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i'm good morning and thank you
um today are just meditating and i was trying to much
in what way shape information in a very short space
all the leaning that we at over two years but i'm happy to present k. and dials it might get colleagues to meet support me
um we implemented uh one of the like just there's transcript project and bob
what we can accomplish down what would be done with me not long term but now development and humanitarian
and uh we implemented is to private sector the mobile
a network organisations it can it and it won
was it with a very strong of footprints in zimbabwe in terms of a mobile and and by the way
where we would believe we're probably the sink and enough kind terms of mobile penetration
eighty two percent um so it also made a lot of sense to try
his uh innovation and uh in terms of the partnership arrangements though
uh okay the contract with the uh mobile network companies so it is with the
because to then automatically transferred the initial used to them about it uh companies
but uh with a very strong relationship with the award vision and as i indicated to you you've been working together
the concert and since she doesn't mean to so we there's a lot of trust and now we're
over the period i'm land from each other distant they're not different mentoring processes and
procedures and uh would be just as good a very strong i'll i'll print
a footprint in the southern part of the country and as 'kay we're in the
me too the midlands part of the country so it it also made more meaningful sense for them to be involved in the
targeting registration because the other complimentary activities but middle wake and offices
already set up very strong stick with a good nation
clear memorandum of understanding with government in those areas will it really make sense that
for us to get him to speak or vision would be no button of choice
info k. we actually headstrong um i'd like to cheaply not areas of
operation and we knew that would be able to to you but is it
still and it's speed in those are different locations so this project
was meant to address a indeed it would be it's full of people affected by on human interest drought
and we managed to recharge to four hundred thousand um people almost a
seventy three thousand a a cash uh also that uh this against
what then i'm implementing this project i think um um
one one of the speakers actually mentioned uh oh my colleague from the private sector that
you know when you engage in private sector for the first time you probably
to come to you with all the uh marketing language chance that
probably over emphasising over problems in terms of their capacity
and um but the may also next max the the level from a cost and effort
that may be required to make the things uh efficient and effective but gladly for
we mentor in response and and and the first three months it
was very active it's sleepless nights trying to to to figure
out what was going wrong but uh with time i think we we managed to plug in the gaps by you know
um insuring that the budget speech not a monthly lending our discussions to really try
to dental got on the challenges and collectively coming up with the solutions together
and you and you know we can conclude jams is i enjoy was the o. a. bought standard operation procedures
but when you have signed a contract with one specific tonight one farmer nice how
you operate so that we have to variations in terms of all would operate
uh and i and and and things got along the way we introduce the
uh technical we can group in all directions to l. how my is
how would you know do the targeting verification and at the different process is is what
we generate and k. and uh one of the key things um you know it
is you cannot take away the usual forgiving income principle condor believes this
yeah because you're introducing a new technology and innovation definitely
they'll be people that may not be comfortable
in terms of you know uh being familiar with the system and you know you haven't used
it before all other challenges that may okay and you know they're talking about cash
women also other individuals may want to be the game and be part of that so you really have to have
a comprehensive system in terms of education's dealing with inclusion that
solution errors and um it's really helped us and
you know one of the key things that that made this um which was again change it on more part was that
we had to incorporate the private sector to understand each is what kind of delete so
we had to travel side by side one would go to the field so that
collectively would response and come up with the clear strategies in terms of how
do we deal with the different complaints all of us to stress that
some of robin of sherwood way we actually having a along the way
and uh uh does a lot of evidence in the um
in the final evaluation reports the the project just completed and uh um
also do a poll is a management manage to do the final evaluation there's a lot
of evidence and some of the things that i'm actually referring to and um
in addition ah we also relies that you know if you're talking about new innovation we
have to be collective in terms of agreeing that second things might not work out
so you have to agree that you can fill together and see if you have that
particular nancy you get clear that you sit down together is is is is
i want to make
just as i don't know but there's a button so that we willing to be part of that uh
a type of discussion on dealing with issues of all this project
to be adaptive and not responsive to the changes in context
we did you could this crisis i don't know with the most of you understand the contestants above that
don't give up on current so the lion occurrences and the money disappeared i'm
not sure what was happening to the man in the eight yeah
so you know you're doing cash and it being it on the mobile platform but the project was very adaptive because we realised when
case was not available all objective was to ensure that people would
still use the mobile money to access foot and um
the well it's can mean to play and we sent the ties company together with mobile company
we hope mobile companies to set up more agencies were willing to dan calmly but but the plot body chan
and and it went well until the end and now you know you well
it's it's it's not very common because of all of this particular project
and uh i'm i'm being reminded of my time but i promise that i'll try to
summarise a lot of other things um in terms of what would look good
creating a platforms for lending is also key i understand
from my colleague that library mentioned issues of up
we managed to set up that we've dealt with be bop in other partners can mean like save the to do and
uh i. r. c. to be part of that lenny indeed actually help those formulas the
case plants way across the country and uh this was very you useful because
the government's appetite on fish was not so good but when based sauce
coming together as partners in trying to influence some of these changes
each was key i think one of the things that was too good not to do
much was to try to negotiate with pride destructing temple file can daily choose
the you know the cost of um you know the partnership so that you
know the small value for money in terms of uh well there
to translate that that we did ah one of the credit that you
have to miss that it can it slashed the platters implied
by fifty percent and that one they can mean the slice through the price of the sim combat hundred percent
so that actually you shouldn't act for free so close the with some games along the way but it's
we could not be able to manage to do all the negotiation that we wanted to do
so in conclusion i would say we had a very robust i mean the system
uh which was implemented as part of the project in a um activities by word vision and k.
and we shared our landing along the way and that's how on a monthly basis

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