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so ladies and gentlemen thank you very much for the invitation it's a great pleasure to be here today
and to share a few insight about to expose thrown delivery project
uh my name is jenny commissioner i'm leading the autonomous a delivery department office with post
so we are taking care of self driving and self flying we hiked goals
anything to that all logistics future of tomorrow so we
are not speaking about that um solutions or
legit fix that are changing the world in a year on it or in two years
but do you really believe that in a long tour and within the next ten or fifteen years
autonomous solutions will completely change our society and how
our our logistics and our business works so
in the next twenty five minutes i would like to speak about the delivery drowns
we have already heard oh we initiated the first trials with self lying open
on those operating drones here in switzerland three and a half years ago
in the meantime we really had a huge progress and i
can already tell you that since october two thousand seventeen
the first time in history actually we are running a commercial
delivery service uh with drones in look on all
but step by step what have we down into gone or so about two years ago we got a
call from mister young morning he is the c. e. o. and director of the hospital group
uh in lieu gone off for people who are not from switzerland uh look on as a very
beautiful city into solvent part of switzerland and it
has to it for probably surprisingly uh
but it has the same population density as san
francisco and the population density is very important
if you are speaking about drones or if you aim to implement a drone delivery service
because the all sorties calculate the ground risk of a drone
in case of an accident by the population density
so the c. e. o. of the hospital group told us that
he had a problem yes to hospitals in the same city
he has to emergency rooms in every hospital obviously want and yes to block laughs all
soul in every hospital one plot laugh but in the smaller hospital emergency station is
opened twenty four hours per day um uh but the black lab is closed during
nighttime so it happened that the patient arrived at ten o'clock in the evening
and he was sick obviously yeah probably a heart attack the
doctor stated note so they took a blood sample
and they that then they had to transport the plot sample to the altar hospital two analysts it
but how to do the transportation of course three years together with there were
no drowns in look around no no efficient uh transportation method available so
what they they do well the numbers in the emergency room to work
based smart phone or his mobile phone and she called a taxi
at all after a waiting time of ten or even twenty minutes the
taxi driver arrived at the hospital he grabbed the plot sample he
drew drove through the whole city through the traffic jams to the altar
um hospital anti paroles the plot sample to the plot laugh
in average pace process through between thirty and forty five minutes
and it happened that it will be even longer for example thought that day night when people were
getting out they wanted to get home and every taxi was
busy so sometimes it to even more than one hour
it's clear when we're talking about patient we are talking about people
and if you have a non recognised heart attack or strike for example then every minute counts
and then it matters whether it takes an hour or forty five minutes or
thirty minutes on till your blood sample arrives at the block lap
so what's the what is the solution we implemented h. round delivery
service i've thrown that is actually connecting to to hospitals
so if the patient is arriving now go into emergency station you are still taking the plot
but you are no longer a appalling that taxi but you are just using
ourself lying prone to transport the plot sample from one hospital to the
altar hospital and by this way we were able to read use the average
transportation time from forty five minutes to only three or four minutes
so it's a prime saving of approximately ninety percent
you see the route ah that we are flying in look are no uh also but i
like diane no if the smaller hospital where the black lab is close during nighttime
and hospitality call if the main hospital it's actually the
route is is only one kilometre so it's quite
uh it's it's not very long but nevertheless it's it's in the middle of the city and so by car uh it
takes you normally between fifteen and twenty minutes only for the
for for driving from one hospital to the other
and it's obvious that by drone you can fly as the crowd us
and like that it only takes you three or four minutes
um we start it's the operation into gone or in march two thousand seventeen at the beginning it was just
a test we were not transporting any real plot samples
but only a blood vials that word containing water
but since october two thousand seventeen we are
operating a a fully reliable um
commercial service using our drones and we have been operating more than
five hundred deliveries i think it's now the number as already increase i
think we're talking now about six hundred or seven hundred transport patients
that have been concluded by joan i said that's that's round that we are using into gone or
i think it's important to understand that this is a fell flying drone because
every time when we have visitors on sports payoffs cross what'd i could fly the drone and we say
well uh that's quite hard because there's no remote control
because the whole flight is controlled by software
uh this drone is able to fly with the
speed of approximately seventy two kilometres per hour
we can't transport payload of torpedo ground with the
current version over a distance of twenty kilometres
of course uh we had to apply for an authorisation from the federal office of c. v. live yeah
asian that means if you just buy a traveller are you will not be allowed to fry
to fly autonomously you need a special authorisation and it was quite challenging to get
this authorisation on for example we had to prove that our drone is safe
that means given in case of a thunderstorm in case
of a technical problem in case of a collision
with a bird or whatever happens we have to prove that our drone is safe and it's
not just crashing and a potentially hating or ensuring someone
uh that is walking on the road or
on the street and so we have for example if the g. p. s. navigation system fails
we are using the russian navigation system polled slowness or in case that we
use the internet connectivity over forty then we can switch to satellite connection
or in case that our out a pilot faith then we have a second they re don't and
all the pilot that is included in the drone and into the absolute worst case or let's
assume that the farmer takes his rifle and it's trying to shoot down to drone then still we
have a parachute that is uh going to be deployed aunts the drone where land safely
in switzerland we have been or flying more than one thousand two hundred
thousand three hundred flights that we have never had an incident
of course before we started over our operation over the
city here in switzerland we have been testing
the drone for more than ten thousand kilometres uh
in a desert in uh the united states
i will now show you a short video that shows how it looks like
went to drone is flying in look are no i hope it's working
you receive the norse a recurring parcel landing pad
now grown arriving
but um takes off and turning
we have to live on it we only have patients ah what you are free
for example that mark that more harm that
oh we get often lost how was that possible uh because as i
mentioned we are uh uh not only flying drones or operating drones
but we are also testing for example self driving delivery robots that
are transporting drops from a pharmacy uh to the patient's home
or we're testing indoor robotic systems that
are automatically transporting food in hospitals
and stuff like that and we are actually very lucky that your forties and the government in
switzerland is very open minded for such innovation project when it started three years ago
um articles foreigner he's the responsible for or from the
federal office of civil allegation told us that it
will not be possible to get an authorisation to fly
over the city within the next five years
and actually now it's one year ago that we got exactly that authorisation
and if you wanna fly or operate autonomous drones in switzerland then you first have
to prove that you're you michael is safe it's actually a similar certification process
as then you won a a fly a chess now or or small aircraft
then of course you have to include and involve every party
that starts at they are rescue helicopter
association the canton governments to people
uh the neighbours there is really a bunch of people who
have to be involved when you wanna on when you wanna start or something like that but we were very very happy
ah that's people likes the project and i think that teach you know was quite used uh
that's whispers decided to implement the first use case in the south and part of
switzerland so are what are actually that benefits of the drone
well at the example when look gone now and
also the upcoming examples in bern answer lake show that
we can reduce the transportation time um bye
a he or even ninety percent we are no longer depending
all traffic if there are traffic jams if there are traffic lights
it it's not a problem that we have direct and of course also in direct cost
savings regarding the pros as you can imagine when we started into gone now
um before we use the drone the employee of the emergency station
to norse has to wait for ten or fifteen minutes
on till the taxi driver arrives and it's clear that you
have to pay a this time and it's quite expensive
and actually i mean the the to the nurses whiteboard is if you just
have to stand in front of the emergency station and light weight
for a taxi driver that's not why she's working in an emergency station
and of course there's also added value for example the drone is always available
whenever you wanna fly the drone is there you don't have to call a taxi
you don't have to wait for a career that with uh probably the
writing every hour the drone is always an available whenever you need it and
last but not least i think the trends saline solution is quite sustainable
you can imagine before we use to drone that was a taxi with the weight of thousand five
hundred kilograms transporting one single block of a vial
out with the weight of hundred grams
with the try once we have a drone with a weight of ten
kilogram that is transporting the same plot sample of onto the grounds
and we have finally less traffic in the thirty so on
what's next to what are we gonna do next
of course now we wanna leverage with on the scale of the applications of drones
oh so far we have more than twenty five projects here in switzerland going on
to get the uh with with many hospitals we pharmacies uh
with black labs and with all the customers and there
are also some request and some projects uh in europe
or european countries that we are going to implement
a two weeks ago we have announced a use case in cyrillic
uh that we are currently testing and also use case inborn where
we are connecting several hospitals um with the drone and all
with their we're also transporting plop vials block samples and drops a
style how does that look like for example in cyrillic
in sorry we have the situation that we have a whole spit all over here
and that we have a whole spittle or a plot laugh uh on the other side of the like
so far they have the problem typed by corey here it's
took about one hour to transport the plot samples and
a few days per year it was not even possible to transport of lot
samples because there are special events like um to street parade for example
or did not punch ethan and the small bridge over here was closed
that was pretty black pretty bad for the hospital patients and the plot lap of course because then they
had to drive around the whole city and sometimes it would even two two hours for the transport
now we are testing to drone that of course is taking the shortcuts the
drone flies directly over the lake and we can view read use the
transportation time from one hour to seven minutes and of course the drone
is also flying when the can often she's that is taking place
but of course that are that it's only the initial position that only how we're gonna start
we have different requests from all the costumes
that would like to have their locations
through the network here in sorry because you are really aiming
to build up drone delivery networks in all ordinary hours in switzerland so
that we can improve the efficiency of health care of magical logistics
and this will allow i think in in the short term it looks a little bit bizarre
uh probably probably are thinking well now we have two or three trends that
are flying around in switzerland why are you talking about the big thing
but just imagine what's gonna happen in five or six ear when dragons
have become a commodity and the drone delivery services that's the polished
because then the situation will be that's transportation
costs are extremely decreased compared to today
and then we will achieve a new level was centrally station
for example it makes no longer sense that every hospital have the plot lap or
that we store in every hospital and medical pro datsun or or or drops
for example because you can you can arrange a to centralise warehouse and
you can transport the older was medical supplies within a few
minutes through the whole city it so i just got the two
minute fine and actually i think it was the loft
slide so we're really aiming for saving life
with rounds by refusing transportation time
thank you very much for your attention and very open for questions
people who think your remote for your presentation
any question in your room number interest the new um i'd like to do rebounds on
your last commands uh about some towards the shin all dried up to for instance
how do you had a bad winter because that happens uh because you you
you have to have a plan b. do with the data to
it actually perfect question that's that's something that i forgot to tell
uh we are normally not talking about rounds we just go to
the customer we tell the customer well in ninety percent
of cases for example indigo no we'll we'll guarantee you that
the transportation time will only be five minutes or lower
and in the all the ten minutes it will take approximately thirty minutes
that's actually the backup solution that we're developing that means during heavy
rain for example uh during thunderstorms we're not able to fly
that's for sure at that can also be technical issues but
for the customer it doesn't matter because our software solution
is automatically organise thing a backup system a backup transportation
in case that the drone isn't able to fly
and so it doesn't matter whether it is bad that or not it's just
if i if there is bad weather uh on too many days
then of course then the service level that we are able to provide
will decrease okay one question we do what do you think
i and you pull call and who talk uh this is very interesting
to you can you explain a bit more about the business model
you how would not be disclosed one transaction and the second question knees
along really take if you a copy paste that's always location
yeah uh that are ready to question's actually so to the business model for
ross i mean we have now been operating deterrents for for a year
and it's quite hard to predict how reliable the system is gonna work in the future
also depending from weather conditions that are very different from the region in switzerland
for example into gone oh it's sunny every day so it's amazing for jones so we
have a bit late ability of the drone of ninety seven or ninety eight percent
and if you go for example to the mountains uh then the weather can change very quickly and that's why we go to
the customers and to tell the customers you will not pay
more for the same transportation solution as you pay today
so let's let's assume we have a customer in cyrillic and he's paying
for career or a taxi uh forty swiss francs for transport
uh then we telemarketer you can use to drown you will read user transportation time by eighty or ninety percent
but you will the maximum price will be the same price that you protect today
and normally um people are very open minded for that business model but then of course we have two
models we have paper flight models uh that makes sense
for for customers that only have a few
the uh flights per day and then we also have kind of a
flat rate model for example that the hospital group can say
okay i need three or four drones and then they are kind
of renting to drown and they are paying a monthly fee
um yeah but the whole basis not always there in their allotments because we learned with
we every week uh from the experiences that we gather from the flight
um but that's how we handle it today and the second question how long does it take a until uh we
can fly if i that's a very good question um in in the gone i think it to cause it
approximately eighteen month from the uh in this in this your budget station
uh of the pro checked on till uh the approval was issued
um but no the whole process has been accelerated but still
you have to expect something between six and twelve months
it also depends from the route for example in if you
wanna fly nearby to use eric airport virginia airport
then it's much more challenging than if you wanna fly in a rural area or or
somewhere in the mountains waited around trees can't erase this relatively low but i would
i would expect between six and nine holes okay maybe the last question as to whether
you can you speak to you uh your plans to increase the prelude saris
no doubt you're familiar with zip line do you was computer operates
you are one dollar similar piloted the raw yeah yeah we have also spoken
uh to sit line and many other manufactures a on the whole world
uh the problem is that you have some physical restraint restrictions let's assume we wanna build
the throne that is able to take a payload of ten kilograms that's feasible it's
not a discussion it's not a problem part you increase the risk because if you
have a drone that uh with the weight of twenty kilograms and it crashes
then the the ground race gets much increased compared to the drone that you're having today
and the second thing is um the the higher to payload at the hyatt arrange that
you wanted chief the larger to drone and our main problem and that's probably
surprise thing is not regulation it's not technology
it's really about finding appropriate landing spots
at the customer sites and how to integrate that drones into the existing process
but yeah we are we're developing together if a company from the state a long distance
a drone and that drone will also be able to transport payloads up to five kilograms
but but that's also reason for why we have on the to strong focus on on health care
uh because i what they're normally the payloads are very urgent or to send things are very urgent but also
very lightweight uh and that's that's why it fits quite well uh with the drone that we're currently using
okay thank you very much mister mister

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