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so here i'm going to log in as a coach and then so what
a coach goes through when he locks in open he uses a product
so here coach who logs in and then immediately a coach we see all the
videos uploaded by the the the the members or the team that he's coaching
if he wants to provide any feedback for particular player because clicks on the video and it starts plate for eggs
ah smart play and the later extracts the key performance indicators from those media segments
and we all the that information onto the videos to the courts can actually look what's happening
in detail of it if we need more position he can actually play with that
playback speed to get more control and see what exactly is happening
at a point when he wants to provide feedback which again at every single
frame of the video he just lost the media and then say
well good shot for example and then the feedback is stored on the
profile of the user so when the user logs into the next
time he will see this feedback given by the coach and he can
i that i wanna play can actually communicate why it happened
have you
so at this point the feedback the spectral because that's a low hanging fruit but in the future
mobile apps up got a coach can actually provide weiss feedback you can talk when he's uh
providing feedback you can also use the lines are the tools should drop on the frame to provide
more visual feedback which has been proven to be much more effective than just actual feedback
and on the main inside a user he can actually track the performance
of a player right now you see one picture here but then
you have you might in this to be a time line where when a player starts we will have a initial map and then
as time progresses they see well how uh play how appeared it's probably

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