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to me a pink your purpose or marking that thirty programming or
our age and it is a big better for us
i think you our supervisors and thank you for hours was or that can make it possible
so coming at e. p. f. l. as master student i didn't think
to beep this amazing being i'm literally homework and glad
to work with the ball researchers in the word
i'm going to recall again the high probably infrastructure
so uh i want to define the it infrastructure be
as fast as supplying us company and that's great
the superstructure is implies to be parts as you can see there is that you
uh with low pressure atmosphere last the high speed ball
in order to develop this project we need to take
care about all the details that this board requires
people are asking why would you need a hyper people structure actually
answer is very simple actually there are several advantages but you can see on the slide
but i think we have
the maximum speed abuse mode of transportation as being
one thousand two hundred kilometres per hour
given a distance of six hundred kilometres then
you can travel in thirty minutes between two important big cities in the work
let's thing what we can do in twenty five minutes in was on where students at e.
p. f. l. and we want after our program that is very late to go home
and let's suppose our home is in those awful but in the same time with twenty
five minutes with this mode of transportation you can go from paris to geneva
what can we do with five minutes
there is a coffee break no you can go with the laws on import
in twenty thirteen you'll unmask relaunch this concept
and he propose as you can see
opponent with a compressor that use air bearing
levitation class called a roster for propulsion
and after that in order to improve the feature of transportation and tradition tries
innovations that appear and that they can buy all the entrepreneurs
he lounge a competition in twenty fifteen where teams
can participate this competition was hair out actually
oh the first phase of the first competition was in ten to fifteen
in college station texas where one hundred teams came there
then the most important part of the project in six months he managed to be of the back
into that is one mile long with a to me the bar pressure at most for
where the teams can test they are poles so now
we are going to participate in the next competition
the rules are very simple higher speed would we anyway without crashing but high speed we we
for that the most important part for the project is the team
i want to congratulate my team
for the amount of work
that they spend for this project
we all of us out of our our volunteers for this project
in the same time i want to thank for all the advise of that we have
martin paul on it dries into each and then they're what they're
i'm very glad to work with you
this is our external boat and as you
can imagine we cannot disclose any detail
from our pop but instead of that i can show you the shape of the port that'll have
this will be the shape of the port
we have many challenges for this
to create this ball and one of the elements that we try to take care and we
actually give a lot of attention attention is the autopilot of the boat
so every office knows
how does that it's working so i suggest seeing this image it can detect
every object and locate the um surrounding us but i'll i'll
i'll work out the pilot is better than that
we don't use any g. p. s. we can approximate the position
the speed and acceleration is in inside the back into
this image was done by six off every went park will have
a lounge but tessa but cool if you ask yourself
is it a real test not or is it just the case
what to differentiate our product to test our car it's more efficient more
powerful it's actually can resist for low pressure of most or
um you don't really on or
restart this project in laws on
in e. p. f. l.
and i want
to thank you for my team and for my adviser
i hope seeing you for the next next event that

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