In recent years, cash transfer programming has emerged as one of the most significant innovations in humanitarian response. Major donors and agencies have made public commitments to increase its use, for instance through the Grand Bargain. Now, work is under way to build the sector-wide capacity to turn those commitments into action. The Global Cash Forum is a significant opportunity to address key collective action challenges to realise the potential of cash. The Global Cash Forum brings together some of the world’s leading stakeholders working on cash transfer programming in humanitarian response, including governments, the UN, NGOs and the private sector.

Nigel Timmins, Humanitarian Director, Oxfam International and Chair of CaLP Board
28 juin 2017 · 9:09 matin
Formal Welcome
Manuel Bessler, Assistant Director General and Head of Humanitarian Aid Department, SDC
28 juin 2017 · 9:48 matin
Looking to the future : Panel introduction
Christina Bennett, Head of the Humanitarian Policy Group, ODI
28 juin 2017 · 9:56 matin
Looking to the future: Social Cash Transfer in Response to Ebola in Liberia
Gabriel Fernandez, National Social Protection Coordinator, Liberian Government
28 juin 2017 · 9:56 matin
Looking to the future : MasterCard perspective
Ian Taylor, Vice President, Business Development, Government & Public Sector, MasterCard
28 juin 2017 · 10:12 matin
Looking to the future : International Relations perspective
Jennifer Welsh, Professor and Chair in International Relations, European University Institute and Senior Research Fellow, Somerville College, University of Oxford
28 juin 2017 · 10:30 matin
Q&A - Looking to the future
28 juin 2017 · 10:37 matin
Operational Modalities : Panel introduction
Ben Parker, Senior Editor, IRIN
28 juin 2017 · 11:08 matin
Operational Modalities : Sri Lanka experience
Sithamparapillai Amalanathan, Secretary, Ministry of Disaster Management, Sri Lanka
28 juin 2017 · 11:10 matin
Operational Modalities : Turkish experience
Orhan Hac?mehmet and Jonathan Campbell, Resp: Coordinator Of Kizilaykart Cash Based Assistance Programmes, Turkish Red Crescent - Deputy Country Director, WFP, Turkey
28 juin 2017 · 11:21 matin
Operational Modalities : Zimbabwe experience
Abel. S. Whande, Team Leader, Cash Transfer Program, Care International in Zimbabwe
28 juin 2017 · 11:36 matin
Operational Modalities : UNHCR experience
Waheed Lor-Mehdiabadi, Chief of Cash-Based Interventions, UNHCR
28 juin 2017 · 11:45 matin
Q&A - Operational Modalities
28 juin 2017 · 12:01 après-midi
Scaling Up Cash In East Africa : Panel introduction
Christina Bennett, Head of the Humanitarian Policy Group, ODI
28 juin 2017 · 1:32 après-midi
Scaling up Cash in East Africa: Nisar Majid
Nisar Majid, Independent Researcher, Consultant and Visiting Fellow, Feinstein International Centre, Tufts University
28 juin 2017 · 1:32 après-midi
Scaling Up Cash In East Africa : ADESO perspective
Deqa Saleh, Cash and Social Protection Advisor, ADESO
28 juin 2017 · 1:46 après-midi
Scaling Up Cash In East Africa : WFP perspective
Ernesto Gonzalez, Regional Advisor for cash-based programmes, WFP Bureau for Central and Eastern Africa
28 juin 2017 · 1:52 après-midi
Scaling Up Cash In East Africa : Relief International perspective
Alex Gray, Global Humanitarian Director for Relief International
28 juin 2017 · 1:58 après-midi
Q&A - Scaling Up Cash In East Africa
28 juin 2017 · 2:06 après-midi
Significant Updates : Panel Introduction
28 juin 2017 · 2:33 après-midi
Cash Barometer and community perspectives of CTP in Afghanistan
Elias Sagmiester, Programme Manager, Ground Truth Solutions
28 juin 2017 · 2:35 après-midi
First long-term trial of a Universal Basic Income, Kenya
Joanna Macrae, Director, European Partnerships, GiveDirectly
28 juin 2017 · 2:44 après-midi
Changing from a pipeline to a platform
Paula Gil Baizan, Global Humanitarian Director Cash-Based Programming, World Vision International
28 juin 2017 · 2:51 après-midi
Grand Bargain and GHD cash work streams
Emily Henderson, Humanitarian Adviser, DFID
28 juin 2017 · 3:02 après-midi
Donor Perspectives : Panel introduction
Thabani Maphosa, Vice President for Food Assistance, World Vision International, World Vision US
28 juin 2017 · 3:39 après-midi
Donor Perspectives : ECHO vision
Androulla Kaminara, Director, DG ECHO
28 juin 2017 · 3:42 après-midi
Donor Perspectives : Office of Policy and Resources Planning's vision
Paula Reed Lynch, Director, Office of Policy and Resources Planning, Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration
28 juin 2017 · 3:49 après-midi
Donor Perspectives : Norway vision
Ingunn Vatne, Minister Counsellor and Head of the Humanitarian team, Permanent Mission of Norway in Geneva
28 juin 2017 · 3:58 après-midi
Donor Perspectives : DFID vision
Patrick Saez, Senior Adviser, Humanitarian Policy and Partnerships, DFID, UK
28 juin 2017 · 4:08 après-midi
Donor Perspectives : Centre for Global Development vision
Jeremy Konyndyk, Senior Policy Fellow, Centre for Global Development
28 juin 2017 · 4:22 après-midi
Q&A - Donor Perspectives
28 juin 2017 · 4:39 après-midi
Closing Remarks
Alex Jacobs, Director, CaLP
28 juin 2017 · 5:27 après-midi