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five basic is the new platform they came from the previous
one a google announcing the last what i you know
a separate form to create application not just more wine also web application
without the backend because let's say we can best can't it's always
i mean so um how many mobile developer baby in the room as their hand okay perfect if
so uh they got to do well with the fire bases to greater
an application we desirous server uh services but without public and
uh so we our apple communicate directly with freebies
what i'm going to show today is something more either with uh some services all
five of the five based platform that had been speed up our development process
there are fifteen services uh in the uh five based platform some services are really there with the development
uh so back and services a real time of integration ousting storage got messaging and so on
something related with the ah what he does every c. so the crash reporting in a test lab before android
something related with the groom so how to grow the application bases are really big problem that
we have right now because that the market is such like full of applications or
in order to create our space so for our apple we need to know how
to grow our application uh so there is that part of their position
in the park plaza reading enjoyment that we notification of indexing and that's part
is the error so the integration with five race yeah the mall
all these um services are we hit it with the uh the
key point of the five days which is the energy tax
let's think about that one up without for base we have about the lights uh several that uh
functionality several services they are but more or less the same e. no doubt what apps
we have finally t. so we can use google analytic so whatever we have multi vacation
we go use the o. d. c. and my uh one seeing add up
whatever that a lot of services we have pressure bought thing as the freshly pixel or it's
on and access to resist the problem that we have right now with our apple that
everything is not really the with each other so something that happened in the notification we don't know in the analytic
send the application is the key centre to communicate to each other and this is like kind of painful
the problem that five is is going to solve is that all the services that
the um provide was our integrate each other so everything easy integrated so
this this is like the key functionalities of for bees and everything is corrupt flap cross platform
so five days um framework is compatible for under i i. u. s. web but
and also for c. plus plus off in order to create the narrative application a unity so mobile game
this is like a a the dashboard they we have when we set up a project
this is one of the project that we have in our um team and on the
left side we have all the services that we can like a use for this
so what i want to speak about is related with the
matrix in in order to grow our application so well
mm starting from five bays hellfire base can help our application in
order to increase that i'm the user engagement in our up
so um that i had met it's it's one of like that
okay study your there to check uh which is this table so our
application which is the status of our user so um we
light on power cell five western seat or how we get user for our
obligation of oh and so how you some more about that the application
how we activated user so after our user notable our
application how can i he became i real user
okay okay and the user coming back to application because a lot of application we don't want the ones that we forget i'll
my my phone is full of application and the remember uh the
restaurants or in it means like uh how we can now
be like the user can be out where like ambassador in order to promote
our application older people now can we make a review from the user
the first step is the acquisition so we create an application but nobody knows about it
hell fire base can have passed the first services that which is
the key services it in the uh five days a um
a a free market is five designer boutiques tribe is added except is uh
i then commonality it's a of um framework about design
and the specific for application so everything is
really there with the all the event that the user making now what happened and that
everything is connected with all the all the services e. for base so we can use
what the user makes in our application with all the all
the services effect bases and everything is free yeah unlimited
so the key point on the fire base analytic 'cause it that these are limited so we can create that up too
a five on but the distinctive and you know what happened and also
another key line is the audience segmentation which is the audio segmentation
i know the answer is that a group or views that they are um
a grouping get by a specific criteria breaking yeah which is uh something that
we um with fright base it customise i will magically as up
there from device more the gender age and so on but we can
create also our cast on my um audiences as we show induced
q. line of course this is a man in an dried well you can do the same uh you when you dean weapons on
we can create the up to fifty five i'm a twenty five sorry uh use a poverty burlap
so this is how we can um grouping out where user so we can i see all the user we
have the same map where from the same or that or i'll specific property we that we set on
and also uh i'll try based automatic i created audience at
all the user would be the end to all so
all they use that they have the same uh um events sort of first opened
up in apple chase and song it this is a really useful because
for instance if we um if we have a crash in our our for we
know all the use of the got the crash and we can send the
forty cents a notification to them to say hey we fix that your uh the
problem they you got it is um a lapel like it's really powerful
well from the dashboard then we have seen before it's possible to create also
i'm not just programmatically but has some uh i'm user a user property
uh by the dash for this is useful more it's not like a
more at develop them side by is more like product side so
you feel like a proponent or your team you can create a a
a custom audience uh from directly from the web so um
what we're saying about that five is an alley ticks um it's uh
um important to see that a yeah everything is related also we
would be really so all the data that um five is an alley
ticks yet uh for our apple are sent to be really
so in in this way we can also generate more castle magic since all
oh oh as i say the integration is the key line so
a five base that um analytic cities really there with the crash
reporting notification remote come things as we can see later
this is the dashboard of the analytic so so um
yeah we can see all the active user we can set up a as always uh oh
point yeah uh as always like that that time of um
oh where we are interesting on um there is the all the events that there
was a we set up the final the call hard and so on
but the part that parties that here we can see the engagement of the user oh so
the daily gauge meant to how long the user is using the application this ash on
and if we have enough pushes product we can see all the in a pushy is a lot
how is going on and he sees all of these is automatically so we don't have to
the top nothing just integrate the s. d. k. and everything is uh already there
for the events again um i'll all these counties than
the automatically so wanna leave it's provides some um
automatically vance as against all that up but they the uh open apple which are
like collecting album audio so we don't have to prague nothing more in
um on top of it we can create our a custom events
and here we can see um the detail however events i
was go i was going during the the the pure
all the audience that we uh we set up so we can see how
to use that while all the whole audience uh use our application
this is the detail about the i one important thinks is the final the final is that
how will they use that use the application
between that um inside our apple everything
is done automatically so i i'm five days a a automatically knows
where the user go from one screen to one another
or you can see here um depression page from um where where you have some user
last form of forty two presents you have from the people yeah begin at two
the end of the tutorial you can see we have a drop out of four forty five percent
and it's useful for your product or a um manager in order
to understand which is like some pitfall in setup leakage
this is an important question that a lot of people makes to me a
five isn't it it's a reprise google analytic so that's where is now
because the fact is analytic c. is i brought up that one of the things is another product they are integrated
but they are different one analytic c. is something that came from like a long time ago
a it's morally the with the web i it's so what sent ticket um in it as a
like a web said to approach itself amy's analytic cities are more while sent to approach
ah i don't know if you have like these three everything to implement
something good to go analytically said about my application i say
like the sixties for web is no formal by you know like the page event to all the tracking being does what
in that way you have no lie really scalable on them abide so that's why i try bayes analysis came from
of course like five days now it takes i want to say is the solution for everything
but the like there are some good point to to take care of
so the first thing as i say is that if it's free is only needed
um it's easy to setup we can create audience for user
and the the final analyses pretty forward to what is me saying that um
he's like i dislike before the fire base on me too which was at the beginning of november
so at that before um before defy base some meat then
there was no real time view and events where collector
after four hours which is pretty different from one alleviates where you have have a the the real time view
uh damn known set in the fire base i me that uh an everything there now is going to be real time
there is not published yet by is coming in the next week um
the fact is analytic so as i say it is normal by let us antique approaches which is that
so it means it's somewhat by approach which sometimes doesn't like uh
uh translate to the web uh which is uh not like a good mm it doesn't
work for all the product let's see let's include if we have like a product
that as a web part animal by part uh um
maybe doesn't fifty that that's way that we can do and there are some
uh and behaviour from me single if we compare from a um
um what are the tex so all which should do if
i use a well if we ever i accompany
if we are a company to make adjustable by application
which are not alleviated the with the older um
uh with the website and so on it's good to start with the five is analytic
because it i mean if it's the beginning of a new platform is where
then alleviates goes on and everything is like really the widow our mobile approach
if we have a company that already have a web site already have an application
already have everything set up and we wanna leave it's remained there so far
and that if we have an ah n. web site we can use
both it's not a problem we know that like a um
are two different like a platform but they're integrated so we you can use both
of course there are like two different leaders so that the problem that they face is
to communicate the that ah older people um well outside the development team you know because
they have like some bump on the five personality some parton wanna leading so
sometimes the mesh top of that that are not true uh mm are not this in the
rubber claims from when did not are different you know because they you say okay
no one side i have one number for another say of another member with so which is the right one
for um are quite use uh another integration with five is is at war but
i'm at work but is also here is another plot from from one
in order to create a campaign in order to uh mm
i'll always our application i and i'm in owl uh are
what's work uh works making like a advertisement or
on one on social me gas phase mocha the return sauna in organic way
as it in the google search in on not organic way as are the moments on
and the important things that we can like an important event from uh
uh five days to whitehorse so we can import the audience from five days
whiteboards it we can like send a specific campaigns today our audience
uh directly on a through our what let's say there was like
a common example is uh we have a like a
i'm an audience to weed out all that pushes it decimate in are not all the
well i'm not pushes customer so we can like to send different
campaign to these two audience which i haven't quite powerful
well we can like we're the campaign first thing so of course korea an integrated
as the gains how that inside that what application create all that in
well the campaign you were al segment all the campaign in
between audience and after that like check again out a
campaign is going to see if we have a new audience and recreate the campaign according with the new audience
uh the integration is i also here is pretty if a forward the
from of the google eyed worse um we can like sit up
all this i based project that we have uh so we can lead to the project
from here we have also all the f. a. basie band
in the um they are liable magically um postponed from up
five days to hard worse if from here for all these event create
an audience that we can create the campaign targeted for that audience
it's like a um i'm not like a product engineers so but like
it's a really easy to do also for like the development side
so uh the first part that we see was deposition let's see
also back at the activation so is the part where the
people knowles where the um the normal up our application that they
want to like a a activated being an activity user
the first part is the remote configure their more coffee get
um it's for my side is the um most
simple a set with this info bases moves useful because
it's really easy to setup it's a really powerful
it's an asset mess i set aside the variables active way would
be here so we have at the key in everywhere
and then and was out to uh create like easy um
i'll be tested said our application uh without any deployed
of course walks up on the user segmentation so uh we're
related we'd all the five bays analytic see vance audience
and that a device features or us on the right the uh what are the system and so on
so how how we can create a i. b. testing on um
on a a remote configured the first things to do is to define it
which experiment we want to test so on the uh the first step
is to like implemented all the tests inside out what application
after that like uh we can set up for the uh uh
switch on off the way on the remote config part
track there is soft and according to the audience and it to the the test uh
we can like a switch on one part of the of the test uh uh on the um
an experiment one other one according to that is that we want to get on a
out how we can create the rules inside the uh the uh remote config um
as i say the rules are created by um i'll be d.
up there from device languages everything here is uh by default
uh you said under person time so we can say that fifty percent or sixty percent and so on
and also via user audience so what we have seen what we have read it in the thirty's an alley takes oh
this is like the um uh for the dash bought the
where we create all the condition here they're so around
so how they uh remote coffee uh works inside our application it's at our application after of
course integrate there's the gay we're going to check it in in the remote server
uh the high guess priority condition valparaiso we see which is the best condition why
the feet what i wanna user and we get the value it is
there is no rules for that user we get the default the better the
default whether they do it is something that we have to provide always
after that with that there you we um
we behave out what happen according to the value if we uh if
we had a liner so we can not to reach the server
um out what apple works uh um with the latest uh uh that would uh we get from
the remote server all with this study well with that we set up at the beginning
another said this is quite important is the old integration that education it's pretty difficult to create a
from what your uh on server uh if you are not like back in the the rubber
so i'll know in file without integration something that had passed to create an easy on
like old integration for inside yeah what operate in order of proof practical the user
uh i'll dramatically grade account management on your uh on the back
and on the five basal uh back and a cat
mm sink in resolving the automatically seeker the um account the resolution come on
feature that say i already i'm signed up with an account or
or i really um send up with the feasible came with another council all
these parties are regulars over by for the fire base of integration
uh they provide also ah i. u. i. e. out of the box you why so the reason that
that is the case that provide like that allowed him pager which is out more or less customisable
but i it's something different from the out the the the five days of integration so you can create also your own uh
uh you why for the job integration at it he uh
this is compatible with the most common accounts are good
to see now uh well they'd entity providers their um that
integration works on is a whole lot of course
a phase book good pretended tab of course so we'd phase look pretty trendy top that you have to
um for phase look for is like create a feasible complication it works
only for use um after that like uh you have to
of all the feasible could be inside europe and
and but it's produced a forward and um so as i say the uh
and uh they're going to get shot works on and take said properties
it's all a name and surname of the user account name and
talk and we can add also a custom properties which
what is that uh might be i don't know uh or um in my keys
that we need the the than the weight of the user mean um
or or the the heat of the user and discuss some property
we have we can add on the real time a database
and in the important things that that defy base uh uh out as the gate um this is the
user state so we don't have to take up all that program and all this kind of stuff
everything is like to go over it by the is the key well well well what happen if
we already have like a sever that makes our and integration but we want to also um
uh i'll be i'm compliant that we disable fayette freebies
of integration a pencil like to the um
but if i base it out integration is the k. we can handle piecing i'm like
i'm pretty forward the way so an important thing to say is to uh or as walker between the
program it that we create in our server with that again that five bases in their server
so in the user saying it we like uh i use that name i pass out the
for our sever we create like a at the talk and and that again is uh
a swat but on the five days a wee bit faith based all gonna really the with the same user
i'd go with that program that they they use that is uh uh is going to be a um is
going to be a signing olson defied base out server
of course some of us fly based services
uh uh um are we at a needs an of
integration so we have to like create an
enemy uh what is called it on on without integration so we have to like a um
see it all the user for that this is a um
uh something that is uh like uh when we create let's say a temper in your
account to the needs to have done lots something from our storage and so on
but it's always possible to convert an enemies to use of two after our permanent account
so that part was the activation now is that attention so after they use a lot getting that we
have to know how the user use the application and how we we can
come back to our publication in ghana eating so we have the costs
well we can see the user attention and i'm the user attention
that it means uh like that after the using stole the
application how many user come back to our application tell you can
see if the date zero we have one hundred percent
in the day tool we have like a prop up after and below that twenty five percent and so
and this is can apply also filter to see which different audience has this kind of behaviour
how we saw uh i'm starting from that that which is like the analogy
uh the analysis on how the user behaviour now out for what we can do for that the
first things is to use the fabric of messaging
we choose a um uh i mean it's
what was colette vocals messages so it's just like a fourteen year or in this new platform
so it's just one set resists a formal by the web uh this is important to
because now we can send a notification also from or to the web browser
and uh we can uh target the user by uh uh um by you again
so by events and so on so that allows us to create the um
uh well to create like specific notification so we don't we are not
going to send a notification to everyone which is like what all
and the everything is integrated always with the vibe is an alley takes and uh we
can send messages from the client also for to our uh five days uh
a notification service to our file based services so
little negation is uh um uh going forward
so are actually they actually that today it more or less the same
as we know um there is i mean not nothing really new
so from now what apps service all the notification go through the file
biscuit messages and go to um the andrea out to the device
but one important things that uh they made was to create a dashboard to send
a notification uh two of them directly from they buy a fight based dashboard
and this is useful um for um
not in not for us i mean not from the development side by maybe it
for a of let's say the product side because we can like they
can send the automatically um directly from the web vanity vacation without the stop
by buying the i wanna observer and they're here i actually is
pretty easy so you can create the message text the label uh not that that
gets so you guess set up the application on the audience and so on
and after you can say you send application a little deviation sorry
after send the analytic a show you can see the
measuring the germans or how many use that um
two how many users send application how many of them open and and
the combination so all the final of the of the apple
really the of the motif of the of the notification related to the
op so we have to your like uh oh sorry uh
we send like a almost four thousand modification just
one thousand two hundred twenty five or when it just to have a compression of equal
justice six hundred thirty seven at this is is quite important because you see
how they make kind of alternative acacia works or no also if we have
to change something in the optimum so after the retention of the user
uh well we want to our user are the best
promoter or our our our so we um
a day can like speak to all the people in order to download increase the download our application
oh all one thinks that one platform it that dynamically
except maybe see also here is really that the
with the uh fire base so we can create the um uh several u. r. l. that
point well what application and the uh oh this is are we out common case
from uh oh uh mm shots amen cortical or so from the um
a cocker call 'em website or you can go and dialogue application on such at
some may create like a a give to the user asbestos as a gift
how we can do like generate them and dynamically could easily from the dashboard
so uh we can define and name of the link or a link itself at the
out the application that is going to be open and right or or us
and after that we can see all the um all the stats about to our dynamic link
so how many clicks we have the and the uh huh all the l.
many clicks per day and um and the user they're working on it
another important things is they happen by its saw how we can invites directly or france
of um this is going from like uh i'll i'll previews uh
services from that it was a survey a good place services
and uh and i i is now really the the with the
with the five days a application the vibe is um services
uh we uh the s. d. k. provided directly we jet for sharing
so we don't have to create announcing that on the us side
um support as a mass email and
uh um and modification and um
this is important because like uh if you think how we became aware of our application
the most common case it is again or from a family friends and colleagues
uh this is something that happens everyday in our lives to you go to the often say one of your call you see to you
looks i have these new application you just want to check and
downloaded so instead of making these like uh on the
on a or i will uh way good the design team or a related to weed the um
with the platform so you can send an an s. m. s. with directly daily to where the user can download it
and this really is more or less the same so all in our apple we have like the the widget
to say okay send the the invitation to to someone else um
for the c. we can do this part as we want
is party stab is automatic i created from this the case or best degree knowles
about the if you want to send my uh email
or by a s. m. s. uh this is a automatically
done by the um as estate base there's the gay
and after he goes directly to the bills this yes
also that taxi something that we can customise
another important part is the ah indexing that indexing is how well
i'll i'll we interact with that will search so um
we want that out what application is discovered it inside they will will search
so it let's say if i ever an apple that make um
know what the score above a football match sure when a a type of the mm
the name of my knee might lead but on the wasatch and i want
to know directly i link to that goes directly to the output uh
want to stop by the website and after that going to the to the
the up at this is something that is uh i'm pretty good
and thanks to defy based happy indexing um in we get work out what
application or with the new technology which is now on top but i
don't know if uh some of them nulls so we can uh like
uh mm there is a new technology now in our device that
when you uh the the the home bipolar repress along the home button
uh automatically google or create ass creation up over our um uh inside
that one of them i say can understand that which is uh
uh what we are looking for i mean you can give a suggested on uh oh what to
use our uh up in our screen all which is the content you know was cleaner
it we can integrate these things we defied basal uh our application might be one of the suggestion
from the mm now topple uh services that that's part of the period matrix is the revenue
so i'll help a user carry you uh um we we wanted a user make a good
review our application it means a revenue as
a um by a buying something or
make like five stars on that will play on the store um the first part that
is uh that uh that uh from uh five days analytic so we automatically darker
all the patches into uh in approaches that we have in uh what happened
so we see how the old the in approaches staff are green side
and how what application uh we don't have to set up amassing everything is
done automatically another part is the crash reporting the crash reporting it
also the services is nothing new is something that already exists on the market that that out a bunch
of services a freshly takes uh and the uh and
so on um this is and passed to
like uh i'm not a big cadillac uh all the crash that we have in our application important
party that easy to get a wood fibre is an alley dicks so starting starting from that
um this is one crash there we have a um they
create automatically i don't know the answer for this
if from the audience we can send like a message is to this when they're back is fixed at the
all when the to say sorry we we got your bike and we are going to fix on
so this is like the the most important part the dashboard is more or less that you can see all the dropout
a user the got the bog and the older back goes on
a uh during the day it you're in the version but
like i mean as a citizen of nothing to do what we're we're really um well you're like
oh are you see all the up version of the license or you can create audience also
are getting that they're they're shown the the device version and so of like this is another press on the people makes to me
so all of our bayes cash reporting direct but a place can
actually takes all the older service very or we already knows
the the answer is yes because uh of actually they do the same thing so but
the powers full of uh uh for this cash reporting that you can interact with
your user um i i know that like this is the programs for but like
we can keep both because thanks to like the fight discussion reporting um implementation
they can like words together so we can still keep our service there we
have but already set up the we have all the stats on it
but hey we can add on it all the fire base crash reporting your stuff in this
way we can communicate with the user so or while i'll why we shall we
use you just because everything is integrated with the uh five based console so it's pretty
good it's easy to the top we just need to integrate the s. d. k.
everything is intended as a city for with the third base analogies
there is some pitfall a wreck quite good work place services
which is a like a not good for everything i mean and the reporting part
um i the dash but they still yeah and i want to say
so all uh for instance there are some is in part that we cannot
say that a baguette um about the it's all so they are going
to collect all the bikes after that you say that it's already sold
uh mm it this search inside the crash reporting is not easy
uh that is actually that let's say they are going to solve soon because the the the
platform is very now but if we want to compare with something that is already there
uh let's say are not they like good point so i'll ha ha as
we see so far we if we that's a file basis services
like you we uh cover all the floor that the user
can heavy now what application so starting found acquisition
activation their attention so the you know the usage of
of the user inside our up enough that
they're even you but now let's talk about pricing this is another important key why show so far everything
is included for free so you can like a create your application it works with all these uh
um services for free you don't have to art that any money
only this is like one of the important part that
uh uh five days um goes on of course five days
as also as i say that all the services
like this storage and um the real time data base
that the they are and pays as you go

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Matteo Bonifazi, Technogym / Cesena, Italy
27 Nov. 2016 · 10:49 a.m.
Q&A - The Firebase tier for your app
Matteo Bonifazi, Technogym / Cesena, Italy
27 Nov. 2016 · 11:32 a.m.
Hasan Hosgel, ImmobilienScout24 / Berlin, Germany
27 Nov. 2016 · 11:45 a.m.
Q&A - PERFMATTERS for Android
Hasan Hosgel, ImmobilienScout24 / Berlin, Germany
27 Nov. 2016 · 12:22 p.m.
Managing your online presence on Google Search
John Mueller, Google / Zürich, Switzerland
27 Nov. 2016 · 1:29 p.m.
Q&A - Managing your online presence on Google Search
John Mueller, Google / Zürich, Switzerland
27 Nov. 2016 · 2:02 p.m.
Design for Conversation
Henrik Vendelbo, The Digital Gap / Zurich, Switzerland
27 Nov. 2016 · 2:30 p.m.
Q&A - Design for Conversation
Henrik Vendelbo, The Digital Gap / Zurich, Switzerland
27 Nov. 2016 · 3:09 p.m.
Firebase with Angular 2 - the perfect match
Christoffer Noring, OVO Energy / London, England
27 Nov. 2016 · 4:05 p.m.
Q&A - Firebase with Angular 2 - the perfect match
Christoffer Noring, OVO Energy / London, England
27 Nov. 2016 · 4:33 p.m.
Wanna more fire? - Let's try polymerfire!
Sofiya Huts, JustAnswer / Lviv, Ukraine
27 Nov. 2016 · 5 p.m.
Q&A - Wanna more fire? - Let's try polymerfire!
Sofiya Huts, JustAnswer / Lviv, Ukraine
27 Nov. 2016 · 5:38 p.m.
Closing Remarks
27 Nov. 2016 · 5:44 p.m.

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