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uh let me say yeah there we had we see see what i mean is the
most bingo we tired conference uh these don't
anything more contact with students so
today and with this project i am happy to have a new student
i should probably have chosen and as it turned the for this presentation
not only is this mccall but also back to the future
what is his middle it's a network a connecting
thirty potent mine seek easing fits in
uh in a large city is the traffic for consultation
for people consultation is gonna to be difficult
because of just we it's which on here whoa it's a topic for for cars and so
on and so solution is to go under gong to switzerland is a big city
i need a millions of inhabitants but it's
more important it is a big signs
so if we create a mate call it must be one of the past
i would say as a reason for which we didn't choose the speed of sound
to connect in about two those on is the because it's almost impossible
because we need a relatively important distance works and i worked so
the z. idea to optimise the energy at the same
time used to connect all c. c. to use
the with the distance between a few g. a. and a hundred twenty kilometres
we still more or less constant time of ten minutes to twenty it's
tunnels to donald's of small diameter on the vacuum
but unless it's normal format
but the main reason he's as affects its interests and i'm not saying he's
flip a third density of application of
cities on the apple trees
he so so high it's it's it's harder to
be difficult to create a new line uh
explore creation as a as a
problems which are created by noise by buying uses so if you if you have a few
last with the two as an example is such a is it's better to undergo
but that's a tunnel is expensive except it if it is more
so so reason for which the we introduce vacuum he's
uh for two reasons the first one that to be not
too expensive ways that are not always a double done
and they used to have small diameter is if you're a small bayonets us you ever system like uh
a piece that are uh uh which as two books so yeah so
was the best solution used to do like with a play
what is always an for which every playing even going from jean about perjury
as to go at t. l. p. trudeau for nine thousand to twelve thousand
that meters is just because see energy you save the by fiction
high altitude is more important city energy you need to
it to us do climbed up into going on
so i'll see idea was we have just to
create to say and the behaviour also say
aggressive said we yeah it it should uh let's say twelve thousand a meta applied
n. h. obviously it's easy to calculate sees energy we
need to use to create the vacuum ease
well some person between five and six percent of the
any of the energy save it by location
next the quality magnetic levitation in guidance without we're is very important
because we are in vacuum we could not to do the
maintenance every evening or whatever we two weeks the going into
town so also solution is to where the magnetic levitation
uh what we did there would be never created a completely cynical but we tested
a decent systems the on the left and you
have the guidance system we still talents
possibility to create a four slap it all falls off to
tolerance the uh please e. in between each meeting
but uh we had a possibility to sue to to test of the actions
we've gotta come call and everything uh we use of such system
on the white and you have a a wheel that is a big problem
we have always we slimy assistance it's uh when we are testing
see if the speed is high you need to have the the they're willing long tracks and
so so with them for which we use the will cease will correspond to fixed element in that on the
and on to the we don't see it well on the we have a levitation the electronic yet
and we serve also of approach to a tones
and we tested it at four hundred kilometres
the whole work ceases important to do such status because we have uh some eighty
gotten tons of structure uh in we can of air we face and
millions of production of specific
the if we have to know we it's we
cannot choose or getting motors so the necessary
to create a a long morgan what to c. e. o. on the white and uh
you would when she went white and he uh excuse me this one
just here it's a test track
mathematically was talking about uh before uh uh on which we tested and then
you moved his guidance system and so when we speeds not so i
it was only a eighty kilometres that how about it's uh important to
don't go faster with the correct corporate eighty four meters yeah no
that she is used correctly was uh moved in a in a led the uh the
twenty years ago but uh no it disappeared i don't know why and how
but we have the possibility to test a such a depends
yeah to full speed or high speed or i. x. anyways
a similar system a little larger was presented by keep up with the wheel so
uh if we what was just summarise what is just respect co we could
just was these picture it's like a plane that plane without wings
uh the with just as a as a cap in his cabin in as an i. automatic structure
and it is even backroom all real question or uh like a plane at a higher altitude
so why with it
so mine reason was for us your position of the is you have it
and second the priority was given to serve as external uh uh under the so gotta
so for this reason it was not clear just the request for test
like it's be down bought never accepted by users should govern
screams reason mine reason because i we see the script bought impersonal people
only the three months ago the main reason so you say it says they kill is not
wilton related because it is not a a a the the way it is to go
say the the dentist and we didn't beat the why the way it or claim box apply
okay we owe it will change
for c. if we need you
no forms respectable what would it be a loop it's a common elements uh adventure
and to the l. is something only gina uh when i
was a professor in some nineties we created too big
a project we say it is it's torque students on c. span
organise more or less like you are nice but we
just few money and it was a success
and what what we will be a success no we need something home you
set to heaven as the air war in the other direction so we could see
start says his metal project in switzerland yeah
some movements around directly with somehow
and so also some movement in your cock of interest for that use metal quit
i wish to a foot sucked thank you ha
ah okay
i'm not backing collector chat we ah

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