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however thank you very much for the uh for the
kind improper are not large but i i
i i i probably okay but i will say some words about the story which is a time bin
ah but there are actually a pretty or e. i. e.
or or or the e. or or or or
uh uh that's not because we are there you know
where where uh_huh or yeah or who who who
are you are you are you know
ooh uh_huh
to write a ah or uh
uh_huh eventually message that eventually became there
um the uh the team leader are that befell a loop that second
to me and said that you know are there is this computer
and uh in los angeles uh i intercept america tina
and then i said you know there was this group website introduce intercept to make something
and i don't know how it internally in all the channel the students have
being financed format are nice in a couple of days so we're talking about uh this
bebop sounder in faster than the speed of sound these exercise was even faster
so actually buy them made of september we already had the
teen and partly form the end up and running
the problem was that we were late the problem was that seems that
time we decided to compete uh we've everybody because actually we had no design we had no
idea of how the part should look like a a which were the sub components nothing
and the one with the the our first meeting uh you can
see recognise myself processors you fat and the phase of this
gentleman which is then is to there that was looking like mm
had one point what is gonna happen right anyhow um
that's happen next summer approach read the the production of top
down fashion so essentially we try to formulate an optimisation
problem to the fine oh the general performance in parameters
of the pole from the use a first design
uh would you so that the subcomponent see not very coarse way
and then we submit that the project to to space x. is was around or not then right so
we both busy but don't together with several thousands of teams
and the would much of a our surprise were selected
in a few tens of teens and you can only imagine
the excitation the distributor done in all the team
and then there was the next stage next age was okay now we have a
very nice on design concept we wanted to make it a more detailed
and then we spend uh the month of december and part of generally
essentially naked detail the design of all those all components of the pollen
so you cannot see imaging the amount of hours that these guys this band nine inch in they
to prepare this document that was eventually submitted to the
space x. engineers uh by the fifteen of generally
and uh we send it and that there are some people that were constantly on the f. five button over there
you know email account to look for the reply so reply eventually came by
the end of a right then is i guess that was uh
yeah the constant frequency of one or it's pushing on the f. five button i was saying what are you doing and be sorry
right and uh so that is what i came by the end of
generally hands we where in the top twenty finalists and uh oh
well this was uh just fantastic for the whole team and here we are
so here we have a building the pod a and b. use face is buried allocate be because
actually all the ideas that these guys that put together now that to count to live
so we had to contact all the industrial partners so they can manufacture of sample some of the components
so they have to re manufacture several times because you know the the the the design feedback
and getting a very delicate face what all the pieces that to to be put together
unfortunately i cannot reveal the performance of the paul and none of
its characteristics but what i can tell you is that
i've been surprised that very possibly white shoe characteristics of this is the first is the commitment
it's incredible the amount of time to spend on this product i was really
amazed to see them working feel three four o'clock in the morning
on the finding ah us out pieces to save some underground so wait on the structure of the ball
and the second thing it's the capacity that they have to think out of the box
and i i pretty much agree with them laughing that
the the the school is comparable to generate engineers
researchers and people like all of you that thinking out of the box
the creativity that has been put in this part is something that surprised me
they and they after that the dual building this poll a um
i'm i'm very surprised to see the technical competence and the crew d. v.
d. of the people that uh these are the two jaundiced in
i don't know what is gonna be the results of this exercise because
the competition is body types what i can tell you is that
we as supervisors and the all the team to members will do all they can to

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