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uh_huh it's so the this presentation he is uh the presentation c. v. now to the presentation
in a your g. o. six but a shop to of course i'm uh i'm
to propose offices vector this uh around the word use
entity cover using announced plans of a us works
however until now this month jail materials and go
to some difficulties for all the application
i mean about the we we so she's a carry out about the damage of a jew synthetics
uh this is elapsed time but it's always difficult to see rachel combination
of a solicitation or as a existing in in the field
yeah yeah for some the question a pending and uh first one is due
to joe's athletics fulfils a function over a long period of time
a second is uh as the concept as uh as as you design
guidelines of course well couldn't you just want it looks good i
uh so lessons can be learned from casey stories
and the quarter was feed them as a and myself
uh up recently involving a wider problem of a
visit of side and that if possible investigation
ways of format design no n. contact the easy are not the type and i'm like that support
uh as additional interest of this presentation in our
opinion is a link and to the fact
so that's the news innovation of engine is is uh
and now where about this form applications outrageous antics
and for convenience the reasons uh the presence survey is limited to to finance
uh until now uh fifteen or structures wheeze adjusts entity x. where it
well this week with an a a five hour presented today and they're all of cause this
is a privilege of uh we sasha still a a a lighter an active huh
uh like us to uh have for a wide doing to our two
five begets the because you hold for just sent it takes doctor
the first uh uh a case easy so we ease a a dime
this is a a down uh in the south of france in a a marvel on
an a format nineteen uh seventy six
and uh so is used on use um a six meter a fruit and uh as a uh
a structure included a a woven jew text by these
this is a a view of uh
that is the the i'm just after construction as a design he's uh specifically
or regional now with a steep slopes uh at the downstream side
and this is the view of the model the um uh even uh uh uh uh the rights and that
in in ninety six and some then match on
the facing a usable but in fact that
i in uh our opinion use a possibility to do to a new or an
uh in a two thousand and fourteen apparently no evolution of the damage
a happy and despite the uh like or for maintenance of
the structure so sir construct your user retaining wall
in a pop put or close to uh to him
uh i just sort your is a a a look at it in a ski resort
uh and so and the specificity of
a disease a structure is firstly
um as the eight of course uh and also
um as a sickness of every layer of uh
uh uh sorry between two uh jews entity
is one point twenty a meter which is totally uncommon uh
uh uh it was not that he was a
demonstrated that is not in safe but that is a
it's never use the in a stand out
a construction and as a second uh specificity is
uh the facing the facing is and protected
uh against u. v. radiation and uh it is
interesting to re evaluate the then edge
uh after more than two the cats uh you to to a certain group
this is the um and the structure just after construction
and the joe textile he's a polyester who've run
and as you see says the construction construction technique was
who would as usual at this time yeah
he sees the facing in uh in nineteen uh ninety one
and uh yeah this is the view in a it winter
and that i finally redesign joe tex style was not supposed to be exposed
tucson edition nevertheless and tina to us i was on a n. nine
so uh twenty seven years after construction no
damage of the facing as being that
is this is uh the foster the flaws damage or on the facing
and several or local collapse of the jews textile
uh at the bottom ah also appearing after
a twenty a seven uh years
so this plight as a local disturbance of
uh the facing is important to notice
there's a structurally stable and no said then meant to the sub server
in uh the upper part on the pavement for example
so the conclusion for these away turning stricter is not on the on the formation
wasn't that is on the quest of the war despite as report on selected
spacing between the layers or choose text i'd just
strains of the facing to climates twice
is is not well see more than twenty five euro else only in uh
two thousand and nine as the first two years of joe
tex light appeared on the faces of the whitening structure
forcing the oh no to cover all it despite no problem of overall stability
uh first case d. r. so crazy story uh letting you structure
with additional facing supporting the inflatable from work she's
was uh and wishing under a process
and uh is the main feature of this uh is always you know joe technology
why has a a total independence of the available so the structure with the protective
but i stick a facing this is uh the facing excuse me please
the facing and uh this is the uh the call for the um inflatable go for
that which is possible to you was that
uh in connection with the concrete facing
so this is a technique was proposed by the l. c. p. c. and the so side the a button
uh and evolution of us use a a a a a display uh on the slide
uh the the fix we see the difference which support temple
only doing costly shuns the form well who would be
also fulfilled by admit that it stays on court
at the best of a complete show foundation
and uh this is uh the evolution of the splitter uh
for a very highly selective twenty one meter high
so we have four seven of uh uh the structure uh is corresponding to the
i'd the studio in the world are on
the title of construction twenty one meta
and that different ah the joy textile where you also depending
of the i of course of a wonderful fire
the the construction of the structure
which is a complete facing and then
yeah yeah this is a a a view also money delaying yeah
uh i'll just look to to follow the deformation during the construction
anyway this is a a few others to do it in a two star was on an a sixteen
this is a feed the mass of the state and uh and this
is a highway on the top of the slip through them
and that is this is a a view of the sort through a a twenty
four of action
okay it's a
uh yeah uh so if this is a a view of uh uh as it was just like
you always uh the joe tex style ah which is protected by is the concrete face
and that it is interesting to to compare yeah and as the design
it or the the only not design it either in uh
now this we we subways and design it to
your cord and uh uh the same calculation
method is used in the two case with uh some the same critical see blind
and um uh considering the two uh uh design it uh that
and the value of the design just wang's is uh in a night this we
one hand whether an uh twenty five q. don't you done for the bottom layer
of uh joe text item and that in a in a two thousand sixteen
ninety nine for the bottom they considering the partial facto at this time and
for that would be mad at least ranks in then i'd this we it was a four
and read and assaulted in and uh even uh it
too so then sixteen three hundred and forty two
let's remind that the ultimate strengths of the selected joe sent to take
at the bottom of the war was uh uh a known who've been with
a wheel false man uh around the four hundred couldn't you don't permit
uh finally the conclusion for this example the example presented via the most that that
joe technology a load to control the deformation of highlighting straight to right
uh twenty three years after the structure is a stable or
uh yeah i there's in the present case before
now design was more conservative than the present your committed
i thought and that is a construction pauses
a present it uh uh is not use a
uh now uh despite its technical interests
uh of fools example adjusts entity can force men over cavities
uh as this easy in the region of uh
a mass say use some so false and uh the the close to the
a close to those sums of the city and then
uh in this part the the sorry is uh
uh uh in a it is a cast a a cast
a room vision and and that for this reason
there is the possibility of suited as a a a and those the pavement and there
this is a a constriction of full or the in
this part of the city of a must say
and uh this is uh the joe sent it eek so on coverage of the juice entity it yeah
and there is this is the uh the view of the studio in a two thousand and a sixty
um uh does basically see he was uh the use of a joe's text
tied ways that tool model is the first pass is very stiff
uh you know the shoes sustain or a maximum settlement of ten
sentiment there and they're an x. r. load of uh
a thirty five clear node and and uh the second part is in combination
ways and uh the value of uh uh the maximum must ranks and
you know they ought to obtain nevada in case of accident load
of a one hundred and so thick you don't bend
um this is the second part of the the structure of a
joe tex style which is acting in this case and
so and the only thing that would be more there is joe tex i probably
haven't either a breast polyester yeah joe tex that was you was an
once efficient and uh it's also possible to compare
the a calculation in the two case
and in the two k. finally we we'll say our phones the only he nana
and a calculation without would sliding of the encore wage
we obtain in it you know whether the value and the value of the stiffness
and the value of the ultimate strings and their ways that has sleep
possibility ads is wrong programs we obtain finally uh uh is this value
so uh for the steepness there is the um
smart violation and but that considering the
uh uh this cranks degrees finally a similar wizard in the two case
and now i it was if you she and yeah in
um eh in nye in a two thousand and fifteen
in two thousand and fifteen or think or what's up sabre
oh on the street ways that uh this flash
of around the eight centimetre and final day after excavation you
go rob salmon as are the drawbacks i wish
was that a moby guys doing this uh a sink or
uh observation anna finally uh as
the efficiency of the metadata
uh was uh uh the most late and the technical department of the mass say
uh decide to repair the structure with the same joe synthetic technique
and the last uh example uh if you're if possible okay
so the conclusion uh for our for this example was
has explained is the value of this project that
uh the joe tex side that does not work until locality why that
to the so fast it was a case in the two thousand
and fifteen when the joe tex i place it or
and tears or repairing of the street is not often that a
sink or is actually upset over and over again falsetto
and uh without the mythical lose investigation and this case is that
we would be still unaware of the juice entity community there
and say what action of the design apportion within the last uh twenty six euro
show is is a case of applications that the wizard are quite similar
and the last that example is a example of
michael we enforce meant by continues fibre
and this technique is uh uh the text or a a
is due to a it to enter the flat on
it was a innovative process and uh sayings to the
use of a continuous for yourself five else
well underneath distributed uh in us on mass this is uh the fell so
kind of application uh is is a um a weighting things to do
but finally a um a more interesting uh application is the
installation of a gas tank like uh he uh i
because the the the protection with the sixty centimetre
only yeah oh michael we enforce it sand
is equivalent protection too early yeah of a one meter
so this is a is a structural in the two thousand and sixteen
and there is only one problem with this kind of a
technique is as the visitor decision uh of uh
the cover due to the eh efficient very
nice of course of a a sound
so in happy to uh to south than in sixteen what decide
to remove those and michael ian faucets send an idea
for an improvement of the tank seismic stability but in no way for
problem we that that to the protection they are like the stick
and so this is a is the this technique while uh what's yours and
the final day of a building of the michael we enforce that cover
what's uh exactly adds a it was a initially yeah
this is a construction is in a in
now uh it was i was on the sixteen of uh the new core
so finally the performance of sound we have also by continues five else is amazing
the rancher possible application is wide and for
tonight is industrial development is far below
which it deserves about edging of fido you
could find information in insulator at your
so i i this is my conclusions uh application of joe's
and it takes a an environment that angela technical
engineering is place and play a matter technique and a
supported by a bar designed it so it's
uh many cases stories can be used as references and we
want to encourage the younger c. v. engine you
and to carry out an uh a walking a an
uh cases stories and this is important also
to be aired up and associated juice entity the where it
you know not to testify to the long term performance of a joe's entity else words
as this uh research was sustained by
um some uh uh manufacturing lab

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