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nice place and i work on detecting unusual obstacles
in traffic images in order to improve the safety of
set of driving cars uh let's say our car 'cause it come or how does it know what it sees
common approach is to assign label every peak so the pet pixels belong to
the route between once the trees and the dark it was to the cox
this is called semantic segmentation it is often done made you run networks
they are very you they work very well but
they require many traded examples thousands of images don't labels
we had those examples for common classes such as people cars buildings rolls
and so on however when we encounter red objects such as an aimless
or last cargo which the network is never seen training
it fails to notice the objects or produces nonsense outputs
i want to take these cases and usually working the ten unknown objects press it's
my approach is to reconstruct the image from the labels
then i found find how it differs from the original image
if an object is incorrectly they but it will not look to send reconstruction
these differences show us what the labels are wrong
here is an example we some laws boxes i hope this work will improve the safety of sort
of driving cars as well as the tact interesting training cases for other are great it's thank you

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