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alright tell us that sell thank you very much for him here and today i'm going to talk about
ah topic rejects lakeside sellouts new technologies uh but it excites me
even more if people to adopt it and use it
and uh in my experience that it's a it's something you can just afraid and eloquence uh about each other
and uh so uh let's start first i'd like to introduce myself and turned it about you
so uh the embodiment of college uh it's my basically linking profile
to see um i started to the university of zurich
and they started business administration so i am not an engineer or developer
um but i have to complete my studies i um worked for cisco ever
passes come for some time and uh uh says come is actually a
big organisation and it's a technology company so i really had the that
uh uh you learned about um i was doing something artificial intelligence
uh but also we have a really different topics like virtual reality saving
ages drones reveals wrote a very uh look at blocked chainsaw there's
a lot going on uh and uh for me it's not like you know being business developer and uh come from business side
you always in data through technology centre i love to um that's what it's o. o. looking
at a a lincoln accounts place uh connect engage if you have questions afterwards or later
ah in my um private time i have a child
lock cultural factors that state and that's basically
what uh it's all my uh free time so it's like travel and taking photographs and
a publishing so it's on um the shot is something what i believe you so i believe in
chat boards powered by artificial technology and i believe that this one of the next big things
that's from my side now i would actually like to know a
bit about yourself cool if you are developers is they had
alright who if you are maybe from more business fine
oh oh i found five a cool oh alright so awful antiques
hopefully everybody cool let's get started sell uh speaking about big
organisation sorry for the quality but it's i mean that's
basically what i found in a good and uh um yeah that's basically describes very good what's
going on in the conversation we have a lot of people and a lot of um
different departments who deal is completely different topics that have ah like um i dunno i
see and infrastructure department have cells department have marketing h. or whatever you call it
and of course not all people know everything about technologies or
software development or or or yeah related topics thought
of people x. and you can basically converts there's something is new technology you have free to explain oddities
so it's different like a lake box and for me i had my experience uh for example reese eh a guys
so for some time i uh did is it a lot and for a guy program
and uh uh for me that the the first batch point is excellent okay can you please tell me
what eight guys are and it was not that easy because i just really wanted to see it
and it was for developers really difficult to explain to me as a business person what is it
but if you can't really say in the con showcase what it
is you can sell it and you can't make people out
so i'm in the big organisation it's really ah all
about making other understand what you're actually talking about
ah it's got the next one so this is quite a a fellow small there's about innovation adoption
it's a also oh open through for technology adoption and if you see
it it's it's it's some rotors it's bell curve um yeah
you start incinerators oh these are people who um for a few
they like to try new things they're easy to you know to
she learned not to try something out that's fine but there are very few then you got a
they're letup there's gays are mostly people who work dissenters
who think yeah there might be something to eat
so let's try it i would also maybe be need to answer it
tell later or gaming position in this uh in this field
take another get that and that and there's something which is call
which is called the cost so that's basically a huge gap
uh before equal two of them are the majority and literature
to basically you cons to adoption of new technology
about these two blocks are really idyllic mentor to blow then it can more they say you made it
but i'm not a i'm not just and you sport because it
can really stop here and it's very true for high tech
it stops just in their interface and then you maybe wait another ten years c. of the market the populations are different
um it's good next and so i would like to tell us something
about my experience with this gaps there are a lot of
and uh it starts for example this communications so um when
i see people talk to businesspeople my server set
uh based thing they talk about the same but they're completely different languages they're completely different approach out to start
and if you as a foremost if you are a deaf people if
you want to explain something and you really need to because you
need botch it because you need a resources because you wanted to people
to use it uh so just just think about that communication
so of what i've seen no people fright is start like
oh they show slide for example and that there is kind of for architecture
all kind of technology blocks and they are you yeah they start speaking about it
they're really excited and they're they're not people from tech the companies and the standard and everyone is happy
but uh if you're from the business purposes perspective in this meeting casey there anything
okay what exactly is good for and what are they talking about and what they really have it there a lot of questions
and you just don't don't get it so then you start asking oh questions after they actually
met their presentation and it's wrong because this point you me so basically what he's
about so i'll of it's real importance to understand where
to start when you talk to specific groups
so if you walk to if you talk to a few stakeholders never to management
it's a different than talking to test people and it's completely different then talking to why
to guys that basically just thing what's for them here in this technology what saying
a sense people maybe they wanted to to sell products quickly management what tool
make money or reduce cost so stars does the thing about this terms
um that we have assumptions uh some sense is something which we can't because so
well if you think if we if we talk about something uh anti we kind of think that you understand each other
but uh actually it really a completely off of understanding
and so i would say example is so
oh wow if i am a manager at wait for products a developer and all product
manager and they're wants to give some kind of feature a product in development
i have the idea that i just the final features and
what about ah and that i just give it all
and developers they caught something and then you get to get exactly back
what i want and i also learned that on the development side
people want to understand the problem and it basically help solving this problem
not just getting not just getting all these you know define slides and than relievers like
goats but uh basically think about it so what's it in uh what i was
told him and maybe there is a better approach to sort of it
but uh so there is something about uh what people also not aware of each other
and uh one small expectations so example for this one
um i to people wouldn't expect business people to very precise
and what they want and what the problems are
and um then it's just that doesn't happen because if you from the business
perspective of our market perspective start uh start thinking about solving the problem
you just you just really the beginning to kind of get a huge a friendship opportunities
you don't know exactly it uh with the people wanted so customers want it
or would be what would be the good solution for it to start exploring that you wanted to go
to the development and say hey i can think about solution an application or something like that and
these people are just not say though to tell exactly in the beginning
how to work so please be patient and that's an exploration
face the survey and it'll get better but just don't get frustrated
in the beginning it needs time to in starters business
um something about technology so that two different approach how do narration
how do you adopt technology first it's a capability push
so basically what you do you've got a fancy technology eh it just hype to like a lot
i tried something out to develop something and you want people to adopt it so that basically what we are talking about now
ah but you don't know if people really needed so you have to have to figure out and
the other one gets opportunity pulls it's like problem solving generation so uh you've figured out
there's a problem on it on the market and then you think how today sit which errors
which technology should address it and uh uh so you develop it thought this one
this on this is maurice keep this one is easier
and the because here we basically no yeah so people wanted uh can we do it the way
that they really like it that area adopted and here you have to find all the people
yes people they're not always easy sometimes become just tell you
no way i don't want and it doesn't matter how how
happy about it about a solution it just doesn't work
ah back to these so i just again i'm assuming the slides to tell you how to approach people here so if
you start incinerator is ah they are probably um people a
new team uh all people you know from your network
so it can work with that um you can approach them and it's it's really important don't think that's because the if you
oh they're not important they really important even if they're just excited about anything to get the success stories first
so without success stories about some uh prove concepts they have nothing to
show to to others ah then you go to a lot doctors
fall a lot doctors i'd say oh the it that you say insert their
dissenters so you have to also already of what's even for them
maybe there is a a strategy that should be supported
um this technology maybe you're selling it paid point
it's always good by the way so uh if you told for example to management
um uh they basically wants to things they want to um
or creative in here and they want to decrease costs
the thing about high technology helps with it and if you are solving pink point
in the same the same on and then they really have good chances
ah yes l. than going so parameter it's inflate muttered it it's really about silence
repeating repeating repeating not many people things uh and it's really learning curve
if you if you go out somewhere and you would you tell about the technology
or you block about it or you end of of you know spread
the word to do presentation and that's it's been scared yeah i already talked
to them and uh they should know about it no they don't
because uh you know people they have a lot of stuff to keep in mind they have a lot on their agenda
um and you really have to make sure that it stays somewhere on the
top of their mind and you don't do we just spent in advance
you do it by repeating repeating and repeating and you
do it by a communicates into different channels
the don't just think that if you will probably something in internet or somewhere else then it's down
try again and even um even if people you know subscribe to different channel at you
and and suppress the same people it's even better because then they can flirt alright
um technology adoption is a lot about ah chuckles sound so you
can we can sing about it if you start something than
well right in the beginning you have to figure out what's the value of a technology so of your product is
um while doing that you produce some proof of concept you produce some success stories
i thought you do a lot about uh your first maybe business and technology or vice versa and
what happened often is that marketing is somewhere oh later so on the project and it's
of uh the less parts and uh you think okay after i've
gotta try telemarketing no i doesn't work you have to start
um i think about the two that are like an if you have to start a marketing
uh l. a. and it's not just a no one after a chart that it's really
you do something than uh you spill over to another topic then you get
results from the it then you update the not the topic so it's
of really they can force and on this tray you just call or want to which assertion
ah i would say think about marketing from the beginning how do you want to do it and
uh think about business how we can um support someone and then reflected into your product
and relate don't be afraid to talk to people so
i'll talk to business people for example controlling controller
can be your best friend because uh for someone from controlling can't help you create a business plan
basically they can help you to translates what you want into the numbers that management understands yep
well let's go to the lessons learned itself what i wanted to hear dollars to it along
um i now a lot of people are like really to uh for rock stars and anything i can do it
because it's better i can concentrate or focus on something
or yeah i just uh don't needs some dependencies
just don't do it because if you start something you know it's like starting
a company it will be a difficult yeah we'll get is even
get disappointed some people would tell you know it doesn't work it into
wanted i don't care and this this moments you need someone
look and tell you not doesn't matter i i just talk to someone
else and then excited and let's do it let's try again
so it's always difficult it will probably die should do that don't don't
ah the next time is allied mister to cheat and that's very good learning so if
you do something especially for new technologies where it's very difficult to say um
what did you do to your business so it's like when you don't know how
i don't know how much because i don't really have something to compare
uh saving costs well we never tried it's really so i don't i also don't know about it
and uh then it can do a a cell business cases it's
not on about shaving your business cases can supports different purposes
maybe it's your bit in the future as a company and you don't really do revenue but to try something out
maybe it um uh supports um oh your new strategy and it's really good one
because uh the companies have initiatives and initiatives have budgets and if you
somehow linked to to see new city for the strategy you can also get
a piece of it and also resources and uh get the message right
so uh this again told to talk to such people uh who can help
you ask them for help and uh i really try to to uh
to tell them peace in their language or ask them so like uh you
can do teach and ask for their opinion and then improvement beach
also the pair um different different um
versions of hip each maybe it because sometimes you really have to the presentation then you need some slides and you need to spend
in detail sometimes it just uh meet someone um over coffee or
you meet someone in the elevator engine even elevator peach
or someone is asking you what they're doing and then you just have to
detail on you go with a doing it's not the moment too
open your make or something else and show your presentation it should be like
clear in one sentence what's about or what scene for another person
well the adoption it's a change in mine said ending behaviour and it's a two q. on
because um let's say you do a lot of different slicing so trying to
uh to change mindset that's what should you face to face um
it i haven't see anyway around so basically been id difference lies
in for um for our eight guys for it that program
hi here again still kind of new fifty board said and still meetings
the killing myself instead of saying and then use letters and they really talk to them and
before every meeting i basically screens what they're doing and how it yes can help them
but doesn't that it was it return it was not about uh talking to our infrastructure guys
is really about talking to product management intended and if you go this way
if you use a. p. i. c. can shorten your product a creation
life cycle or you can gain additional revenue methods and so on so i'll
just call in talks all of them it's it's not easy and
it takes a lot but uh you can't really change the mindset that just
a second some letters it's about people and the second one is
not to forget its behaviour so speaking about behaviour viola used to do
something and uh oh that's where this some training is needed so
create some training seminars hackett towns whatever just get people that to try it
and to learn how to do it sports don't forget on of the ah i'll tool of
very important take away suffers a lot people had their teens they don't want to change
and the second and it's about other people not about technology that about the first on maybe
a um hearted yes it so people don't want to change but there's some people who'll
i don't want to change morning and found that don't want to change yes so it's easier
to obvious those o. r. bigger or more reeling to which adopted to try something new
in the big organisation there's obviously i'm younger people's younger people a
lot of is it to try something you know they are
i use it to uh to get excited for something uh go for those farms
and also go for those who just joint organisation so maybe then you this
because if we got someone who talks for works for 'em in ten
years in the company and always did the same re look for
ten years out yep just forget it they won't be your first success
story i get someone who is he on oahu is new
it doesn't matter for them if they if they learned this process another on it the starts um
uh using this technology or not them and for the second dog um people connectors people it's very
true if you get someone for um for all my team then can talk to the pierce
it want others to adopt it's they want to don't want to be alone so i'll enable it
and help them i don't know how you can do it uh in your organisation or
a new courses maybe you host family tops um maybe
you'll do some other grants but the chest
really talk to people get them connected them though everything yourself so because you can't
and uh it's important to get a first sound more on medical it's um uh
some people who support us so they will spread the word for you
and uh you should enable them maybe should create kind of influenza program or
creating just think about it make least of people who do you think
but like it and if we can ask to close maybe not i mean tops or go to to another team meetings
or uh uh just so happen you realise uh is creating some um some presentations to just get help
and oh maybe the most important torn here not sell you have to convert the technology into william
because technology it's really just another one there will be another one in one here
or maybe lace or maybe in two years each can sort of something better
and yeah well we will wants to develop ourselves who wants
to engage shoes better products we want to to advance
and uh it's really bad understand what's the value of this one and
to whom and then sell it hard because people don't just understand
what's great about it's only because you do or don't it because
your peers too so it's repeating it selling it it's communicating
and don't stop if you really believe in something just go for it
don't get disappointed maybe it will takes two or three years
in becoming a station to take its direction but if it's worse for
you then go still that's basically um that's it from my site

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