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Last night yeah but I like before we
start I like as good to a we put tables
the first one is that this rule has
some hecklers. So it will be much
better for you to sit front side. And
the synthesise rather than the far
away. And second thing is doing that
keynote speech if you have any comments
or location the student but obviously
will be around so if you raise your
hand just still but I do we give you
the small card you can write your case
to then we collect them and we'll ask
that two hours you know speech. And it
is my are not to introduce our keynote
speaker today is that the one one char
to one child is a detective by sprays
the force Samsung electronics and he
was it in charge of designing mobile
phones that S galaxy and he's currently
now yeah I had to D that these guys
straight it the at corporate design
centre and you X centres before he
joined sense he was a professor at
information design department did you
why you must be and he was nominated as
one of the most you know basically per
se by fast company weed out for their
do I'd like to do this this not to
munch unless kiwi might be yeah yes
Okay sector just came and commanding
everyone my name is home and sound from
some some corporate design centre is my
great prejudice here this morning
install core yeah one of the world's
most the dynamic and innovative cities
over or different holidays this pretty
is it's really engaged including design
computer science human factors
artificial intelligence and many more
not perfect place to discuss this year
feel "'cause" things. Well the last
eight years I have been a leading dot
product in interface design initiative
for some some mobile devices. And more
recently I've been focusing on WX
design a for upcoming UIUT a product
and services which is why this morning
I was feeling media my perspective on
the roll over you design in that you
are all the internet with things as you
know everybody's talking about I you
could database and so I'll be oh coding
to got to know as many as twenty five
billion devices will be connected to
the internet by training training
enough it so like this. People would
have a whole you label over experience
what I you keep things to you you
depend on great Tyrone what you bring
to a few in console technology vision
is right about the social system and
police a framework this morning or less
to look at the subject from our US
design perspective. And think about
what you can do to make our lives
easier richer and more convenient in
the eye of the environment to start do
if I'm going to talk about the cory and
dining table if bitterly at all real
dining table during the time of which
was on dynasty in Korea or which was
provided the top base to possibly kale.
And the most account further
consideration for the really ours after
all customers most like Kings these
days and the art with the colour of my
UT so this this ought to provide
optimised claims that it's obvious is
to individuals is it gonna automating
two days oh yeah that I of it's white
accordions would yeah yeah what is have
idea know yesterday this come Arkansas
anything interesting perhaps you might
be supplied by all go to want upper
side if issues could have cited issues
are audience according to door recipes
in gradients colours. And temperature
over the main dishes it emphasis on
balance me is prepared for the Kings
during the time of touches on dynasty
our coldest for that and other tables
said with the sort I scored this last
on all we are dining table in Korea
things back then one not that different
from today already a few more
systematic rules and integrated care to
drive or to engage them onto with the
Kings but is usually have the firemen
is that a word or not all of them was
about. So that's not what is so but
already twice today at ten o'clock in
the morning and the five o'clock in the
afternoon or like to say what solve the
between meters and even the smallest
details what taken care of doing the
food preparation for example. I suppose
then of this what carefully placed
thirty centimetres from the table
percentage. So that it will be easier
for the king to get at them up giving
meters even the placement of with this
use more carefully thought out items
walk are consumed the more frequently
like has soups was audible on alright
and place close to the king. And the
soda and tried issues like the side of
issues was sorta but on the far left to
the table to eat less and they're all
usually see a quota ladies to wait on
table at every meal explaining though
many of the day and starting them at
their best as you can see from the
image greater planning coordination and
intimate really Clark connect service
this or considered when preparing
backing smears doing the food
preparation process perforce to put the
lady sturdy with all features us of the
dog we are family. And the head chef
from direct teaching to prepare them
beers clustering seasonal changes
weather conditions like he's house and
artist daily routine with the success
of accordion solo for a day's come
force stared in a two thousand three
and then export it to as many as ninety
countries around the world. The
popularity of accordion thesis has been
on the right is since then let's take a
look at one scene from the movie and
think about what the most important
thing is when designing you X in the
higher to you know Intent on my
whatever I I Oh yeah it all I seen it
on there much in the detail oh I don't
know but not too much yeah yeah yeah if
But you know I don't the one and I I
would I think I can make like a pool I
it yeah you can you can what is it if
you could get oh is that yes in one
yeah on just make a TS yeah oh oh yeah
yeah yeah we had a we can yeah C the
increasing you know I'd legionnaires
you know what it's oh well oh okay I
see yeah yeah now oh oh oh okay yeah
yeah yeah yeah I wanted to yeah yeah I
think that if if coming up with someone
who has had experience with this one
yeah I feel however I the surprise for
Linux the system okay coach gimmick and
they can look at the look of despair
sequence in what we said anyone send
you which one procedure kinda got the
picture and oh remove them was just the
can reduce you to them and you really
can't how's that even when I use a bulb
or what what all you need to think
about once a web enforced. Indeed it
NUX indicted hero the most important
thing is how where you understand what
you don't think. V one and no having
serious thoughts and careful
consideration on use of energy to
putting a thoughtful is to users and
make they'll apply lives to teach so we
need to consider the following three
principles empathy interface between
people and devices. And also privacy
and security. They dispute on on trust.
And concerns for underprivileged. So
first empathic interface when people
talk about IT ball following things are
a pop into their heads the almost at
door locks lies and features to just
things that capable of connecting to
the internet. And can automatically and
contexts early the so the bias not for
but then I thought of the market
contest to grow you can control
everything is the small screen device
things can get a bit out of hand then
what you going the face of model be
like talk characteristic value obvious
design in the I eighty year oh maybe a
lot different from the compression one
interaction you have experience. So far
is there's a lot of information on a
lot of information available from some
of the things providing in this study
functions and quality services but then
we done need to people in an efficient
pining and easy to use "'em" man only
be key factor here if you labour over
the distance of the individuals what
you probably get is on or interface to
like this. What everyone degree you
load a almost step you can sort of all
you can sort of on the line problems
even with a new technology is like an
network interfaces including voice face
a gesture recognition or three D or
fortunately yearly fee therefore and
gone to technologies and intelligent
automated system integrated Intel daily
environment. And have what text
considerable attention let's take a
look at the video from you too
artificial still constable door and get
the intelligent automation yeah oh So
yeah oh I I or a dollar yes yeah yeah I
I I as you can see you just don't need
to consider anything from the tiny
devices is the things around them
integrated almost oh and get
technologies and intelligent automated
systems we automatically recognise the
users and provide the optimise so this
is for them what on almost and
personalised services can be pretty
convenient. But on the other hand they
can be scary or you can quickly I you
he is not about to getting people to
change the way they actually think with
a new technology. It's about designing
convenient to function take an
integrated with people's thoughts and
behaviours you know natural manner.
It's not about the system that says I
know what's best for you. And more
robust system the constant thirty
intellectually you therefore on the
send you and evolves together with you.
Now you are looking at a scene from the
our lady seizing the movie called the
big heuristics like this a lot can
assess top voice has either by the
skin. And the little collection know
what's wrong with him. But instead of
just ask a spending it communiques and
interactivity we top quality you know
friend anyway as you can see taking
this approach you can better understand
what others need and can develop
empathy about the process now this
recently back to the whole similar pat
on on the layout dining table after T
got Tolkien physicists near the head
strap from boulder teaching and the
quota rated all remaining for the left
on the table. And carefully checked the
what the king ate the most and what he
did the like so that they could
understand but he's eating heavy and
provided him with the best possible
yeah during the five hundred years of
that just on dynasty they're about
really seven things all we could
different appetites of for skiing all
the buttons on dynasty full creates
accordion outputted hundred what you
are saying on a great. And precipitate
type of for me it was a quite famous
keep and got angry when there was
little meat at the table since she was
diabetic instead of serving him beep or
pull out all ships of medium with the
high protein lamb. So so like this.
It's important for us to understand the
use of context. And to keep
communicating with the user for the
more we should consider you just
sentiments and provide users with the
choices. And the sense of concern
developing empathy is one of the most
important the staff's. So successful
you X design you find a similar
intention in the kind of city most lot
of coffee Chris database come without
the prototyping with them like a echo a
normal and sport or lying to labourers
statutes auto level will perform was
they one totally out table well
prepared with the perfect the settings
based on information collected from
many different the feet. But they are
more or less two types of the wry sense
of it and to keep the king but so is
lastly giving proper feedback on every
aspect so ball task is important as
where you are now looking at the in
easy over of what sort of flame over
some something sin toxins ship
collection range is distinctive poor
everyday like if a next against thought
to mail to imitate to imitate the
appearance of the case flavours. And
provides a safety oriented feature
indicator to users is a good example
okay the concept of perceptive feedback
the convenience and if you censor
repetitive difficult for this sounds
for IT devices should be P two on on to
understanding to the sending of and
empathy for users because this is
already way to provide the meeting put
experiences it was a miscommunication
and it up and pussy user interface
should be designed accordingly the
second part of the topic is about trust
towards services which can be provided
through the right balance all the
security and privacy not a mobile it
was reported that or not just case
temple attack was it disclosed by cost
on a list like this you know lasher
they found supply ships. I in
electronic irons and of nobody would
have expected display chips to the
actually you planted in the electronic
like the ideas encounters compared to
previous acting is don't we had a
target device usually remain to begin
the mobile by kind of what is like a PC
smart forms and tabulate. Now home
appliances such as a diffuser later and
electric fence you'd be tempting pocket
for cyber text is the internet of
things goals there have already been
recorded is possible home of finance is
being exploited by hackers or you this
year security sub vandal approved point
one the cover the CD so but at the
white hacking text which you use the
every phase can smoke gadget to send
the more than I seventy five on this
out and spam. And if we see emails
across the map as the number of assault
connected device is expected to grow
our from a robotic vacuum cleaners to
apply most cars. There's also greater
risk of having internal things based on
text now let's get back to the rest of
the looking must have a the many
enemies. And faced with this nation
attempts with the life of the thing
which and what's this nation plots
welcome carried out by selecting poison
into outings for rather than trying to
guess to do go ahead bodyguard either
compounding dot Paris this just to this
was so popular I Dave all of that it's
not subject on fumes that's like
ducking things always had someone for
taste on his foot beforehand to check
it you know if it wasn't poison always
impossible to have a perfect and Flores
word on development have and one of the
most important of course in our
audience design is to create a
systematic components that play a
critical role in beating up trust it
eventually leading to enhance the I
think it matters. So now let's examine
the you still play was your from the
perspective what the Kings the reason
I'm able to recount also to the stories
of the Kings from just one by nasty. I
stick or do we have detailed the record
documenting stockings activities how
you might ask oh well back then there
what to scribes following the Kings are
doing on his every waking moment. And
you could average involved and external
from packing you know the two issues
accuracy lecturing and should someone
asks what not all allowed or legit slow
tempo with all records even if the king
for those clients not to record every
single detail suppressed alive some of
these crimes followed talking or on the
everywhere he read even supported it
was just funny a scene from the movie
oh I manner yeah I'm not known yeah the
oh oh okay if if We are yeah oh I ah
yeah fun isn't it yeah despite the best
of intentions the risk of having a
fibres which have become even more
evident in the idea. So what Kerry to
ease the burden on user privates you
can hardly find the cars without
infrequent data recorders are these
days those children because there was a
record everything you do in you could
and your surroundings and send that
there are too clouds suffers it seems
like there's no such as things that
privacy anymore. But then why do people
to using the device because it is used
to monitor and provide proper feedback
to camp drivers on the road. And you
can affect your auto insurance policy
it then but this what they sensitive
the administration casing in the united
states has developed a program called
the TSAP check which allows you just
travellers to experience expedited this
on yeah of the security screening but
program has also raised fibres concerns
keeper we have enjoyed so expedite a
screening are willing to provide the
plus not information. But many people
are still you upon to keep up the
apostle data there are still many
unanswered questions concerning papers
at two for information five was
ultimately on those thing the low by
your T and how it can enhance value.
And people leader to when providing
that service. They've Ducky
constellation in design a UX and
services any such full frame of celeste
well online using a PK sounds that
attract your location information yeah
I'm sure you may have felt some
hesitation in accepting their constant
conditions we opened already to these
times. So we can use their services.
But the problem is why the S I was
police collect thought you today to it
ties in one users that it looked and me
text you just location. And shows that
information with the thought applies
without their consent one of the
weights a prototype private concern is
to provide this tell us in the
information for all many people are
still are wondering if they are
information what being a misused or
abused after they agreed to start this
is technical thick coat to demonstrate
the information tells parents to the
users. But is our shoes simple steps
you can really a shot them and keep
them peace of mine just select all
online playboy through tap my
permission providing a useful service
that allows users to check control and
could the publication across the web
and more by that have access to their
information on would be a good example
just talk to me base thing I'll facing
the IUT at all like you coming to quite
sorties now of learning based on dull
eyes showed information well what
usable by application so it's this at
that only excepting improvised divers
focused almost all without the hassle
about a finding a cap. And you've
payment automatically try to draw
customers credit card but this is a
model allows you to share your
information on this services are
planning five it goes into public goods
recorded shorting economy and you argue
quite sort of hold on excitation W us
obvious what this kind of network
business model innocent to the fair you
and disturbance of the service LBMB is
one of the base not even temporal
examples of this phenomenon ice on the
the Linda base obvious that allows
people to rent Alistair rooms of
facilitating the use of on neutralised
on data like the resources. But digital
dot between is requires a delicate
balance so but that's parents and
lactation yeah maybe you just you to
share their personal information to be
the unique user four five one though
web sites. And that a quite go solo so
Celtic lost for sign up if the
information shared is not as this
product as you should be then you are
not allowed it to be in the community
another important factor of the service
included details such as you use the
preview and make the system that allows
guests and post to solely references
and ratings which are displayed to the
public. So people on both sides of the
teletext on cancerous yeah so you can
only in as welfare you all we also this
bite building and maintaining mutual
trust. So like I said being connected
to the network and privacy concerns are
inseparable companions. So you have to
maintain a fine balance between these
so to protect you you are you deprive
was wide been connected. And
furthermore is important for you if
designers to integrate key attributes
like a system value and trust in to
start this finally let's talk about
what we can do to create a better to
model we directly preparing already to
some shows food for are really are
quote may appeal also and wasteful but
there is a space I meaning behind this
in gravy and it's uprights direct table
came from all over the country the
forty dollar present either I deflected
the hard work of the people it's very
as they are living conditions at the
time therefore budding was able to
understand the lives of those these
people with of a present it without
trampling all over the nation when it
comes directly people usually think of
a smart home autonomous Vickers and a
what that understand the human
interaction these technologies products
and businesses you change people's
lives for the better but they should be
offered in the right way to the right
people in the right place and at the
right time now you are looking at the
portable a solar powered the theatre in
Ethiopia one of cycling design project
that some some electricity stable of
with the NYSE on maybe also sell
company considering the environmental
and social conditions of the local
comedies or some some use of the soul
up how what parodies along with other
already available materials to build
taught theatre is now being used to to
entertain and educate the local people
but because it is too difficult to
supply educational content. They are
using which perfume in front of the
lens rather than using a computer
there's a lot of information online but
the local internet connection make it
even more difficult for them or real
car but then doesn't select the project
alone from Google and open online
courses from cassette or what it would
be combine these two project to we
directly and your design you can then
provide the equal access to education
all about the war and create a truly
transcending social values for global
community. And various source I can TV
selectivity is help indicate that also
with diet technologies Suzanne see the
wanna pump thing sense I'll which was
developed and implemented by Portland
state university using various sensors
and the provider of detective date out
one system performance and GPS we a
standard a batteries you last for more
than here by putting the sensor on the
one upon you can wait for the system in
your time to expedite water pump
maintenance despite a program and one
to core to sell problem was paid out by
leaving more intonation about put Penn
state university and a three sense the
sixth sense I C is a apart overeating
was walking into anything countries.
And is miss up to people how ah is to
be sent to provide a lot to talk on a
seven hundred forty eight million
people are people for lack access to
improve the what so it it to G and
sitting net flicks comedy easy which is
off to a ninety eight percent in one
down is to WZ my five okay so does seem
card on the system working on a site or
cover multiple Rwanda maybe what are
international it keep though hand
problems obviously only to one the
sensors someone it for and incredible
maintenance response how just like this
I used this as the technology can play
a critical role in shaping social and
fiscal environment and so it's second
the second activities undefeated not
already for the on the people of the
countries but also for the people of
the ones you because not all the people
for you put in the CD ever equal access
so infrastructure last of everybody
sixteen Paul to energy. S mote because
what he's for that team because there's
only I'm done by TF air transport for
london. And visually impaired
londoners. So involved with a project
test itself assistance service this new
apt code will always finder was
developed the bios so or studio with
speech at easter for about in game
services together with RRLSD use for
them to assist visually impaired and
partially sighted people at the lot of
the on the on the ground the P "'cause"
this middle signal that can be picked
up by smart phones. And the way find I
have used it this signals to locate
itself and people with will audible to
extract the user but every spot parity
with the top one conductivity of phones
that do not prevent to the others from
shutting does sound around them oh
nasty let's take a look at the PZO
there's shows off its own lifestyle of
what some some forces sixty six you
Because it was such a good for you. But
I think the answer to your question
answering machine but you know the
channels and it's supposed to be so
they can have to listen to much sixties
yeah I was she to connect to CD but
according to the people you know that
isn't based on genetic. She sits you
once you you can you can you think of
what I think would be talking to oh
yeah and you can actually see a
specific need to bleach decisions and
you say you're going to be suspended
you don't seem to be really MCIAO I
don't think you should just a lasting
peace buttons okay you know yeah we
used to still good question and I
basically excuse. Well you guys are
using a right so what is that you can
do oh yeah looking at least wow yeah
yeah so you can see what you can do it
with cancer because it's a little more
than two okay okay I like this. I agree
with you. I can use the focus is could
not what we do to help you this is this
is so we just need to do is right next
week didn't or TCI number frequencies
to me. We don't want any is it it will
be a good solution constantly in CA or
I mean I thought it was decided I
incorrectly injuries maybe I don't want
to hurt somebody ought to cease
something like that. I wouldn't have
been so we went to visit seconds that I
don't get to see your somebody's really
crowded marketing is to become you
since eighty you can say look we could
make it maybe it yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah oh yeah at least. That's negative
to me but I didn't see it all with
simple it's yeah yeah within the I can
see what it is you want to do with that
I think you simply it's nice well you
can decide what is that something you
actually have a program because how
many objectives in it it it was yeah
what city are you gonna get a week.
bobby did I want to go to we didn't
know exactly what we do because yeah
that was recently so I think that
basically sixties I see okay you should
be able to see that you know if you had
a word sentences will we just support
up with this it'd be nice to T you can
I see I you know really as you can see
how to's example from those examples
that should sort of variety will
continue to unlock you opportunities
solo sense so enabled devices to extend
I used to benefit some apple technology
severe transform our lives for the
better. But was more important is that
we need to develop oh cool inconsistent
smother locals Ifor escort so context
and domains that can overcome any
obstacle there for this year's theme
costing maybe the most important to
vote in the IOTO today I use the oh
could have like a table to talk about
on those on W design united to you know
in fact it wasn't just thirteen that is
applied to me I was also inspired by
watching my wife makes every effort too
well prepared all perfect accordion
fusion. And tabor sitting for our
family. And so how I wanted to share
those story with you yeah I think we
would be nice to talk about today's
subject at a down a restaurant tonight
if you forty this for artistry for
today. Thank you five we ran out of

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