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with the mormon within within dark because our ten o'clock and i okay yeah
maybe the here are assigned in the morning with or spanish guy the to good to be
here okay and that's uh i think you a drink a lot of hot a wine
i was waiting to be difficult to me doc okay ah
and colours i'll say you can fall for me
include or or when emails and try to the spawns sometimes but more trying on some of this
and uh yeah they have to guys better bonus on says he'll with the others
because they uh they great these friendly with me and is make was for the
the what we need a company that does a rosy i use case when
uh ross he's uh the talks about offering what i would great
the framework they seen in clean addicted to how many people there were we don't read
okay v. more lot aren't uh how many people know clean addicted to all
your talk about indicated to something okay somehow if i get to be fast because
we only have twenty minutes i going to explain in deep into this plane
indeed the the concerts on clean addicted to an or implementation i got to
be like the the the the slides are on our marius speaker deck
okay really speaker that you can take and all the code indigo disciplines us
uh this is going to lose the company i work this is a a small out uh with
great uh we have also dance with great to a framework okay sorry applications for the parties
and we give love to the purpose we got the companies and we had the
company's uh to improve the the cold into the detector to improve the
the quality of the of the processes inside the company we introduce in
the teams on for inside we're working with the applications all the
probably it and we're trying to make the fat or something to fight or like test in things that beautiful and you've cubes
and thankless the tape on and this is approached that we don't at the other uh
we double scroll up you can enter under easter is our is a brother that
you could add that to your to your annotation we're going to make for a
us to and if you uh idea about the performance of your application uh
the memory usage the nowhere use it's the the uh darwin as pauses suit
you can register and you can use an uneasy waned adapt okay
if connected to is about an away from the frame was something that needed
to finger makes sense would question the question that i'm eighteen intuitive
uh for us yes okay the editor to raise about
hide the implementation of the framework is in sinking
in the the main you're going to be we could talk yeah we're always to default was
in the the main part of applications i'm not indeed yeah and hide the implementation details
is going to be good for white there's four make more scalable code
for a great new features for reuse the got bought you number eight we have a
lot of boulder boilerplate called a lot of code is going to be repeat
and we want to hide over or all i pick or all implementation the probably it is open source
okay using it hop in the car when he had you can go there really coat it's under a party
to you you can't dated caught you wind use your brilliant you can use a brilliant or you can
attorneys lose all simple requests achy and why we great is one the first one is because
there we had also does company and we are great in new products new products
our company's each remotes remotes we're creating any brilliant okay and we need to be smart we need
to be faster we need to be a useful and a yes i don't want to
this will type in the same code okay need under the brilliant bella your t. v. d.
okay i don't i think pass that they're these is go that repeat one time and
all the time and the time you need to try and you spend two weeks or three weeks
are in the same box having this this same problems whiting the same colours okay you're
going to take all this one and this would code i'm going to put you know i
um remove boilerplate how many people there half keen or they activities this same caught
ed out almost having getting caught have the according to the net for all
that call that you're repeating again and again and again in all type
everybody is a lawyer but caught uh you remember one of the
principles of the good attitude is uh don't repeat myself
don't sorry them to put yourself right k. e. l. e. the repeat yourself and this
is going to about this one to start that information is that that code that
you half i'm the idea is a a half the opportunity to change on unable
of modify all called to modify or implementations because and we changed a lot
and you applications changed a lot because they need that you have when you estella probably it are
not the saying that you need when you let any or us it after it went directed
yes you need to make major factors because you are going to or every new things and
you are going a new frame was a p. r. s. i. new products decisions appears
and you need to have the capability to label it called uh
we made this one using interfaces uh using uh after classes
movie responsibility to the to the to some lawyers office
more responsibilities in the classes are we can modify
i went to get all the one is uh made it caught at this table okay because for
us this team is it important for you guys must to be because he's your own responsibility like
this is the only way that you half we know that the call that you white is
you is walking okay you have two ways me mentally identification i ride
building of work and the phase how okay ah this cult
levi obligation lonely possible how okay if i if i might scene
i made this one for you is going to be easy
i write i praise in the boat on face okay ah is there i
fly pertains visible don't try to make it that much in it for
me is your responsibility and it's your time like well like the style and
his money for the company because the application file uh you companies
lost money and you ever listen you time i you dine it's too expensive
and the last one why we great this frame or is there we
went to great open source because he's or conclusion to the community is
a lot of uh experience accumulated about under development we spend one
year half to make up and so this probably it and it's a lot
of uh thing that will and in the in the in the way
i've put a line and the other one is because a lot of you guys have a really good ideas um you can take because it
okay does that i go to channel i can prove this part and is
a community work we want to start talking about the about the
kinetic it to this is or implementation of unity that too yeah it
it to our guidelines are not an implementation is not an implementation
this is the end it it was a lot of companies and get to get to is the uh
the uh on you every only on lawyers a portion of that uh is an uh an lawyers
a some other kind of difficulty for navigation these moral it's basically
in a is they they asked of the of the first
one talk about a rubber matting and we took some ideas from
some remark whistle doc okay uh the days we split
is really i guess is that be you like here is that the mine liar and is the data liar okay we
have are are different to different elias with different responsibilities is
one is going to be about is more important one
is about the the main is about a lot my application
das what is their dedication important uh are nice
the main of application and respond to the question to that was simple use cases yeah we'll
do going you did one but use cases are the bad the ugly ones that my
application the mines define is the u. i. or there is the activities fragments and service is
or delivery system is going to appear information is the one with the drawl information
and we are going to use their more thirty percent or for more that is why why more to be the centre
i'm not all that you are you a addicted to light
a volume although or like a moderate you control
where all of a lot of fruits or because there we
were thinking that them do condom made more of you
model with that i mean right now because it's not to weigh right now and he's not mm really useful
but we can move to more of you model in a feature but now right now where
really happy with this uh more that you present implementation you'd and this one
is the uh our repository butter another source okay easy way i will display what supposedly
but ah oh incision is made this one scene goes all coat that going
to this one for there is going to it's going to be all of the
main fit on this is that the minute yeah we can great other threats
there are you want but the idea is go all of the main threat as soon
as possible to don't uh don't break the performance don't uh them make back
the performance the package okay good to going get a u. i. liar yeah maybe
of the letter is making a street uh it's divide the u. i.
framework activities comments be you all of this stuff that
is a pain in under it's really painted rated
site i cause any macy um from utterances hand oh just people he's parked a lot the barclay
okay and then you i like what is happening application was having when you pick up we
don't what has happened is the air delegations if you check i'm this sample of
you check or and interpretations we don't have any if else indebtedness or in france you
have any if else all last week about the whole is going to be
thou another daisy on is moving to to the to the present as good as it
does say to be use what is going to happen and the all the other
thing is how the opportunity to write test because uh the testing differently you a the
testing uh on different was on time is the difficult and we can use
this one to greater back to scroll all over petition let's say that we can knock
into the centre don't test the t. v. d. and guide this that use that
the centre it the main value or on the repository like for example i we come
out there we can make the opus it we can only write test with
the or activities with uh i don't know with the political we display so we can
great tests that are repeatable because have not dependencies from the network of and the
other thread using marks in the present this is good because it's going to be
easy to wait we use this this has to tour rafferty does famine disease
all i don't know what what is it is the delivery system we have a press enter the class on
the t. v. d. requests at into the centre or informed button the percent of a simple at peak
or a animation finley is all it's a lot
and to present their code to the use case and it might not be
the information sometimes is if needed waited for this domain out yet
to the to the presentation i did for example if we don't make that
information light uh it does for an an eighty twenty string calculate colours
may make seem for example you have we seen in a massive name
and great auditor is a presentation models maybe what this isn't either
fate that implement this part i make that uh this is not no need
that that is really important for you called this didn't mind that
you're always read to a read only mode it's a you can modify
audience presentation web sorry don't mine all did it does that
because you meet these one that went to the real cap if all of your cold
we're going to great him with table estate tied to work only always with
immovable objects because going to be easy for you because you only like we do
have one direction liar i request information i attend information i modify information i
i don't think the new audit modify okay on the modification of of the audit
happens in the data liar and the happens in the obligation because you know you have a lot of states
you have a disco that you don't need to have happened and you so why is lying to you
i was i not yet and modify in to the no worries me a rossi we do uh
our was it typically you can you foresee with by station the by nope sorry by
a collaboration the playstation okay but uh android waltz with this with erin see
okay and he's he's a good with a framework that will win
angry and don't use extension because this year went well
when to be repeating a every time a lot of got and we have give
you rossi huh you remember you have appeal after presenter on to be
you is that the interface that the centre and these uh t. v. d.
uh is going to be it's going to be made this doesn't and
do you remember that we say that we have uh sorry didn't mean that we have that we have a
a a lot of boilerplate code but but uh rossi
having glue that um by the fall to
uh is prepared for use that or you can use that are with with plus they really need to
make anything you start a new project and you have a that are here that waited for use
uh we have some kind of a zen in a sea annotations like percent that
is it is 'cause of the centre i is going to be a lot of money caught in the bayes activity
uh to grade that kind of the that kind of a percent of things okay going to check after that
and uh sometimes you need to uh use
uh inversion okay impression of control
of the of the application you need to present in all things all the t. v. t. for example note at the extra also
the t. t. or this kind of thing so the bond or not enough and then is the way to go ten information
we use on pretty much agreed to be fast f. this one because and i'm going to into the presentation but this is a
percent uh uh we demand that the person that thought with activities and we made is we have a couple of methods
that is the legal is the uh the life cycle eager okay yeah
you i'll ride annotation percentile you're used to the person getting you into the t. v. in euro of
ross activity great automatic or fragments for for this is focused on the use for activities that
give you a an indication to this method and we're resume or uh i states all the underlie
cycle to these methods okay and it's easy to control the what is happening the page
and uh easy to talk with that with that immediately take it baby you
that you are these the forty percent and you bought the might of
of the view that are there uh are there a track okay
uh that's the thing that we need to to make a start colour code
okay for example this is that the centre less like the linker i got i don't want to stop that because
i don't have time but he take that person's imitation don't use teletext that t. v. does so the finance
uh s. that that information on and that's the nice cycle eager
yeah last cycle at the design from men and in ball it ascended methods and he's going to be the move a lot of things
and we try to avoid little point is a lot of people have little pointers uh when
i that is in the secular flow second question i have a friend then i
make something i come but i've i have a mute point that one can do because
the famine is this at at at this hour or something funny at the somebody
no no i have this problem might think these new when i come out was seen
that's okay we're that's all this problem yeah i think i like this implementation
yeah how many people know there what is ah i deny me proxy butter
i mean president was we use that in and it was a pattern on is uh we say to the
to the uh harder machine we had that too then i say okay when we don't want owen powers
where would want browse we usually only proxy has included a machine okay when you go to go to this method
don't go to the method of of the day you call to me and we are the powers we
uh change the uh call to get the u. two empty and
that's called is happy uh uh no no pointers because the
t. t. don't cease anymore solution depended this code and putting your activities is going to be used going to be
a really happy uh the my lie of the of the mind
that you're use use use cases to define what or
application makes what is the use case i just case is
up there is an operation under or the main liar
is an operation define of our application for example get users
i'm always our main it with a better get users uh or
tine feet wide comment like last okay is that better and
is an operation and each uh in or the main pockets okay
have you stayed you can have all together use cases
and i can t. there and you get at least and you can now all of
things that you application makes my urine unity in the right to the team
i say okay you can make the like comments all get comments integrating like on it's no problem i go into the
uh due to the use cases and it in the bucket and appear all these cases a
welcoming welcoming welcoming as not there any to develop that but it's like pasta it's possible to me
no good to open what was i going to make if if the f. five and copy
and you say okay why common to do these more or less similar to wipe things and i
have one class and my my my cold is the descriptive enough not to navigate for
the call it is go this one is nativity but is there cheese i'm going to be copied
that's code that if i change it i need to change these clothes and disco oh i
forget this article this call into okay we have left semantically call this must to be semantic
and always in each class to uh yeah we've we've decided to have this information today
the memo remember always work with remote table out yet we have ideas
case use cases slide i receive a cooking to see it
is a a take information from the uh uh from them from
the repository uh oh sorting store in the in this last
year and send me to the u. i. is ah i just days
ah ta da da is one order order or order already
sophistication all this always going to make and he's going to use the my most modest that have men's into the mire
and does the memo coby which models these models i'm all those
deaf uh make operations for simple so teen or or
calculate possible calculator uh the bad at my age i have the user and they used to have a method
is there is then a have a matter that is called idea get my th
and take the data beers take the date of today but played many
h. r. retune it this is half which model because have an abrasion about
the net and is it just case and this is their their that
tire out or not that is always good give to the to to me domain
malls you take is is is not and it caught is java caught
because there is not as a dependency of the framework it i always swore
with the main liars the main on the main idea crossing the
things always in little when great ah we greater are i use case framework i
use base hundred that we make is well yeah it's i don't know
anything about its threats i don't want to know anything about synchronise because i
hate that part i only have problems does everybody have problems i we
great thing does one i we made is we hide they're all related code
with a with a all related code with a with a threat okay
are we make it is great singer to our problem is from what we do you know what is our promised this is similar to apprentices
i would rate do great i just call you used to bob this class twenty percent got get committees are
not yet i say okay and i kinda bork ah i want to go get commit with these arguments
and with the same name is always if you have a you have a two matters with the same
arguments but he's going to make is going to go to the class sat i met thought
yeah that that'd that argument great i lot of my geek i'm going to
invoke this one you have to make that with the same signal to
you can use this one to this to say okay i want sorted by date
no sorting by a whatever and you also announces this and on ever caught
yeah it's going to appear the year when it's cool content yeah here is the errors
yeah i don't want to enter in the error of one because i don't have time
but we use the i don't know you know what is the reacted manifesto
but in that the manifesto one thing that you make made is
split arrows that the good way you in glossy you always
white in the good way all the data will always is a
surface and acceptance you manage uh in all the right
here you have an error liar and you there the manager it's okay and you as a dude and he's going to maybe
is a good that is good and they get the class
that comics standard use case you use annotation is optional
and is it okay this is going to be in his case and this is going to be executed in
all the fact and if you want to uh if you want to uh make a call to
they would come to the u. i. okay to do they be you you notice as of this yeah
one thing that we can do that or is this going this code is going to be synchronise
sometimes i make okay get comics for symphonic ha i'm not decisive there's
and get come in for example for the name or i'm not because of this am i going to the dubious acute is going
to notify with all that that maybe you i go to attend a new that that and we do not defy again
i am not defined review i have far as more and not devices them
i'm a small away to make produces a little information more than
one on if i have a i have a set don't they want
to my next question is that in these i yeah i can
make here under the five hours uh uh it just gets hot seat okay
is that is that how there that uh also we should on
is make this one yeah in a rubber okay we have their attested
to door is a scalar sorry this is ah i. interface
and you can pray you all custom have a solution implementation for example
there is one that we're using which appeared to get q. format this red but if you want to have your all
wait a you row with rats you can hop we have one possible for testing
that is afraid a thread that always happen in the u. i. thread
that is really good when you're working this with this press oh well we have one that you just read but just espresso
yeah i'm attention to ink on the green that they're either leans owes us
okay is is good the man that we need to it bore for
framework i if if i find of a problem in the in the
status cable or i can change my implementation from here is it
yeah i got to be fast is going to use it and is that
the is it time to avoid memory leaks i i use always
either double this was you always we reference engine is is are you
frame was you are creating a library integrating a framework please
uh you are going to retain something from the t. d. or something
from the contact us something from that view these use always eh
with that when you're uh yeah depositary pattern is that way to be a non stick to the only you know the data
okay the l. the repository pattern is uh yeah i can make where is a kind of ten information
and i am not the the word information come come different and i work on the phone out from that that that from the database
only frowned uh oh come come we from the you know had who are from
the men to share from hiding now okay and it's good they can replace
meant that can replace my a. p. i. e. no easy way because they
only go to appease agony queries and again obtain information from there
is that the and always the thief domain information with them up is more or less
what he said about story is our repository okay is there domain that it don't
we can uh we can't uh make queries depository i'm we use up the shallow than
a typical catches c. p. u. level that you know with a model about
is them faster way and this is there no faster for example on we make is
you caught laboratory is going to be map dead give points without the souls
is going to a story in the realm aren't is going to possible between information
um we'll work if dot there is going to be the network and god
and we have we does not inside the repository butter but we
like it that these usable parade or does that mean is
typical in touch elias and is when i going to go
to the happy i have upgraded that populate that's cashier
at this site done that i've written information get it's easy to implementation uh that would make it is we take all
this stuff is a lot of boilerplate that you're using again and again and again and again and he's always using
cotton is everybody what does it go i give implementation of repositories
like you say the t. i. w. okay but just or
a person but by the end but just or m. users
and it is making you here you can use uh
the the the using the idea that this is for make that a sample and your ideas that you that also was
you're all healed without ah for example i had there and a. p. i. and for read able to use
these episodes is that maybe other so's going to the a. p. i. and i want
to use the cache i this is cache i got to provide these implementations and
is going to be easy and it's been addition could be possible maybe i didn't
asian and make ashamed integration and is is a definition off there and all
operation on information cache manage a combination of that that that is going to happen in
uh by the fall by the library on your for example this is our
definition of i want to have on a round of what is on my main
question i mean this implementation i say okay i'm going to use them
in good shape in this case i want to buy it but but but you know
that they want to with pages was implemented is one hundred to say is
the minimum ricochet with these them prior is or hide sitting great images and he
then is bad i have i mean catch it in my uh_huh in my
applications i don't write only with five lines of cults uh we have a difference
i wanted that this will have a difference policies for the that ideas it
i share or read read them right okay you have all these uh getting tonight
really matters then you can make operations get information the information but he
what they they eat a lot of one if you want to great um more s. ten or more difficult
things like wendy's assume one we're creating in get called
investing in this language greatly nah query agree framework
but in the in the jar wind you need to ask them to stand the
data source and you been and you custom uh operation uh out this
is this part and you need to implement this one is is the memory but yeah i give you you can't use this one depending upon
the so you for so the golf bag and began because i don't have
time you can take a really good and important remember to make synchronise
the always that that kind of met that's a problem with the fritz
i remember tried always retune yeah always occur on of the audit
when they hear we're not at the legal because not all all did that you can use
in these in these value put the carnival is a problem but it carefully you does
one i'm will double the so detectable was make copies on if i want to go on
this whole works internally the uh the the uh evaluation on on the cache on
on this stuff on the amp on this is the uh populated and it's the same is
probably information if abrasions is noticeable bought it okay is non work for everything that
you want to make possible you're getting a chat is not going to work because uh
it possible working with a single is going to be hard disk with this implementation
but for normal application that is going to formation read under to
modify it's going to work uh is the lease it
was stunned because he's a good to great and use case my activity aligning the percent the eyeliner that the source
okay i got to ride so like videos a a great
in any application is going to be he's the is
still the new project but please don't go do holman changer or applications to to this one because normally sends
but if you are going to be right then you probably had it's good it's
good be a start up for this point but you have a project
you can take ideas from the from the cold on it to see your
applications to a different from the currency you want to and the the
don't make anything other currencies only in both these cases and i guess it is
really useful onto a is really easy to morgan like this because all
liars i've just doubles you can you do to use you check all dependency
from different or always interfaces the time the that the souls the
the repositories they'd always all we saw on interface i'm always are easy
to morgan like this and the library is quite a bit
dance and the sample is working with this one is covered it as and you're going to or rubber it we have
a a lot of block pausing galilee bloke talking about the whole
we want this ah on this open source somebody want to
contribute up or sayings uh make quest yawns make his own implementation

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