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i'm going to do a very very quick update on them from parking you haven't yet come bargain
and good humanitarian don't know she cashed extremes um and what has been happening recently said
any good oh
sorry so on that remark in cash for extreme
um to hear the sitting here uh from double if he's the complainer so the
other focal point to contact in case you have any further questions um
so the role of their diagram barton cache extreme was established at the sheraton meeting
bomb in two thousand sixteen and it is a cat um captured in
the two pagers and the overall established by the sure 'cause it's the run
instant devising and influencing progress in delivering the grand bargain cash commitments through
sharing good positive examples communicating high level political and public
messages identifying barriers and concerns and addressing them openly
about providing a platform for sharing information and evidence
and supporting individual commitments and voluntary targets
the vision we have as a school containers he's not to duplicate what is already happening in the different
for our task forces working groups um but rather to use that and to
amplify bring it to areas or actors who are less exposed to eat
or to feel gaps where we think that as a collective withing the bombarding
cash for extreme we can make a difference and overcome some of the
challenges so the first step that we had was a workshop
in rome on may thirty first june first where
as a very first that we had in the room signature
is global clusters and a number of key cash players
to discuss about areas where we crude as a
collective uh progress together and had um
advance in in not in the cache agenda we have a draft work plan that came out of this meeting and
that is going to be finalised we members and the
key areas that came out of that workshop where
collective don't of effort somehow donors can had a more coherent uncoordinated
approach to cash helping the sector to to be also one coherent and coordinated um a
strong emphasis uh measuring outcomes and could we work on ways of doing so
we have been saying is not only about efficiency but effectiveness a communication and
how can we communicate to the public into the decision makers um
reflecting on capacity in preparing this and what more is needed i'm working on the the
concept of basic meets a approaches the link was multipurpose cash and sectoral catch
what can cash coordination and clarifying the the intake
the operational implications of the i. s. c.
all of the well bunk recommendations endorsed by the a. a. c. last year
working on race and how can we collectively work combats and measuring
passion can we all agree on definitions would would help us
measure cash efficiency and effectiveness this is a very rapid overview
at that work plan will be it will be circulated
um the reporting on the drum bargain commitments is done by self reporting from signatories
to the grand bargain secretariat and as well by an independent reports consolidated by t.
p. p. i. so that was a quick one on the ground bargain
on the good humanitarian donor shape say this isn't your extreme that was established for the two thousand sixteen
thousand eighteen round and that we co chair was no way so in game week there is that
all the contact person if you have more um need of more information
so we have given or some of the the purpose of providing highlighting what the benefits and challenges are
with regards cash programming identifying the opportunities to increase the
use and and coordination corporation around cash programming
and sharing lessons and very much aware idea is to open the message to
a much broader a range of donors uh and being inclusive we had
the first meeting in march when we where we endorsed this
purpose and as a and events on june fifteen
it has been busy cash heating mounts a couple of months
um where we really went into um parking the
work plan what is it that we want to focus on in in the in the coming here
still you will see that there is a lot of a link and
coherence with what was discussed in the ground barton cache work screen
so we talked about the owner quotes to the areas that came out
of of this uh meeting where don't record the nation and collaboration
can we share our policies but also see if they're areas
where we can work together like measuring outcomes um
also an anti semitic personalisation for our cells how do we do
that and how to be progress in that donor awareness for
those who would want to um to address the challenges something concerns
internally i am sure learning and evidence and measuring cash
a point of importance um so they're in we we also
are very i'm focusing very much on the link with
all their out cash for and work streams uh including cops work and and all the work where relevant

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28 June 2017 · 9:09 a.m.
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Cash Barometer and community perspectives of CTP in Afghanistan
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First long-term trial of a Universal Basic Income, Kenya
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Changing from a pipeline to a platform
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Grand Bargain and GHD cash work streams
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28 June 2017 · 3:39 p.m.
Donor Perspectives : ECHO vision
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Donor Perspectives : Centre for Global Development vision
Jeremy Konyndyk, Senior Policy Fellow, Centre for Global Development
28 June 2017 · 4:22 p.m.
Q&A - Donor Perspectives
28 June 2017 · 4:39 p.m.
Closing Remarks
Alex Jacobs, Director, CaLP
28 June 2017 · 5:27 p.m.