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Many many parties last night so you're
the real diehards though to come here
this morning welcome to the Wednesday
morning keynote speech a before we get
started I just want to remind you of
the process for asking questions of the
speaker we have student volunteers will
walk slowly up and down the aisles with
index cards and if you would just raise
your hand a pass a car down to you just
write your question down to know bring
it up here and then we'll we'll sort
those and ask this also I wanted to
suggest that use it is close to the
front as possible to avoid the
background that go in this larger okay
that anymore do I want to introduce our
speaker back to David Mann from LG
electronics he's a senior research
fellow there and hence the software
centre is best known for having
spearheaded the smart TV platform from
LG electronics which was an enormous
success I was it Samsung at the time
and believe me we got scolded for what
a success the LG smart TV was he's a he
received a bachelor of science in
computer science from Seoul national
university master of science from agree
in advance institute of science and
technology and PHD from university of
Illinois at Urbana champaign is held
positions that digital equipment
Microsoft sense on and he's been
analogy since two thousand and six on a
personal note when I ask document
what's is what is hobbies are each he
told me that you really spends most of
his time trying to take care of his two
sons and also it's fifteen hundred
people on his screen. And I just think
that shows is committed two people
while you'll also building technology.
So welcomed Thank you for for the great
introduction how about myself good
morning everybody good morning
everybody I well so you know I'm so
honoured to be out here to have a
chance to talk to a people from of
various countries having this great
conference on human computer interface
I know about this compress many many
years. But then opportunity have a key
role speech is that's such and you know
you know if you know you know rare
opportunity for me. I will get them I
talk this morning will you know help
you some understanding about the what
we are trying to do you energy. And
many other things as well. So my talk
today is about journey to a better
life. So we are gathered here this
morning we we talk about human computer
you know face and the most topics to
discuss this week we are discussing
this week it is about how we can make
such a you know face good enough. So
that our daily life can benefit from
it. However people we talked about
about such topics about how we make
such a you know face good enough. I
think that we better look around us
spend a few moments to see what a good
life. We are enjoying these days base a
human are on any model forgetfulness.
We tend to forget our past very very
quickly just think about last so don't
ten or twenty years all those
technological or immunities peach came
to us and all smart phones flat panel T
V.s worldwide web and high definition
TV broadcast things. So many things
well I'm not going to talk about all
these things. This morning. But because
we are having this conference right
here in Seoul korea. I like to begin
might fall by telling you did a little
about the information technology these
services is a rather unique in Korea is
so if feature on known to the other
part of the war and which makes
people's lives better if I do that. I
think that I liked this like have some
context in terms of Seoul korea. And
the piano people living in korea. So so
and is a close by area is the large one
of the largest you know metropolitan
area in the world. And out of a the
curriculum population of fifty million
people about twenty five at twenty five
million people living in this
metropolitan area. So if you compare it
with the new metropolitan area new
ideas about twice as big as the solar
area but how about population wise so
is about one half times larger a bigger
than new okay rear this is a picture of
soul taken about half a century ago
about fifty years ago does compare that
with this another picture taken
recently. So why don't amazing
transformation as the C D.'s
infrastructure gets better the life in
the CD has dramatically improved over
the years cory and that also very
dynamic and now going. So often times
for an important event. They want to
express their opinions and feelings. So
for a you know some you know important
event week oftentimes see a gathering
of humongous number of people gathered
together. So this is a picture we took
about a during the world cup event
about ten years ago. And people gather
right in front of the CD four one of
the picture about you know the music
concert all for the by D world famous
in a mutation side a cup taken cum
probably usable. So people eating so
close to each other any new fashion or
services you know if it is a popular
you can spread very very quickly. So
the city government when they want all
for something like you know net
services they try to make sure that
such as services are available to to
everybody because people don't want to
be left behind. So now the the CD is
not posting you know one of the best
places in the word in terms of a
network infrastructures. So network
speed the most basic fastest and the
page creation is almost one hundred
percent. So when any new service is a
couple for and then it is found to be
useful everybody's start use right away
the let me show you can probe supply
showing you a few interesting services
that's a popular in Korea this is
called what they call ebola service you
this is about you know it was this is
in the route all all this was used
collectively decided by the passengers
a lot of time. So they kind of are
because there I you know or the but
there's no idea route and then the
possibility the route will be decided
you know as people want the or not one
is about what they call late night our
bus obvious this is a is a service for
those who need public transportation
during the wee hours like at midnight
till for a yeah so the C collects the
data location data all the people and
the location data all the Texas doing
those hours. And then kind of have some
rough idea about where people spend the
night and where people go back home. So
with some big here analysis the CD
offers the public transportation was
out for those route where people will
most likely take such a during such all
dollars. And this service is became
very very popular right from the
beginning this is yet another service
what we call eighty one john which is
in English I would say higher the
chauffeur service this is for those who
spent the night with people doing it
having some hardcore and have to recoup
go back home drive back home. So then
they can easily obtain ashore for
service. So they don't have to worry
about having to drive back on at such a
late hours after a social gathering in
fact today if you see the you know I
don't I don't know how many but the in
the TV news they were talking about
Texas at we had a quote that X is using
a mobile phone taps and then texting
come to you wherever you are because of
the location data is very popular such
a very interesting service is rather
unique in so and the new by
metropolitan areas you know obviously
it's not just the city government for
trying to make people slide better the
company's device manufacturers as well
as the service providers. They are
trying to also provide some nice
services. So that to make the people
slide better. So let me show you a
video clip about the you know the the
the such a product being made by the
company AG the company that I work for
and the content that the F what is
about the you know mobile phones in T
V.s and some services to control the
home appliances. It's about a minute
over or so the video content okay I so
I I I okay I thing marketing yeah oh
yeah alright so maybe some of you
already familiar with this service is
this afterwards by from LG and some of
you may even have board and now using
the AG products not obviously it's not
just a G but many other companies here
they all trying to make you know some
map or try to make our peoples like
better. So it seems that we are living
in such a good life these days in doing
many great technologies but we all know
that we will see many new technological
improvements and new services a new
products will appear or what time. And
we also know that such email changes
ray the improvement will at least be
the same or even the quicker. So the
question is was the driving force
behind all these changes you know I I
believe there are three factor is the
first one is about the improvement the
ever improving semiconductor
technologies. And then also the ever
faster and ubiquitous in on it. And the
and the least seemingly and release
evaluation of the web this picture
illustrates the E the incredible
improvement of the we have seen
regarding sim I conduct the technology
is in fact last Sunday was a no the
where the UI many of you mind all the
more slow pitch is about the same I
conducted you know it density will get
improved in twice you know about
eighteen months. So this is about in
nine year is the three megabyte for one
dollar for the same dollar after nine
years we were able to buy thirteen that
hundred megabyte you know it's it's
kind of a unbelievable improvement. But
it's not just you know as computer
chips for storage a long you know in
many consumer electronics devices like
mobile phones the processing power
inside such a device is if you think
about twenty years ago it would be like
a ship a computer processing power is
amazing isn't it if we just think about
what about the internet twenty years
ago you need to download we will be
very happy if it you know fee finishes
a of couple seconds quicker. But the
you know in these days. We see the
movie video stream double the internet
without any network he cups or any
picture quality no problems. So twenty
years ago it seems like you know WWW it
seems like it stands for worldwide wait
now looks like that WWW stands for
really worldwide while what about a web
though immolation of web content or
structure is also very very amazing you
know twenty years ago the way it was a
medium for sharing static information
supporters a like a a medic on online
will seem to know seem to that you know
I mean it word. But now the these days
the web you name was very tiny services
such as you know social networking or
online purchasing and so on. You know
feature unthinkable without the web. So
what's the feature of the way. We have
three point all web web four point you
know what do they mean. I don't know
without the ability to predict the
future we call money talk about such a
nice fancy times like no puts
normalisation or content duration or
even you know semantic web. And even
companies like us we are talking about
platforms using web technologies such
as from OS firefox OS ties in well
where was so you can imagine why do you
happen in the next no tend to it
channel twenty years what about the the
a future development will be deciding
factors. So my conductors you know net
and the web will be the driving force
behind all these developments. So last
possible P on what's available to us
right now what are the opportunities
like kind of better live lie ahead of
us that you share with you a video
clip. So adjusting what it would be
like not in the future at our home just
one more video. So Yeah who who oh yeah
sex or something. He soon yeah I mean I
oh yeah I don't know I yeah oh yeah
yeah oh yeah yeah to the point so you
know these days we cannot talk about
the feature without mentioning the what
they call internet of things. You know
many new device is appearing on all
around us these days and also about the
wearable devices in fact I'm wearing
this you know some some phone a smart
watch you recently on ours which has
the communication capability such kind
available devices or you even smart
cards this area seem to be the where
the most you know interesting
development to will likely occur in the
next few and a couple of years one
thing I'd like to share and note in
terms of opportunities while making one
slide better is certainly a nice
endeavour to pursue we seem to pay less
attention to enabling new technologies
for those people who are less known on
this augmentation and minor deity yeah
in the minded groups in society. So
this includes people living in the on
the developed regions in the word. And
those were disabled and those were very
old or very young personally I do hope
that whoever is involved in imaging the
future and trying to realise it not
they will forget that we are all dries
to try to make such disadvantaged
people slide better as well but let's
course for a moment in order to make
all this odd events is really happen we
have some comparable or you know how to
to vocal examples are security privacy
or connectivity or even regulations all
these you know I know as I will explain
all his holders are areas where
computer human interface skiers can and
should be applied to pave the journey
to a better a better life. You know
some services feature intended to make
our lives better result in some
unintended sometimes nice T
consequences we see many people getting
a forest by spam EE messages all the
time. And some people even get to see
into doing something very harmful
harmful things. How we can avoid. Well
how we can prevent such abuses from
happening and then there was the
problem of connectivity when we try to
connect device to device together and
if it does not work for the Y and we
have to fix it sometimes you could be
very very bewildering next new
technologies make possible introducing
new services you know about this new
services open time just drop the
existing vested interests of the people
who are financially having some
interest in the step to school you know
the net neutrality is that this this
one of one of the hot topics about how
we should see the you know net
infrastructures well always the one of
the best examples well destruction of
that you just think you know you you
know services. So human computer
interface cues human computer
interfaces can have the design improved
regulations as just as they can you
know also the the the problem mobile
connectivity as a as the improve the
you know privacy and security issues
you know however to reach the for a
promise of a human for primus of human
computer interface is we need to
improve the human human interface skins
without making progress in that area
the biggest fathers maybe main ones or
that is the best of CHI computer human
interface depends upon the success in
what we may call HHI human human
interface that's because sometimes the
biggest mothers sometimes can be found
around us to our development teams
product managers developers and
designers. We should work together to
so product challenges by brainstorming
and idea gathering sometimes cannot
already on a plan. And they go
separately. And then residing in a
partial and have bakes solution if we
really want to contribute to society
you need to some figure out how we can
take advantage of collective wisdom is
the rubber solely relying upon
individual creativity yes collaboration
is something which is easy to talk
about but actually not so easy to to
really apply in the real world here is
a slide that can equally illustrates
how differently we are perceived by
others in different profession to a
designer developer it seems to be
somebody with PC and hiding behind the
dark cubicle writing software code
without too much care about the and the
customers you know to a design oh not
web developer what designer is rather a
night baby you know imagining something
which is only possible you know you may
in work and so on as a softer
professional. I have involved in number
about projects over the years doing
like a long career of softly industry.
I have a scene quite a a quite a few
times when collaboration play the key
part in the success and failure all a
project let me show you know let me
share video one particular experience I
had in my you know young soft changing
you know days the first company I
worked right after school was the
company doing import export trading
business one of the largest one in the
concordia. I worked in the electronic
data processing department of the of
the company. And then I I I think I was
very fortunate because I joined a
commune organisation where we have a
very very insightful manager you know
instead of working on projects and
automating business processes such as
Payroll company. I was asked to leave
the project it enables data entry
timing there's feature use all over the
department in the company to be used as
a device to send and receive messages
from almost is department in those days
but there was no email and no internet
there what telex devices and telex
typist. And always is communication
goes through the telex among messages
from the overseas branches are we see
that the telex room and hardcopy mate
and hand delivered to the recipient
department scenery when someone wants
to send a message to an overseas
offices yes to some meet the message to
the product rule in hard copy and could
you then get typed by the typist and
sent over to the telex to using the
telex device not developing on
electronic mail system involved
participation all you know many people
with skills in many different
information technology skills such as
company a communication that top
management no controller management.
And database application development
operating system and so forth my role
in this project was working as a
program manager tween whatever not
covered by some by I managed on all put
in also sins of the company. I'll for
we are responsible for developing
device driver spoke for doing some
protocol conversion. And I was so
defined oh this is for the department
in the company. And I was also rolled
user men yeah and all operation men
your with using a somewhat the process
of softer feature within a period at
the time and so forth you know after a
difficult hard well almost one year
about twelve months. We were able to
launch this and also a system. And then
system soon became a very important
part of the IT system for the company
that because you know for an import and
export trading company missus the
communication is very important part we
should be handled very efficiently I
felt very great. Well being able to
make such an impact to the company. And
I felt the important sub collaboration
minority on because the success of the
project would not have been possible
without the great chemo that the so
many people in a four participated in
the project you know they devoted what
the project there was many years ago
now with a G I'm leaving on average to
develop common reusable software
platform. They can be used for many
products the company makes to do this a
couple of years ago we took over you or
the famous operating system called the
where was and then try to customise it
to P that one needs the web was TVP
deal I've shown all year was the result
of that at four you know this is an
endeavour of several hundred people
working or over the inaugural with a
different languages with the different
cultures they work in a different time
zones which makes it very difficult to
work together. So the real challenge in
this project is to figure out how we
can find a common ground to you know
cut to collaborate is you know some
pressing the a rich thinking that I can
do better than these guys over there
you know the other one you will
principles one want is a good example
which shows the potential of the you
know successful collaboration you know
Linux the most about alone you know
such a Beaumont is now use all over the
place. You know inside consumer
electronics devices such as well mobile
phones in T v.s. And inside the big
internet companies like a face will
enable another example of extensive
collaboration can be found in house
phones that may in addition to or the
filter that's inside the phone just
think about all those how do the
components needed to make a phone you
know screen LCD displays cameras the
processors and memories than batteries
you know all this component suppliers
have to work together to make a great
more done consumer electronics devices
like like a phone you know or not
aspect of collaboration can be seen you
know value chain for any internet
services such as feasible Alcott called
talk you know in order to make it
available no service providers network
operators. And the platform providers
and device manufacturers they all have
to work together Steve jobs once
famously said what he had done was
nothing about finding a you know Quinn
across crossroads between liberal art
and technology the next new set of
greed device is a great products which
are presently unknown to us may emerge
from a global people who know how to
see energised talents from divers fears
of knowledge such as you arts
architecture letters science on the
resume and so forth. So as a final
note. I like to invite you all of you
the designers and developers who gather
here this week to attend this
conference on human computer interface
to contemplate again the importance of
collaboration to contribute to human
society with so many possibilities for
a better word lie heather was is time
to look better look at ourselves again
look at our coworkers with the new
perspective. And to think about how we
can work together and a better you know
they say if you want to go fast you go
around. But if you want to go far you
go together. I think it is mine for
hearing my tell thank you you so much
data that was great fear please please
have a few questions from the audience
okay first I wanna thank you for taking
us on a great journey and I'm always
reminded that how fortunate we are to
live in these times I wanna that touch
on you mention a couple times that it
would be great to also expand these the
wonders of our lives to disadvantaged
people. And I was wondering if you have
some thoughts about how we can take
technologies into underdeveloped parts
of the world. And help improve lives
beyond just the moderates aside use
make such a good question in fact my
second son is doing this kind of and
you activity will send them real. He
has a problem called the water bomb
which is kind of collecting funds to
make some distilled you know what about
it that this is the water. So that if
you can collect all this potters send
it over to on the developed you know
regions in the like Africa yeah so I
think that developing such a device
kind of distilling the water is one
such a good example that's very
interesting is it is it electronic
device or oh not electric bias so I
don't know how this location just after
some kind of some kind of filthy water
get out this distinct the somehow yeah
just to be like display. So another
question or task was in addition to
that I think technology journeys you
took us on what's your favourite
journey in your whole life my favourite
show oh that's not easy creation but
then you know generally I like to read
classic books and in in many classic
books they talk about a lot of life
story. I feel like I'm kind of taking
the same life thirty kind of a journey
to two all that's interesting okay so a
lot of the videos you showed were about
having a better life indoors at your
home what do you think about the role
smart technologies to help playing
improve in your outdoor venue in your
business life as well well if you say
outdoors to me the first thing that I
come to mine is for my mine is about
know what's providing what the distance
from the you know from the clean to
where I an intern when I play golf that
can defeat the one day that have yellow
I think that the outdoor life in a lot
of times people are talking about doing
some kind of that kind of a fitting is
kind of application for my our mobile
devices this where the you know this
the opportunities are I think for the
business. Well I think that the I can
is you know you can do the same that
the my our you know we're we're devices
can help me connect to many business
activities happening with two you know
with like meet Michael coworkers as
sort of broaden your awareness of what
what's going on right you're right yeah
so I wanna say personally that one of
the the concepts that I love the most
in your talk was the human to human
interaction I feel like he gets lost a
lot of times even among those of us who
are very aware that the humans are
going to be interacting with the
technology and I just wanted the in
your teens as a leader how do you
remind people to keep HHI in the
forefront of their thinking is to do.
yeah actually for that you know I
oftentimes use the the city famous what
was that the applicant yet when asked
for study the the president of the
company says the first one is about
empathy features about thinking about
your your customers for if you where
you are in the customers have how do
you feel about what you provide. That's
the one big message I keep telling to
our people all mothers topics which is
like a focus percent impute empathy is
the most important part of it. So
colour "'cause" we have to be more and
put have empathy in our mind to work
together Now the question I had was you
usually really use in know journey
yourself I think in from your your
engineering background to having an
appreciation for design thinking in
your your product development and I
just wondered if you could say
something about maybe what was the
first time you realise that you were
you were taking a more more input from
design then you expect for sign maybe
your first time or an interesting time
when you were working with designers ah
I cannot I think about how on my head.
But I think that if you look at our you
know the TV design the launch of on the
previous CD our smart T V.'s that
pretty much when you click that's smart
button it occupied a full clean the
kind of to single out of content to the
to the to the user. Now we kind of try
to avoid that with the lunch but with
the you know past and present concept
is in that in this at once but I think
any really you know good change the you
know my set of many people in terms of
how we design. I think that it is
really very impact for in the either oh
yeah it's a huge success yeah so I
here's a really hard question this is
gonna be fun what will be the most
important feature for the next big
thing after the smart normally you
don't expect me to say about you know
little things oh sure actually you know
you know I guess some of you may may
read this article by the famous
prophecy and how about the the Michael
porter he was saying is not really
about you know the things but is about
smart and connected devices is really
changing the volume industry an
ecosystem I I believe in that so I
don't know whether you can say this you
know little things or smart connected
devices but definitely the products
with the internet cable connection
things that changing very very rapidly
so you you make me think about one
evolution that I see happening where
currently we have a smart phone or a
smart watch but we don't have a lot of
examples where the things are working
together intelligently there sometimes
maybe the phone is driving the watch
but having them collaborate in some
way. And maybe those are the best to
devices to give us examples but say
this the smart thermostat with my smart
fire a that you're having them
collaborate more intelligently things
like that you know you see that as a
growing trend in enabling U
capabilities yeah I think that the note
was so you know you know it you know
addition to that I think that the
because devices get collect the data to
the internet yeah talk about the clout
peak data to collect all this data to
lose find to find the human behaviour
be able to you know this service more
intelligently I think that's a huge
opportunity there yeah you think that's
the the the big promise of internet of
things is being able to model and
predict human behaviours and needs. And
serve those proactively or what do you
think is the big promise of inner oh I
think that the I don't know I think
that we will be able to kind of predict
what the the the that particular person
ones that pretty you know the vents do
something without having to say to this
or do that. I think that there is such
a big you know probably in the that's
my opinion yeah and then I think last
question I have is what do you think is
the role of smart T V.s in internet of
things is just gonna be a control hub
or is it more well I think that the you
know now you know T V.s Yukon off when
you do not watch TV anymore but I think
that that you in time but T we will
have another feature that will be on
all the time be able to know what the
the user ones including the you know
the you know things. So that it is not
only becoming the hub of the you know
the the whole network so to speak. But
many other opportunities like you know
be able to storm anything that you want
to keep around. And also be able to you
know is send and receive messages as a
many other possibilities that TV has a
lot of potential that yeah yeah it's
gonna be a great journey forward isn't
exactly thank you both very thank you.
Thank everybody enjoy today oh right. Q

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