ICCA 2012 Copenhagen Denmark lecture: Goodbye Nation State – Hello Super City? We’ve all grown up in a world of inter-country competition and national identity. The Olympics and World Cup, economic league tables, the UN and World Bank: all of our leading institutions are built on the nation state. The way we look at and analyse the world has been through a national viewpoint. But this is deceptive: today geography is dramatically more complicated: New York has become closer in many ways to London and Shanghai than it is to Brooklyn; Amsterdam has fewer than 50% Dutch inhabitants; China is undertaking the most gigantic-ever urbanisation project, involving literally hundreds of millions of people.


Unknown author
24 Oct. 2012 · 9:36 a.m.
ICCA 2012 Copenhagen Denmark lecture
Jan Sturesson, Global Leader, Gov. & Public Services, PwC, Sweden
24 Oct. 2012 · 9:41 a.m.