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had thank you very much good afternoon or morning everyone in the once again what comes with yourself
so i will use this five minutes to present to you a bit to work with you on
the advanced portion of fibres in especially trucks into the question of functional care really fibre be
fibres it could be part of it takes time for example more generally in my
group we try to studies in matters hands behind scalable than the fabrication
what it means is we try to come up with innovative approaches to make number structured
for twenty can the training system onto what i call unconventional substrates it would be subject matter
flexible stretch aboard but also not flat select fibres or extract so exploded waiting of think the ends to make
this type of complex numbers structures in uh in town it's what what are we talking about more the tumble drying process that
we try to use it's a process that's he's being used to make fibres to do very complex fibres and extract
so maybe you are not all familiar with the way optical fibres are made
in the in industry so what you do is you started the microscopic perform in
industries mostly select that we use polymer but it exactly the same process
there's some articles that are more force so the other greats properties that they're just
'cause it it changes gradually you don't go from solid to liquid states
and it very and you don't have a very abrupt change of discuss the t. but
you can have a gradient of temperature gradient of because it is it quite small
and that enables you to shoot up your c. d. cap reform industry it's something that looks like
a meter long it's thirty centimetres in diameter usually don't and you can put on its unit
what we could hide explicitly states that enables you to have material that is soft enough to be put on
rigid enough that it doesn't melt away and you can generate in this way thousands of kilometres of
fibre so i think there has to be interviewed images of optical fibres were just every year
if you were to line all the fibres that uh that forms the internet fabrics you can go around years twenty five thousand time
so it's a very scalable mitre process and also because you could have had
this 'cause i. t. you can obtain very complex architectures you don't
i only have one or two materials that are present in fibres you can have micro channels very thin
market channels at a hundred of millimetres diameter that can be reproduced over to limit as you like so it is
not only a great system to make very efficient optical systems optical fibres which is also forgot the fantastic materials
processing approach as what we try to do is to start with these greats materials processing approach
and as a question can we use it for other mature than just you can opener
apart inert materials and each uh if you want to if you think about electronic or electronic applications
so we try to come up with new ways to integrate materials to
try to use structures on the fibres your geometry new length scales
here is an example of fibre that as a demo plastic linings that's appalling or you
have format any particular that are in contact with the court system conducting materials
so to send fibre to farmer that uh them into that could be part of your
text that but that not doesn't integrate only silica or demographic that integrates middle
semiconductor insulator potentially get electric system to make a very complex fibres
so we can we have demonstrated that we can make fibres is very very small surface structures that can be used
for two tables or two for the city for for twenty give expert also ask us for two group
yeah yeah no rules for example we show that we can integrate
inside optical fibre is very efficient uh devices for imaging systems
but most importantly one of activities to think about the fibre not as a system that would guide like to announce it
so for fibre but to use the fibre itself as a device raise a in movie
that we get the greed of fibres that they're up which which and uh uh you know like
so the fibre not interact with the word three sides as you eliminated fibre
fibre integrates middle in semiconductors again you can act as a photo conductor can since like
so we can make this type of our grades that could be integrated in many different type of some syntax uh textiles
and we shown that we can send slide but also since he'd since skinny call we
could harnessed energy we can do a lot of things does does that fixable
we also try to come up always to new materials the second not show you too much difference 'cause we're attending and collaborating with a with a
few companies on this double system that can we make fibres that are not structured so we have here the the optical fibres that uh
eh can vary that kind of very good up to go transports but i can also it's optical just poke in various restrain it so
you can be used at the very vicious trends insert a and they would make also fibres that we should be some sounds
you can
here's some so we can make pressure sensing fibres it's a you can not only sense that
pressure but also localise it so you can program it's hard to make a channel device

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16 March 2017 · 5:30 p.m.