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good evening it's a great pleasure to be here uh i was just earlier with journalist uh
given you know this sort of told to have to get and uh as a transit yeah but what is your feeling really about
and uh i said you know i said oh it's it's the ivory tower howls different that's all
and i said you know it's different because the of the old couple know your spirit
you know this is now another university it's not just
some place uh where the usual stuff happens
some exceptional things happen and when i see citizens the energy in the room and what has been achieved
over the last few months then i can see i was really speaking the tools that with the feelings is
uh even before coming here so i would like to thank actually bothers the team and their leaders
a four hours of work that you did she it on this exchange interesting project
now when i say says i also have to say is that it's a from true with somebody i know last issue there
yes messages there and you know when i read i was a a
a nice seven is a great fan of it on mars
can happen ah i guess i say all right
maybe some other you know ah else or you don't
but you have also i
something that and and you know one link all over the site who stay in so
long it's incredible you know magnetic levitation i'm not a speed of flammable and thinking
i have seen this before right so when i was a graduate student okay that's a
long time ago i'm sorry to say but it puts things in historical perfect
i have had a window in front of my face and there was a test driver
with magnetic levitation okay and that has drawn was not here on this
campus you got on the campus of e. p. f. l.
and it was a test run for something cool switches back
unseen then drops with metal ease message they're so yes you need all that was that
there was going to be a test run between jean yves and large town
the ground with uh you know reduce air pressure
magnetic levitation and every single thing right
and you just i shall say that one must sort of shareholders backslide yeah right
you know he had said he's marketing people who tell us also says intricate like yeah
of doing magnetic levitation unit you uh and another low pressure and so
i i might actually do also to pay tribute walls they don't
you know gets girls and guys uh that was this this is incredible but
i want to be interviewed to message there who has seen it all
well that's thirty five years ago or something like this and that's a time there
was no we'll ask i think that's what probably singing that's all okay
because messages that was preaching is a better right because this was train
company or whatever c. f. f. it was sort of it was this crazy idea magnetic levitation and
you want another trial move blah blah ever buy into the system as for the concert
and so a lot of very good what was going on but there was no crazy american will couple
right and that i use also my message is that we need more crazy swiss on popcorn
okay this is so that was sort of probably improvise simply because i was homeless
issue for it and that only make sure that we remember you know
actually great technology completely out of great research and great
people that have great ideas putting it all
together give just sort of projects that you guys are run okay so here comes tool
you know the set set of slides okay and so this morning of
course i'm looking at this phase mode of transportation i was thinking
yes that's the right day i was talking to train because that was the you
know several say reasonable so probably you know with this mode of transportation
rainy day shy mediates knowing the no problem you will travel at the speed of so
very good okay so here we have the comparisons you haven't noticed uh as this is your what creates
global warming uh this is what helps us you know reduce global
warming it's a a quite a bit of an improvement
says that i continues to global warming you also knows it's
a uh it's actually a a subject of concern
it was i who uh you know sometimes people forget set travelling from journey about them your
an aeroplane fall in a in a club c. uses say thing
is taking an individual car and driving across yep time thing
move citizens of this country and the world actually have no idea yes that's it's it's a carton footprint
of air travel okay i'm sorry you you're talking about something that could be is the best
of all worlds right it would be something that would be going faster than there but
and because of the efficiency and because it's electrically our big
actually magnetic levitation song it will also be with
much smaller carmen footprints that uh since the
uh the aeroplanes achieve actually put used today okay some this is a good idea
obviously it has a few challenges okay and the challenges than i am and that's you know
whereas the rubber hits the road is that ah they are
not only use a car challenge and see i haven't
the transportation challenge so reasonably the general challenge uh you know live for a
long time in europe so this looks not like a quiet place
uh but you know that's what we're also going to be answered with
seems is very complex environment of mother mobility the challenge of sustainability
projects like hyper lou have really a role play will it be a reality we
will see right if it's a great idea if the technology is right
funding will be set it will become a reality and it will potentially change the way
you know so i this is a new version of the a train station
alright so working on this would be a this morning getting
quite low prices i must admit uh on and
uh i i guess it will take somebody happy was it's what five minutes to go g. o.
or something like this um it has a very good design and as
far as i'm concerned i i'll be happy to actually use it
whenever each will not but i find very interesting it's a sort of
projects like so hyper who challenge project you guys are running
is that it's archetypal either does the recording i had
earlier today i'm sorry to be the anecdote mode
i had a toaster a discussion actually we tried it works as
a nobel prize in chemistry and we're talking about individually reserve
and i said you know it's really resort each really requires people from different domains
to have assured domain question and you question to work so it's not
you know you know you would lose his you'd like that and you know we each you know stay in our
corners is really finding you challenge soul which neither of the two console and here we have a challenge
where i'm very pleased to see we have practically the
entire contents representative of the entire count was
you know working together watches all the channels it's i find all week stream yet
exciting stuff white school projects are the p. f. l. or whole exciting
and with this i would like to to thank you for your attention thank you for being here thinking for

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