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thank you very much for
discrete about unity
so the land that is the one up the high does also from countries in the world
that can be increasing faint affected people couldn't see
in the year two thousand fall
we are lost about forty thousand human capital
and also this is the last one to be almost about thirty three hundred and p. p. human computer
the pen top o. the affected people couldn't see just
and also all economic impact or also continuously in
it in the yeah two thousand sixteen
about though we have lost one hundred and the e. d. he in us dollars opium profit
at the last moment between three days time we all lost over one hundred
and it could be in a in prospect uh facilities it's leland
for the county the physically attracted by law landslide a brow
and also
that means your disaster management coding it all with the humanitarian activities and that
collaboration bit out between our uh obvious yes the fourteen
still too as as i didn't uh i identified
and provide is is sent to people at this scale quickly
everybody doesn't buy it means you have disaster management was able to identify the most basically
the media and correlating this information bit by but the the
big order sixteen it yeah the more vulnerable colour support and chi as need would be
if we feel the validation process is heavy out because
supportable reasons equity miss y'all source you opponent
then you seem individual also covers all data and the disease and
maintained by the some of the social safety need good
it is possible to identify the what was the movies in d. c. idea and probably has assistant
directly to them using the somewhat the community band
nipple this bank this band belong to people
not go play that but the organ if
about forty percent of people that this that and that is sit in it
the last one we visited it be ready
between twenty four hours studying some media visible well five hundred
and sixty five mainly we really really to paid for
especially if fall obesity a vector now will also be are collecting that data
and there's some uh they say peanuts
yeah well they exactly just about one that wasn't someone someone someone
people community bank that's the long pool what was the
and also we have developed about thirty six thousand community
a bank organise isn't that is cool i mean both who
best watching the disaster impact assessment
save unit systems can't back it depicted population quickly on aligned is not as good
probably existing beneath a display decisions is means they can provide additional it
isn't to existing bit is that it will be you want
be tool incorporate new been visit is to an
existing assessment process has sounds like i'm twitch
or or most anyway i'm back and bring to an extent to bank system
and also existing begins that is already have an account with that band in need to
it can be used
to provide as is sinful different needs in even say the insulin
or the other what what does since the penn state units
program that getting bigger and vulnerable group
and under the ministry of finance we are in the
process of its everything a single was like body
that bill men a bit identification and payments to been
is that is until all of these ski
it can be used to it being the immediate needs or affected me a bit back to population
directly with medium and long term livelihoods recovery also
and residence building program it and then it is at least part transmission from one is
keen to another can then be best our or whether as sick period of time
it might be more more moderately enables garments
too focused the finance of course taught
disaster recovery will this cost into physical planning
and communicate needs it humanitarian community
now we are implementing this it in it because supported
when is your source you'll see this as i really didn't send yeah
implementing this set in a program tool some of the band
as i really demands it be yeah it's at least common it is what
about thirty thirty six thousand coming to do is organised is it
and also well we are implementing about fourteen thousand really
and also not would be best if tonight is implementing
rule one thousand seven people community based band
for for our current gas masks or p. d. it is only twenty one base
maybe it's a little bit is that is within ten days time
and also submit is beneath obviously still deserve the finance ministry within budget and
they're financing this you really stop one bit into all this time
and also money to bring this to some of the bank one bit i
and also really there but the climb all over that ron thanks and
or mining within seven bit that this is about time pretty well
is it less and learn this is about your recommendation
indirectly it was your project an is claimant sipping it's bit emergency response
in so mental the incorporation up related department
into disaster management cordon isn't mechanism
build a common understanding up at that it
stop responsive so was your product and it's clean and safe units among local stakeholders
we are proposed pool will probably see acton depart and up some of the
identified as one not members to the national emergency was pork comic
the but somewhat the consider it as one of the
mandated agency fall you made and take as it's
it's ten during or after this as a
because i'll tell you what i think is sitting course yeah doing the bell this little uh
this is
last but not least yeah there's more double that's all seems if
the nets of a a powerful means of providing humanitarian assistance
and it's a really nice one now several can be is working on this is
they may not be for people well feasible in working minute billion those points
and the week yeah a high standard of accountability
and really the liability to operate but
but then they don't want the candy most efficient
and plus one single means of providing
like saving as is done to people who need in most

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Alex Jacobs, Director, CaLP
28 June 2017 · 5:27 p.m.

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