not
like the CD technology. But the the the
in not really that you don't limit
astral watch a quart of that the lab
that if you do that they just wanted
because you don't would include of the
tuition not back to the technology on
this how about you deal at plano that's
your pussy below don't on that
particular medical if someone sitting
if the visual is it rude so no yeah but
is it you may image an example you know
that see some some prosthetic the mix
and much but the menu any island but
also much but many engineer on the the
border for the best your not about a
couple of personal but salty you I
subject the most fifty K don't
represent cancun you G yeah so there's
guidance you maybe since autonomy so
interview to the welfare Jenny identity
know short one group of them all one
patch you don't part but the the the
remote but many of them are showing you
elephant the pistons energy yeah so but
we still don't know it will you
hospital pushes in wonder they're doing
this is that you the need to walk sort
yeah I have lot of empty pilates system
party the peanut one we need those all
I argument positively protested just
you could be that you if you make this
a like a hole that you good yeah this
is in concept what demented equally go
but what ideas with the system can tell
that all that time of one I would come
to cheat you see that you flourish
actually premium typically premium
numbers you go yeah how about data
needed this is experienced is also some
clever I do shows but complete that
they have gotten the universe you were
up estimates so quickly you I was
thinking something that you know the
mental abilities that people yeah is it
you do we change the channel that you
need to the similar for them as if to
make it if it on the board with a
league of the opportunity so basically
by example simplicity cool for for this
one you kind open and really simple
there's a point disposable D six seven
is common please comparable at least
one completely initials squish
professor don't believe prescription
demo civil places go visit up and
facile body could you could real cool
cool well question we're not don't know
to a S image point one double about the
people twenty this so called nicely
problem a speaker could make men see
what I us of mostly preview mail that
all these case evenly it a logo this
one is it copy to develop should a
corvette also is minute dollars repair
the digit is informative book well very
only whatever Q arsehole one addressed
that is to do basque save it could come
in shops should promote the don't like
Israel it could think an interface the
issue like will I always you know and
the fictional I mean it it but somebody
special you wanna fuck one your second
of assuming I get it that the the
strategy comments Chandler pool out of
pocket or one of my studies for the
women on the secular remote they'll do
whole actually control email model eco
to me why would feel potential would
racial you devotional to the first in
may if I lives on the dizzy economise
miserable no before male apple was
criticism I canopy common by my the
Kentucky don't emit such a negative
pushed we do the first case pretty idea
dippy small one above about the the
that that's all done for my soul the
OCCD should not your optimist survey
yeah yeah can as a point on these is in
only this one can receiver positional
into we need a comedy that originating
me all the data points factual one out
casually so that's gonna pop handling
of this like that the point man I was
you know oh going for someone I think
that's strong actually the the public
only the is this keep you I'm in this
show the general okay the nickel makes
it all happen to her darkest your
fifteen on the peninsula bring your
super lap limit as your ski specific
exactly casters must've and there was a
way to ski ID me it'd be you that you
can see all the I don't blame et cetera
carry the yuppie but is it right if it
was actually it is that because your
work is used most yeah it slightly
differently can lead to it then head
back on these medical don't names you
can't have that so this is a lot of
personal smart phone at last or is that
because we have to find that say this
well made space as yeah yeah come on
this show schematics that yeah we get a
TV and softly have you been up to guess
truncate this really for the passing
out and of course as people more every
not because you know you don't want to
say that from us you know people ladies
people communicate I think limits
appetite we ninety open what that's all
that's really that's it pops up I don't
know I don't yeah we'll put moisture or
is it people me you that looks exactly
cancelled it to see that the united
policy about remotely Pasadena
systematically don't don't is that if
you get so he'd it clearly as we passed
so okay so don't what I there's that
example exactly Castro to this this
well what did you notice that because
you're the candidate external providers
implement custom you have general upon
you a personal personal but you guys
the wrong but something it will be it
might margarita cheap for well guess
what the it's not to get but they did
they if you have someone you would the
the something blank sheet have fair
city is among gotta stick is one part
of the remote interest and you a
supplement percent it's see proposing
that case feel ripped of you we more we
sorry but okay so it's so well yeah I
could you gives you more equanimity he
not the idea is to don't know what S
you not happened I mean just wonderful
correspondence important I you be
someone fifteen only objectives rewired
with the locally to securely tonight
explained marble oh yeah I no matter
you but frequently meet someplace can
we need you like them about you men
which would be on the on that under the
cap that that you don't impute leak at
the I was the museum and were actually
little bugs to keep that CD on this you
know what it is you not supposed to
make kiss to only qualify me a reduced
you'd you press you know it's you and
down at that a real apple I have all
the not the modified maybe got born
basically she'll be screen it's a
necessity at you you soc that
prescription although not of the K one
fancy Hilton sentences to do E delta be
E was it could be a little be killed
easily moulded insecurities one what
it's not that you'll find reasonable
classical them really knew me hold this
really sucks yeah yeah I know me more
on the pacific S you want you don't see
the whole then you will you know
teachers yeah don't you feel a PED vote
you know keep usually sort the prison
example of system or less to document
period each we you do team more but TV
though only the main could be one more
secure easy. T pose reporting me no
Matilda security checks and then the
transmissions is a format change if you
want to to so shitty would do on this
is formats your it so if you know you
know mailboxes yearly physical secular
lap portion basically I guess not I
sound that they could not any me just
you and that class you want the meeting
do that so do look think that these
informants you're easy them know yeah
look that demanded he that was the
problem from them about a scroll D
thing on the screen on and well he says
something easy don't for the a middle
plastic that the men it is older knows
it in Baltimore these aforementioned
strategy common email or you know sure
then a strictly when you minister also
CREU D.'s information immunity that you
press you a possible other people one
hundred all there's a all we design
okay actually more community care to
yeah if we have to create a laid back
topic not pretty also up a script lobby
on up after me you may this a lecture
and separation pattern the application
clock I think democracy also good
easily your proposal apple pedestrian
bicycle sparks empty on top so you know
I think it's stick a straw the security
out of it is okay to put up a P last
year or whatever the case could
positively subject and men's take a
messiah known only shuts selfish okay
saying and don't help you pass your
yeah about are know the problem can
take over the house nice torpedo et
cetera suitcase can store that
secretary inequality and if you're
gonna domain you're push a me can
whistled digital demoted to a not
perfectly set kestrel desecrate a
safety issue toxic associated to
portray. We have a speaker all
tomorrow's full screen like a sort of
an to to basically shows the extra
month god I see this is the yeah I'm
going to take as one of the as usual
want to screw on the I'm near us really
kinetic energy someone a UPITK fifty
million won't take a collective strong
make "'em" welfare box at the
innovative. S realising that don't want
a good politician and midnight a
immortal but still "'cause" it was a
bit swell and most C officially mule
less but look out okay the also told
truck is the screen of the simpler more
this is to you know a the oddity to
don't fit was every that she'll be it
posted you the directory for that also
mystery shopper example risk
conceivable and remote the optimal that
up on a secluded than it is to but we
got the phase as the the T key source
will I'm us box from PV but he's
sarcastically comics called obviously
she Seattle provision expect
comfortable vegetables and why you know
on trial in is city tickets word only
defeat shown only you critique the
commode once optimal hockey come. And
go on on the car is used up apologies
the woody provision the believable of L
soft good you might be about to can it
be this a one man shoulders but still
it. But case came possible point okay
that several separate speaker to make
abstract for coming also on the problem
of one sat invalidate a scale it in the
system know on its own colour but you
have more peace group of people we are
available and she she absolutely
because if it is just one of
responsibility and that you completely
passed on yeah I suggest some commit
any V keypad to I don't I don't go to
them and it is true that stronger
quality Mcconnell in in the morning
keep means again a that'll get strong
to go through some old what he'll
overlook that we can make the way it
would meet anyone that's true healing
extract the just every store. They that
that that when you put them in a menu
presuppose divisions kinda far of risk
in California is a audience but you
just at the same time I mean you will
pass this all killed listed is already
comes on that mission of the bottom
piece of I have created by the fact
that my new ones got piece made a fair
the menu restrictive yeah that's about
that one I mean the other places you
see this additional phone really pass
your system because both are starkly
prophesies for Christmas that the
socket the company affixed annoyed full
of have a TV I I think if they actually
oh they're just a and only more the
chemical celeste basically they'll
particularly the elders you don't work
on you where people wanna security on
the remote camp of consequently a
offered with the pleasure original
medical cover mentioned it covers
solution the pick me up weep obvious
automobile has ended but the the and
but that is that such articulate people
stories of the quality is almost what I
meant as a disparity thirty but you
forgot as a good yeah in a remote
initiative put a security said wait
upon one format is Alice epitaph to do
just do I sea bass departure and seven
a TV set seven acupuncture functioning
yeah yeah to stitch for company right
your for the for for the full days
before the whole it's either a UTC
abundant knowledge is that the local
nice if the noise you did they don't
use the platform if we only for forever
you don't wanna what they what you
vocal push you out about all this is in
a format vocal sure messy. But they're
just pulled pork or of it have long
grey hotel until the until the top of
some problem all if flooded defeated
them or not a whole us you'll but still
makes a limit what was it that you up a
buffet colourful put a it would be give
us low for a lot of colour but with you
yeah plantations don't really I pacific
is to actually I C D.'s yeah that that
activity I users watch with the
Montrose I wonder if you suffered
logistical most decisions to mope what
I but unless you're like it's a
personal can solve them up a commercial
picks up a a technology because one
point just to make it is elusive these
electrical of the presence extra book
we mistake at all. So that they could
just make that we have to can shape so
hopeless kind of easy to decide if you
have yeah I dunno most partly
leprechaun diffuse emission not could
you help of money to snow no functional
officer Nellie passed ER G.'s used to
just be public an example or was a
thicker cultivating an exam you have be
quite you had EAPP only had E you
separate they does carcinogen gender
got sample I do have to detox occipital
or shows may I might not be as man
setting coffee can still examine essay
due had you coffee put a cut rate an
examiner but makes maintained would
even if it's a even deeper always a
pixel can green like those complex does
I guess wrong having ask ask about
topics and sign back it Dallas T sister
nearest has your wiki for remote
connections more could you tell what is
ontologies you don't need the cases
that formats your upper limit Cyprus
somebody collect them all if you can
impress your such a quite exposing most
almost immediately that we need a you
immediately the profits and then the be
the past only the the develop insert
pessimistic but to Norfolk to scan
shows yeah but remedial not eva but was
it that you don't the collaboration
astral IE the pound eventual me for
commodity havoc okay yeah I'm looking
is the is the adaptability yeah poor oh
yes I I was on the global avoid like
twenty D we have the you with this you
know limits are you personally
specific. So you don't want to idea
produce off the to to draw some good a
personal than even with you know enough
emotional unique yeah makes you don't
usually most what's equivalent to sit
if you pull enough up there the them a
a question yeah a what we have here go
the TV so but then we have a new
doctors I know the Kafka well we should
be double about if you press cent of
all possible with is approach you have

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Séverine Petitprez et Alevtina Dubovitskaya, Resp. collaboratrice scientifique, pharmacologie clinique, CHUV , et assistante de recherche, HES-SO Valais-Wallis
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Q&A - ISyPeM2 - de l’individualisation des posologies aux bases de données médicales
Séverine Petitprez et Alevtina Dubovitskaya, Resp. collaboratrice scientifique, pharmacologie clinique, CHUV , et assistante de recherche, HES-SO Valais-Wallis
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Dr Jean-Gabriel Jeannot, Pierre-Mikael Legris, Dr Pietro Scalfaro, Christine Bienvenu, David-Zacharie Issom
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Synthèse et conclusion
Sébastien Mabillard, Responsable des projets E-Santé
3 June 2016 · 4:39 p.m.

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