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for it yeah i'm going to talk about protestants but that's not what i can highlight
um i think that's amazing to hear about forty years ago trail blazing technologies
and i'm still working effectively and i think that just is a great credit
to it and you know design it to reinforce all structure is
without really an awful lot of data to that might work it's quite incredible when
to address that point about your ability i think it's a magazine forty
is light these structures is still standing in performing pretty well um
i need to get on to my presentation but hopefully
i can bring out
a two days ago i got a phone call
saying yeah fritz resolve vice president perry
as a presentation today
on new horizons for non woven textiles press doesn't know much about your textiles
i difference you can minutes geneva under presentation soak hands
on here now and nonspeech stevens and uh i
work for the very plastics group um and i work all around anybody familiar with toronto
if you if you know stuff so um i'll stepped into the breach and uh and
uh we talked about sustainability and use it that takes we talked about your ability
which are really significant aspects but taking a step back a little bit um wanna talk about
mindset and i'm going back to those times it possible to years ago where it was real
trial blazing uh it was looking about well what can we do with these products um
now to ram is part of the barry group bury our uh she
huge company uh i don't know if people going out and
looked at all of the various different nonwhite even applications and products
that are are out there in addition to g. textiles
it's been uh no i haven't from a i've never seen so many now he's on display in one place oh no
but this gives you a little bit of a flavour
of our organisation uh the tram feeds into it
i'm not gonna go through those numbers you can read them few cells but
we are a very small part of of very very large organisation
with lots of different manufacturing capabilities lots of technologies
lots and lots of different applications for non
woven fabrics in many different industries
so i i wanna basically take a little step back and go we've talked about g. a. text also cheers
synthetics and we need to demonstrate that i work in
this application who sorry that shouldn't don't know
just go back
right step i don't talk about traditional thinking um with
part of a very very large group um
but the common mindset for people
developing project products manufacturing products
is okay we need to then push the map to all corners
so we're looking at the infrastructure construction market
for around your textiles okay um
we have this you text all this separation j. text all we know how effectively
it works it is this is that okay we pushy apt to these people
we approach at with how we hope it will fit what our customers require
what makes us different well we have to demonstrate that the product pass
hi honey ability to open it up to the hospital or local sizes
it's got all these little widgets which give it a advantage passover
and we're competitive products but there's lots of competitive products everybody's making better products
so are we looking at our traditional market and we're pushing those products that
so we're trying to get people to buy essentially the same products
will why would they bought from you what makes you different
so this is what we call the the pool engineering aunt uh so
the portion union wants so we're trying to push these products
what we do it varies try and think well we have access to all of these different technologies
christina up to all these different technologies all these different applications
different markets um we want to rethink and redesign it
save a life is just one part of a
huge organisation and the specialists in protecting pipelines
still for life is the catch phrase we don't just protecting seal for life looking
that sustainability in the long term we want to improve our customers aspects
so we can control to walk lines and rather than say we have this it does
that it will solve your problem for that we say well what are your problems
what do you need
what's your issue he so
we move inside the industry me listen to the needs of clients and then
once we hear what they need we hear what the problems are
we can start re think i'm saying well okay what can we do it lock
up the whole all the different uh applications and technologies that we have
i can bring them together to solve solutions i can we stop trial trial blazing with those
um i'm an engineer by training on one of the phrases is often
uh well let's try make one system plus another system one plus one equals straight
i can't get my head around that but the idea is that we're combining
different aspects so we're bringing in different technologies different parts solid product solution
so corporation which to an increase of expertise in crates more insight
and then we can and develop technologies look at new where is
it a markets that we perhaps would not considered previously
and there's lots of different examples there of different markets that
perhaps might not even be considered as applications widget textiles
so i wanna focus on
what was essentially considering is that is new horizons ga tech stopped occasions
so this is that the middle east these i wanna well see
of alive customers huge pipelines going to the middle east
what's the major problem here it's huge variations in temperature
high temperatures in the day low temperatures at night she huge
movement in these pipelines do with steel expanding contracting
so our customer wants the point to be protected
so we protect that varies different coatings okay
how was that supported well believe it or not it's supported generally on timber structures with rubber states
and the schools around just problems in ah in actually building it stresses you
in the direction during the night but the pipes expanding construct contract
the main thing is to do is read the resistance is high fictional points as to whether supports it
so what you see on the left is the variation in the stresses due to thermal movement
what you see on the bottom right yeah it's what the part want do if
it's it tightly constrained and was allowed to move with those the movements
so the typical solution in this instance is that the
part gets protected but we get this the movement and then it causes longterm corrosion issues you don't get the uh
the the freedom of movement these pipelines need and then it causes long term problems with the big clients assets
so bringing bringing in technologies from other parts of our business we look at the solution
which involves due textiles
um so what we have is a toronto a textile cut into strips
and then filled with native so
come finding it an acting as a structure so we talked earlier about sustainability and your ability
it's got a big advantage in terms of cost as well but actually
what this does is gives huge benefits to the client essentially we're
not just solving one of these problems so we're protecting is pipes but
we're also replacing the position in the support of these parts
with each year text all application involving other elements of our business
so second example would be that bringing
a t. a. text on long wave in a products and
combining them with can agree like with a proxy cartoons
for real lining parts so these are infused into the t. a. text on on what even sleeve
blown through into the middle of these parts and then expanded knows
expand its full steam and then they start to cure
essentially tentatively uh read stating these pipelines
but then uh as it says they're gonna last for many many considerably
it's wrong just begin or refer to replace another example where of
basically new rising thinking so looking at how we can use different parts of law business
bring it together
that's still for life and stop back are experts in uh
only that wasn't the sling coatings
so we develop those with expandable graphite am which allows a fireproof katie
combining those with a a packing material remote for
non woven fabrics allows easy application men
intrusive proves the fire resistance of lots of these uh different uh assets for customers
so what's the message of this presentation is well we have a very is is
not just a good company it's a great company with lots of different
scope for different applications different technologies
with enormous games cape in terms of what we can do those helpful thinking enables us to
understand the customs problems and develop different solutions door on different parts of our business
and technologies and products including no more even do text also thinking outside the box a little bit
thank you for listening

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