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thank you uh my name's peddler today me and my technical
cofounder nan prevent our project i we'll post it
so last year my mother made them in switzerland which you get of the aeroplane actually walking downstairs
and she stop in the middle well either people are waiting for her to move around
she looked up into the sky and say this guy can be this blue
yes prices guys blue of all her if you something that
she never saw for the past the twenty years
and you can imagine how many photos you took in switzerland and how many photos she share with our friends
and this is not only for her all an entertainment it is the mission from preference to her
three weeks ago my friend visiting me and they spend seven days into so and this resort and
doing the seven days you know how many foretold it okay
more than one now that they they just allow it and once they go after has
been to take a panorama for tall and she want to be in the photo
so perhaps than take a photo actually could be people running around the house and like four times and that
something bad happened so perhaps we need to take a photo d. and and she need to rent again
overall probably she took like a one twenty around around the happen
this is what you want you see well she want to make it if any
and she told me that you know i'll release although she's guaranteed
to receive lacks our social network and she referred to detect
um yes yes that's a a chain is uninhabited and that's how ten is curve is the lack
we care more about how other people like our photo there how we
ourself like our photo so we do spend ever come back
and how many people were talking about here one point five meeting chinese chorus
in switzerland each year and that's only a card into the hotel record
for for the more like my friend who say that i'm a whole we're not
in the in the red hot overall is about the one point seven meeting
kind of tourist that's about twenty percent of us with population uh
twenty percent of the population one to receive lax on their social network
and what if we can achieve this we can make them happy by
providing a interesting way to share this vote all to their friends
and no uh for the people who take this volatile and then they can
can be taken this animal photo as it always do are and
then you can hold the screen and the rest read some letters in
the air and then converted into a virtual host the card
and then send it to their friends and here we can take
a lot of how um how to the receiver see
thank you
so this is the regular timbre of your you 'cause yourself
if you're and then we added this virtual postcard
is responsive and we can walk inside
and this is the really matters i return by now i hope you like uh if you've
had the right yeah but i believe a better we have a designer later ah
and what i'm working inside
huh yeah we can have snowballs all proposal feather so
they the the tories the who want to make some of the new things they can choose
and yes we can walk back to the real world
thank you
i it's e. he
use some of the you'll smiled and what well to
the chinese tourist do they also like our application
and i think the answer is yes thanks for the push for my c. c. yeah
we did a lot to interview us in the shuttle to show the train station
and whenever i go to multi knew for sure there are chinese so it's very easy for me to do this interview
and that they find is i didn't know what you've experienced for
them like they are costner looking for this shiny point
to make it different from all the other friends and we just approved by the
thing so we can see the heavy face then uh astonishing phased out
um copy the games speaking a these three percent chinese tourist
confirm that they would use this uh application afterwards and what does it it is three person to me
combine it with the um one point five million number before
and uh oh every g. e. chinese tourists then the two days here is
but one thought that's different that's about one point four bean conception
and what are the money go because accommodation transportation meals and shopping
for this really i don't one computer with the big names out but for the last one there's no application
help this chinese tourist to find a shopping places currently what do they do
they oh it's better or something explain even better than me
and newspaper explain what do they buy and how they buy primary
worries watches and not be cut type of like three product
and what about that isn't actually listen and hear the chinese is below into the shopping area and that is that here
oh this should take this expression because that's really what happened when we actually buy
something on the street we see something interesting you into the for the chinese
probably they come to switzerland once per twenty years probably once productive
and we spent two days here at some dating paris is example two days here and uh
only half they probably for shopping the other one point have day for the um fancy
and for the half they they have a long list from the family and friend the shops the l. b. bags the things like that
so they just choose the place is close and they enter
observing this what we do because we thought rain based fills
the commission agreement with that actually shots this in not
the thing that we are going to do in the future the to think that we already started to do
and we already have agreement with the shoppers on and i yeah i stay at a motel
um because my acquaintance in china asked me to buy it
to protect philip uh watches and uh well i
uh make the poachers i also show the demonstration eradication and they like it
so we had the women so so for anyone should base else route medication we get the ten percent commission
and uh to be obviously zeal oh we have enough initially user
interface yet and that's the thing i'm thankfully i shop
in a let down the model at the samples why is beginning to to bandwidth
is user interface together with us basically how to make that were raised
find it very happy and the easy to see the advertising and and
to be able to attract the to the shops so all this
process that we're going to try together with them we define together and
there might be many probabilities ages that we still haven't here
oh no and uh thanks for the actor uh we can
play with this way i'll will show watches you know
we can play some magical things to be the a. r. things we
created it can be someone s. role uh air train the plane
and then they make and funny photos share with the friends and then we
attacked client for the watch makers for the china airlines for example
concretely speaking what are we going to do we primarily firstly
targeting one point five chinese for is in switzerland
and the speaker of that we're not talking about only users we also care about the person who
pay for us our crimes for both of them and for the user there are two types
chinese tourist english speaking unknowingly speakers for the english speakers what do they
do we get on the train station first thing we're looking for
tourist office so that's why i'm related to the tories obvious their magic if at the doctor's
office there's that you are called of our application probably over them we'll see that
and okay things why c. c. uh i also been two martini to talk with the tours of is
and they like it and the committee be a reception send our application and
standard the uh email to to manager and we're in part of them
and the for the knowingly speaking basically the art director by the chinese for
with agencies that we should do it we we we which them smacked
and also at this very moment we're doing the test what passed when they send this photo
only our network based since we chat so for each person stand of the chat
a virtual postcard to go friend how many new users will be attacked it
so we just have to be the last even in due to the time difference so
the past is only affect uh is only bad either for a couple hours
a four by users we currency can get five new
users the just the page sharing one virtual postcard
and hopefully after this presentation this number can increase
for the kind who pay for us how do we reach the there are many shops
thousands of the in switzerland kind of these them one by one no way
fortunately someone in this job funny well oh shops that kind these
tourist malls the frequently visit there is that anything was present
it has to be someone's been kind if you are the two for their product
and you know into in switzerland of all the chinese we have a community so we reach
the tiny still still percent school based community and in fact i don't have that
many are a visa card that most of them i in my phone in the beachhead
contact the least which i kind of so here so we reach the stars were
and usually think here um so after that uh um suits when we reach a frost that's the
a top visited the city yeah with the country in a vote chinese tourist
and pay attention to this date december to them the seventy that's the day that
we are going to launch our product why do we choose this date
that's because this is just a profit the tiny previously it's not even possible too long to this product
because this virtual postcard allow us to walk he and
is based on the new eiffel and the google system before if we take that
we walk the product work together with our we can never enter all we need to
place the mark on the floor and uh we need to walk into the market
so we this new technology it's just available a couple weeks
ago and uh by the end of this year
i phone six having seven as an eight a. from parent will be able to
upgrade to the to a wise eleven system so yeah okay does there
by the end of this year um uh some to fall apart before we'll be able
to upgrade to the new pogo system may enjoy the system yell cory there so
by definition we will not be able to have a strong big competitor
before it's not possible and we started at the moment it's just the possible
so it can be peyton did we have no direct a strong competitor someone they moved together with that but let's see who's fast
and what about the in the red competitor
let's uh interpret this as our work to oppose car but this is the actual paper postcard
this electronic postcard allow people to that you need you their address to
the be printed a teenage and send it to the receiver
and this is the application name the panorama three hundred sixty will be due is true
display the um tandem of all tall enough you can be
a uniform screen and the the tent move automatically
so that you have a good feeling of these the apparel portal and they have nine
meeting users by the way um and also simply sharing it with the phone
so i compared to them the big is the advantage is that
um we uh we uh we we stand out because
you don't observe that's of happy smiling and astonishing
face on on this product we do because
we are interactive in mercy of and we stand out and on top of that
there is just a good news release that recently from google
they are working on the new function on a our call allow us to
be able to have this download free feature which means
the receivers the cinders of the a post
card they don't even need to download this application we can't figure that by into a crowd
so that can't even further easy these uh these use it and by the way a on off on the screen i show
that i speak the ten minutes has elapsed you have five minutes i see what you probably hear from the track
and we also believe that we have the better team to deliver the trees
out to complete this project and wise that i worked for years
in the startup previously i work as a manager position in s. a. i give up
that this it in order to work in the startup of of all yours
i get the promo to the four times cover rolled from an artistic to find it in the end i was
the c. f. o. the finance director of a company that finish
find closing five meeting pen meeting and twenty five media
and i have the experience to manage a cross culture or t. v.
i observe many mistakes in the startup and both that asset for
the time in the project and my pack and go
cofounder nan peaches this technology u. p. f. l. so
we believe we are the good match for that
and thanks to the connection we have fans to the work that we have already then
we don't have that much cost incurred here before we put this product into packages
and that's specifically is speaking here we are going to set
up the sales channels reach the user is the clients
to complete the user interface and also to complete to the research development we are going to take a one
of uh an and student on board to finish that so
that's what's going to happen right after i. c. c.
and we are waiting to cover this last ourself from the pocket of now and and me
uh so now we're looking for money to cover this part three hundred the fallen
and we think we need one meeting people break even that hopefully happy is three years
we identify ourself as a type of investment that uh
it's lower the basic because we target a specific
market and we feel comfortable and once we've observed things all right and then we expanded
so we uh a good investments in a big portfolio
last but not least i'd like to point out the greed the potential we
have here which is not included in any of the flight actual before
this is a panorama be do if new not so many people you did but it's in the future
we this once we walk into this virtual postcard we
don't see static things we see people walking
if i have this recently when that have these uh i see seat who are
i will record is displayed here is showy thing in the world to paul's heart
for the people who haven't the join the trip and read you feel exactly that you work part of the
paper you can hear that how you can hear the weekend and we these argumentative valid class baseline here
i will not need to pick this i've had with me and walking for that every or this like isn't it
press over this three years ago three thousand five hundred us dollar today one thousand
and at which point we'll cost as much as the same class classes refund
or i don't know hopefully not well and uh the last point
we talk about the meeting is a tiny the tour is that we talk about the
p. d. a. them 'cause something here but only night percent of chinese has passport
for the rest they don't even possible to go abroad
two years ago there's only six percent
and two years later how many will be and two years later how many

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