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much um but it is gonna grow from johns men but uh and i have a question then
that would like to you your comments or your answer as a as a medical doctor
i'm assuming that somebody has lived full work let's say ten or twenty use in an area that
is highly polluted but then moves into a much cleaner your does the body you remember
this you know the pollution what does it recover over time and
you know the artifacts are all gone ready good question um
we don't know the answer for all health outcomes but very interestingly
yes for some outcomes it has been very clearly shown
actually in the two studies that i was involved in the senses the
children start insights accept that is that the we both act
the fantastic privilege to looking exactly that question because pollution has improved
and some people moved thinking they're areas and that it has been shown yes
there is some recovery and actually this is also known from smoking
and this fits very nicely i mean we all know smoking cessation
ah helps a lot a lot of the effects of smoking
uh i can at least not totally disappear but can be alleviated very well
and that's also true for a major effect for air pollution else
on africa i have a big disadvantage starting with
having no regulations having no possibility to measurements
and open sort of things and you are or what was it two wells health organisation
what is sort of projects in the world health organisation
plan with specific to address the problems in africa
well w. joe has their local offices and they do promote a
teaching discussions a a meetings always um related constituencies
um for example actually in the example of terror on i've
shown has been started like that now we do research
uh it's a slow process and uh the involvement of local government is absolutely
essential so that really joe is only one of the few players and i think actually the study i show
the view here has made major impact on the raising
the awareness it like you any more questions
oh i so i'm kind of from india you mention that there's no all single night to put it
but in terms of which one should be first would be fired
in terms of actions problem what would you want to be
will be on on the fuel side would be an industry used
and maybe specific to india
yeah ah i mean the question is where you look at and of course you should look christa local experts
at the situation but in in general what i do see also uh with my own travel
it is now true in many make us it is of the word that traffic
is a huge they domain and problem because the
infrastructure hard organised enormous increase of traffic on
very poor infrastructure to terrible if you win quality that terrible quality of the engine
so i think it is a lot to gain in very short turns and actually the refineries where
you could decide to uh have to sell cleaner fuel i i think this is one of
that makes things but locally it's might sometimes be some industry which is a major is
thank you thank you much i'm will but surprise that you have been a little bit try re probably electrification of the cost of thing
being very polite maybe it's also good for the filtration history but we offer so many many other things even that comes
the trojans tree will still exist overlap okay i think since we're late i would
like to thank approaches country can think much for this very interesting overview
for your information profit seconds people be also so conscious stay here with us today
and he would join the panel discussion after the next session so that will
be also the opportunity for you to ask questions and discuss with it
since we are a little bit late i would kindly ask you to be back here at ten thirty so you don't have to

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