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became o. my a small presentation is just uh try
to focus a you're a tension on uh
a durability not just uh as a matter of full feeling good
a specification or a. c. marking something like that
but uh also in terms of uh uh
not only in terms of in excess but also in terms of performance test and
uh uh in terms of risk assessment of the product as a
as uh will uh to lease a goal um i've uh i've chosen to
tell you something about an application uh for protection
in a a damn sandwich or worse
it is very uh clear and say uh evidence that
uh the main uh uh and uh traditional
a function of a a just text fell in the winter
tech still in uh uh such kind of application is
protection of course uh and uh uh it is
also a high i didn't that's one
of the joys expose the durability comes to be a any very important uh issue
and uh so the the point is
a traditionally uh i yeah
i think in terms of i and i say traditionally because i think just in that exchange text as are not an innovation anymore
yeah as as such so i think the traditional uh
an air occasions uh in addition forever functions and
original uh in the traditional approach of the designers
is uh about a function about a protection
mainly during the installation time which of course is uh still remains the most critical time
in the in the in the life of a lot of it was just synthetic
and uh okay some other minor or or compliment complimentary functions
like a a kind of bridging and sometimes a drainage
uh but uh more and more important uh is uh the
occasionally it's kind of feel of uh mm composites made with uh you
what people can layer uh typically be seems kind of application ah
uh already lined in the in the factory with the
knowledge of textiles and uh uh this a solution
enables the of course to save a lot installation costs which is
well it's a an important issue and uh it's getting a
better dimensional stability to the b. b. c. membrane
and uh improving uh it's mechanical performance and uh
uh um so and is giving up
i'm i'm i'm i'm much better uh safety for
the long term performance of the membrane itself
but it brings a then uh it farther problem uh uh compared to the
usual uh installation with the the two layers because you have to take into account
to all uh the interaction between the age of textile indigent membrane and uh
usually if that would be see a membrane p. d. c. is not uh electrically
a friendly with the whole problem so online inc
uh is uh is not uh that easy
and uh you have uh to take into account uh some uh other or problems
like uh the matter of the annotation attention must be good of
course because you have a slow when you want a the
it too much you just to stay together but you also it but it cannot
be too strong because uh it is necessary during the installation sometimes too
to peel and uh because uh uh you have to cut uh you have to well the the of two for all
the a. b. a. d. angle so and the uh customise the the the the product to the to the site
so you it it's you have to you needed to have the possibility to
to peel and uh possibly having no remaining of fibres
into the p. d. c. because they eh
the specific weight of the two of polymers uh is different and by welding gear of course you
reduced to a liquid state and uh i would probably would of float over the p. c.
making a film that uh with the uh might make a lot of troubles in a in a welding
so uh but these are a little more than simply they eh
you'll be let's say okay i skip about the traditional uh uh um tests uh
you have to carry on a on a mature for protection and uh um
i want to
um we drive your attention on the fact that durability
brought these are sometimes underestimated how because i
sometimes uh it when the designer knows this year will be covered
where they don't think in the long term durability is uh an important issue but uh uh i will show
you that uh uh sometimes this is uh not the case and uh as a part of uh
reese assessment uh in your project uh it would be good to take into account
the durability even if you think you're going to cover the material yeah
in a in a in a short term or according to the to the program it should be a covered with a short time
so uh uh
again durability of course uh maybe for your to the eh
european how my stands durability is always consider at
an essential property but uh it's a
the way it is treated in a in the standards is uh uh just if you take they
you missed abilities just to determine the time needed
before the big rotation processed the starts
and uh it it doesn't say anything about uh the the the diagram a offer
the degradation after the depression the correlation starts so uh you could have a
good the product that you can state uh thirty days a
exposure before starting any degradation process but then uh
how long will it really trial last uh in the e. demands for years to come
so which i take a uh this case history uh
to uh uh explain uh this uh uh
point of view and the uh the the it is a case uh in uh
in the space and probably the houses are rather sunny place the the
mm average uh irrigation rate is a hundred and sixty chloe industry or the average
of of europe for multiple always hundred and twenty so all of it so
but in this case in the the project that was uh uh uh what the
plan was to cover the material with uh some uh uh stones rather quickly
i show you a here which says this is a very simple
diagram that is coming from as sixteen years of uh
a measurement about the uh the probation on the roof so measuring uh uh the full
spectrum of a radiation and the u. v. and uh uh setting get uh from
uh i. b. empirical uh findings uh the the uh the correlation rate to in this
case is a for a five hundred uh uh grants a bully problem material
the and the actual these because this has been the uh
the one chosen for these camper bay project the protection
in uh in the in the specific case uh uh the protection was
intended uh both on a on both sides of the membrane
and both sides i've been a a lined uh
in the factory so prefabricated the because
the lower side where your c. d.'s all pole yes that one grams
was intended to get to your protection during installation against the supposed
to be smooth the slope of prepared by the contractor
though all the upper side had to or protect the
the the membrane from a bay it rocks
for link from a certain height uh for the covering all of up the slopes of other sever
so well you see here the or placement of the course doubles
but there is about and here comes the the the matter with the this the risk assessment that was mentioned
for some uh uh not technical reasons sake
economical bureaucratic stuff the the project had to be stopped after
they installation of the uh of the membrane and
before the the the covering with the with the rocks
so uh the owner was extremely worried about
the performance uh all uh all of the material eh
and they didn't know how long this work ethic uh a problem was going to last
so uh uh they asked of uh for uh an assessment of the durability
even if everybody was not required in in the specification at all at the beginning
but the uh actually the the material chosen uh i was uh
good enough to exceed the eh specifications by about thirty percent
and i mean the mechanical specifications so uh
with the use of of this simple oh a diagram you you would you have
xena earlier we have been able to calculate ah how many
hours of your the asian what a well needed to
reduce the performance by thirty percent so the to stay within
the limits of the specification of problem mechanical performances
and uh uh this has been calculated uh in about a seventy days
uh and uh uh so seventy days as being the deadline uh we have given today installer
if you if you are are able to solve your regretted problem within seventy base
it will work you will have no problem if you will have a a longer uh uh a period
where you have to think uh about a couple of things for example to reduce the height
uh from which you are dropping you stole so that to reduce
the the the energy uh uh impact incubator just pack spell
or you have to think about a sacrifice will uh layer to protect
uh the the existing or a material it would be very costly solution
likely they could solve the problem within the seventy days but the
release seventy days they have been able to a sleep per
a a better more rest things or sleep
uh huh that's back
so uh coming directly to the conclusions
so they're a high reliability of the procedure membranes sealing systems for them
sandwich errors can be improved and reassured by evaluating the durability aspects
all the you just expense uh due to the interaction with the protection to textile and environment
of course uh i i just get the the the the point about evaluations about uh actually the of the silence
kind of things which i think uh it i give a
bi yeah as as i shoot and uh um
of course it does must be observed that uh the
letter to test alright important about uh indicated
and not sufficient to forecast precisely the service live in connection to weather
so will the era or the hope ah yes pressing is that that more studies
we'll uh fox the correlation between leveraged past performance test on the field about durability
and uh but in the meantime i i would recommend everybody to minimise
the risk for your project choosing a durable i uh material

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