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okay good afternoon everyone um like stank of the dominant
products proteins polite but i was in this forum
i didn't buy new going back three years later to speak um appeal as in a way
i mean there was some very fascinating sightseeing don't mix paper on on the bottle
drag a little back into the mundane if you like if
by talking about hard reality is is that the moments
uh that just don't just a brief outline of a while talk about this afternoon
these these findings are all based on the the second edition
of automated norm opens the market well that and
i've recently completed for textile media services so well they always look
at the structure of the global market for chasm like vehicles
and then it's a little bit about the major changes in the supply industry structure the big going
on because there's an awful lot going on that uh we look at continued investment in china
and then i'll move on to some current and future applications specifically phone or movements
and so this this chart here shows the top twenty and
candlelight vehicle producing countries in two thousand and fifteen
uh about ninety eight point seven million in that yet uh a
legit at which should be no surprise by china with
about twenty four point five million cans uh then but you
i say which is just about half of that
the tango thing but actually all industries that year apart from brazil
uh and russia and a couple of all those that will undergo in certain pickups
and then just in late chinese both being muted of um in the in
sort of two thousand and fourteen two thousand and fifteen uh at around three four percent growth
uh try it so that there was tremendous growth in in cap production in china nature
uh there was a two thousand five production the channel produce six point five million of them by twenty ten
and it's and that's where wild underestimate because channel candlelight just kept produced when
the will that yeah output in about thirteen point six million units
five years late a lot to twenty four point five million counts
um it's for normal blow by any standards but i think we just need to
see in context of the ins and really consider your lips sewn situation here
uh and if you're not from that last that last chassis uh these
top countries the top six can make income should do in asia
um have a combined population of about three billion people that
quakes that not point no one can spread the population
when you look at the top volcanic in countries in america's
population about six and sixty eight point three million
it's not point shriek as made by the population when nine can make income choosing bray
y'all up in that's a sable combined the population about five hundred and fifty million
equates uh not points each week as per head of population see all
of these in fact you know punching quite considerably its own weights
having said that is both in general but no it certainly no
uh that's a one supplies a continuance paul billions into the automotive infrastructure
uh and these are the the the the chair one company is the leading table manufacture is
that have textile solutions and technologies as part
of their all overall product portfolio is
now all of these with the exception of bad bargain say i'll
make is in plano wins in the products to some degree
it's lesser and greater extent you know i'm i'm not send easily just a cat insidious or
whatever but that they all do of uh a lot of use a funnel weapons
just two years ago uh this table it's entirely different uh by
twenty eighteen it's set set to look a completely different again
among the most notable changes uh in in the two one structure
a set of friedrich stuff and i which is men involved in in seat belts uh an ad boxes that say
uh quite a r. w. automotive uh in two thousand fifty okay
and uh at the eight billion dollar turn overcome it
but they're international as solving sought motive in serious business to spain's group wants
elaine again that's good and all the full billion dollar turnover country
often on the left one it please applet plastic stop full ownership of the h. p. l. c. group
which is big in a in a automotive engine lotion acoustic products
and on the the big german organisation acquired f. s. bad at
again um another another big supplier love than insulation acoustic products
and then there's that the emergence of dominates a comedian fan
so well this is chinese new global to one powerhouse basically
uh our l. came about in two thousand and fifteen johnson controls marriages automotive interiors business
with young thing to form a new company young faculty more didn't see it is
at the same time between twenty twelve and twenty fifteen based you know the big and
it's also most super powered being broken up breaking up its own uh
insidious business i don't was also taken of a valiant thing
as a result of that young fame has quickly risen to six place uh in the top senate seat when
automotive suppliers with textile activities we've already heard it's the
leader in in automotive didn't see it is
based on performance two thousand fifteen sales of twelve point six billion
so why why sometimes those so significant big twelve days
china didn't own a single tier one suppliers with
direct access to the car manufacturers outside china
i mean even with china it was a case of being with joint venture partnerships that
would establish that play is now become is a movie now the shapes continuing
in december two thousand sixteen for example showing ashamed to acquire the senate's
percent stake in a new joint venture with international automotive components
this i i say shut the j. p. is that directly for global soft limit acoustic products
including a lot no more ovens joint ventures be made sure the u. k.
for whatever reason and it's value at step five and seventy million dollars
uh this is what's uh and channel changer yeah ming wow had to say
this year joint venture will transition shined up from regional chinese option
acoustic products manufactured to was global supplier to the automotive industry
and that's what's happening these these accusations are changed
the dynamics of the global industry considerably
from not just a few of the recent investments in china by global
uh to one's twenty thousand six in two thousand and fifteen
international automotive components is on sixteen new plants within china
probably she believes it can double its current sales by twenty twenty in
china uh it was seventy thousand employees that by next year
imagine two thousand yeah thought fourteen layers on this new age a cop act
was in china then there's depends that sail to the show q. uh
at the eighteen came manufacturing operations now listed by in china sixteen a billion subways since
two thousand and six of those uh been uh since two thousand and twelve
december two thousand sixteen bits on 'em announced its seventh chinese plant
so this is big a big on on going investments uh i think that illustrates a
so just fit into that first don't slide again those were the top twenty cadillac vehicle producing
countries in two thousand and fifty and as i mentioned china that i'd been subdued
yes well it looks like a in two thousand and sixteen and you can
say everywhere else is subdued china's going again fourteen point five percent increase
the robson down the elsewhere but that that's the major change uh so it's happening now
having said all that i think it is fair to say that the
the traditional regency your the u. s. a. and japan remain instrumental
uh in the development of new vehicle concepts and seven reducing a c.
o. two emissions true great if you look on the make
is is the the main game in town awaits secondly preoccupied and the cow manufactures
and it's it costs in a room which no woven
softening combination with the materials can contribute significantly
this is a a calculation uh based on the estimated consumption
uh textiles overall in nine signalling chasm light vehicles
now adjusting from that lasts like we're already overnight signalling cows were tonight's the night four million
but we're looking at about one point six million tomes
that and in five are these day categories
no weapons replied pretty significantly throughout in opposed to nightline is
in capri obviously mulder passenger elation filter media floor mats
engine over components and tells shoes et cetera
i mean said that that was sort of age uh by square meters of it's obviously a very different picture because
upholstery fabrics come a very little uh and well normal in flock applicant
obviously uh the about for you not to just salmon above
uh so opposed in atlanta fabrics membership or twenty percent of the weight of all materials
uh but they have really dominate instances when the church estimated in
the region about seventy to eighty percent of the total
so no one now i must be you know had yeah on or not doing too bad of the um
yeah and some some going applications that to be not natural fibre normal ovens
now obviously used extensively by all the men can make is in
a line is in top panels you probably won't see
too many of these materials the index i would've thought uh
that about eighty thousand tons of one natural materials
i didn't platoon thirty thousand souls it compensates for carson troops made in your that now
and no over the german in statutes as estimate
is about one point nine kilogram natural fibres
and not one point nine kilogram of wood fibres in every all the pink yeah
then upon a special yep lies in in this like uh you could signalling for example
which i was abduction plant in france and he's making for example flaw panels project you uh
top panels from say these all based on it's a black snow movements
these uh these are often overlooked um overlooked norm woven suffering
uh i will look into luxury norm overruns a light i'll come target
now i mean how comes out as the most exclusive norm
woven the supply to the automotive sector without a doubt
uh it's a micro fibre based artificial light uh invented bytes or a group back in a nine seven eight
is based on islands in the sea by components and it really isn't
our preferred option to natural led uh for for leading cow manufacturers
uh it's got of course the benefits breathe abilities softness scope resistance it's
flexible in design and a little hole will schools as well
arkansas has actually produced a single sign it so it's
been cabin mutual since two thousand and nine
but there are other alternate visions to law comes out of the day when betty and i'm the man okay
what's interesting is from from arkansas does and sustainability paul
you can calculate the average price from swear need sort of finished
i'll confess arkansas the fabric is around fifty or rose
uh which when you look at the basics on the on the uh a couple of uh your nose and
a square meter that that is that is the fantastically expensive product
about eighty six percent of it's been sold in your today that china is now
going absolutely not for it they simply can't buy you know for this stuff
some of 'em growing applications extended past now tensely
they called nom woven we lapse line is
uh being around probably twenty years now the with various non woven says exterior paths
but now they're also uh being uses on the shields to
replace every p. v. c. layers that were previously used
manufactures a included sony and i hope uh the
bulges international automotive components in sound what
uh it depends on materials like these very high don't really slick and these these fabrics a distinguished
by that time rigid it's a bit can be considerably like that and what the replace it
how did in w. fault and bolts like an well now switch
to to these on the shields and even i believe polish
that's receptor separates is for lecturing vehicles now the job is still out on
how quickly a electric vehicles are gonna catch is significant market share
that it needs but uh it just upon how in
typical hybrid vehicles about fifties to seventy lion batteries
plugin electric should look and a it's it's more than two hundred batteries and
basically lectured deal because you still looking a hundred and fifty or more
a separate as required for all of them the position between the
two lectures to prevent the lectures from top shouldn't shall i
uh obviously got like the look you mine's aspen faults allow the charge and discharge
uh and the well applied market for lion battery separates is
was estimated about soap one point three billion sweat me is by two thousand fifty
no that's not all know woven speakers that that can be a lot
of all the materials that also use base obviously an area where
if the grove those like uh there's significant potential that
most important parameter to separate as is obviously on the genocide
pulling out the info replacement uh at this impressive growth
in shape by pay you foam sat in automotive
currently about ten point five percent annual light so that
emotion on pat would know woven scroll through like
unlike non woven does that imply primarily because of the low way and also cost
that often can be in london it combinations with normal ovens and all the materials
forms are restricted however in the breeder billy become provide
the also some environmental questions related to the production
there are no woven pay you altered is being developed such a trial was pretty there
cajun elk turnovers molten it sticks bones which will um which will hit about
late uh i'd be in um positions that uh areas that this market
special sections now in the process replacing pay you for the decision of all of extended
vehicles with proprietor now on that no weapons so that's a a quietly big markets
recycled carbon fibre compensates i had to bring in is this
the next major market for lots more noble opens
there's so much work going on in this area i had to say it's yeah
it's empowering streamlined uh obviously extend the the use of such comes six considerably
a a complex increase from twenty three percent on previous planes twelve fifty eight
the weight savings achieved by replacements steel now a minion uh and now
many believe the same kind of substitution can do cheating passenger cats
which is a mackie obviously more child magnitude nine million
ninety five million cows as we've uh it
to what extent that's gonna happen will know in the next few years another brother
and um application hybrid filter media there now more than fifty pills as
an average passenger cap with functions ranging from the performance the engine all in
fuel consumption right through to call you there in the cabin and
i've said the application affected significantly by government regulations
only it should be in theory but obviously
that hasn't been the case is uh there's been a desire
for longer intervals between engine filter replacements as well
most felt media for fuel oil filtration being well laid using cellulose six
but recent advances not so recent of the last ten fifteen years
in extrusion base norm was led to increased amount possible moaned
about one major in i and fuel nile applications
a fair that so that we see in an awful lot of hybrid combinations
it materials uh to improve performance that now come into the fall
even before we get to autonomous vehicles and i thought
i would just position um another alternative picture
which which uh a number of analysts i've made over the past couple of years
and that's the the new light vehicle market might soon
level a manual on that million units anyway
uh i want bases gonna main is that million last
produced each year than was previously forecasted going forward
by twenty thirty five is gonna mean to be tuned in sixty million fuel like vehicles
on the road that that day as all the cows that scrapped and replaced
certainly asian cities will grow to the more tries asian race of the rest anything light
places like the asian of already impose cast uh on new vehicle registrations
in beijing freeze things they wanna keep the overall number of vehicles downtrodden fifty thousand people
there will be different opportunities for no more ovens and feel is a mass transit systems
going forward uh in any case so well i'll just i'll just conclude basically um
so my conclusions that investments but soon supplies in china continue a terrific case
despite that slowdown in growth people to two thousand fifteen
which is looking like it's time for a temporary
yeah i'm fine sees the first global to one chinese automotive conrail establishing itself
and all those will follow the big questions politically over the
progress in europe and the us say right now
and i don't need to go into that there were the one point six million
tons of textiles in ninety million cast produced in two thousand and fifty
at the growth may not be taking for granted in the longer to and many disruptive technologies will
impact this market and we'll have to see how fat autonomous vehicles are gonna progress that

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