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silly completeness language t. it next time i have been caught the night i somebody that you like a
and the t. v. to the backs and you'll get lose time and may not be eating
my hands and knees on that line you will be on line m. x. i'm thinking
that's all i'm sure plus let the popular they may have among that's give vacancy example
korea and project um yeah woodstock say that could actually has enough to cache
exactly yeah could have do they impacted my one problem okay count along my time alignment cousins on the energy
i don't like it keeps e. yeah compactness linguistic at camp of town is the second multiple complex some cop
maybe not quite the only advantage to have an example to know him up astral
still would donate belong to no sounds the formats shortly slides only the long
okay let's see have all day and they comprise down uh you show
some cheaper to put down for my social triple speed i
put it on top he's when i put it up was on channel three made apple have it can still could have
as good a a letter to evaluate learned pretty blue hole uh the wrestler movie
for example is yes or absorb the more the corporate else linguistic who bruce
we'll get to the pocket size unit movie may
may i uh for posting to but i can stop the the people donate the proceeds to double
the competence the c. c. c. dupont school on the national one to work with the
bottom international people in one place to model them up yeah she had to pick you mean
it is so the properties that really comes to pull the pretty consistent with yeah double module and nine
could pass could put that was the complete them speak negotiation bet me but all the usual
yeah and go well wouldn't do a a simple cool little don't just to
put in the supposed to put community p. complex that the dominant uh_huh
sissy perks 'cause it it's a stop loss cassette only
now i think it will say i serve you well while roy wall
yeah i guess i got ah local technical it's it's well it's it but now that i
that was what we see holes in walls
bash it's i'll tell ah so ah okay walls
ooh rah rah to sell its ah shall
i should judge well it looks like i'll make one oh it's
it's six oh well maybe i'll it's it's i
well with the poor there's an arrow
you know i see i see ah sean watch
all the human more yeah that ah
ah if maurice c. c. s. and l. a. u. call uh let's see
i see all the girls who i guess you'll slap i recall that
actually yes which i yeah it all that well that is all
oscars you got one i got it got yeah i mean we're
now is is it yours i see i'm not sure ah
actually i i i. e.
i'm not sure it's ah all the media i. p. should i see
more possible i possible they well that ah okay i still
make sure that x. s. your departmental it watching is it ah holes
right now i see i was here i got you ah
i want to ask you just well it's all it's all
ah ah okay yeah it's also what i
i ah e. r. that is it not was so low that we're gonna and mixes it up so
it sure sure i was i got what you what you sell out of this
just make sure it was not
i don't want to spare for ah k. i. or is is the ah but oh well so
well i'll go for us was what you were up on a c. o. e.
makes you there are see all basically yeah i i would i i i
or mexico
well or was it at that really as good a job why not from um
a us remote i possibly to get the yeah she would would just all
uh_huh uh_huh just even shows is that the one you up yellow i still feel
yeah the lines yeah nobody's also new as yet still t. v. and
the plot is all seen the little fellow stylish the little at the wheel she's alone
the purpose of those little issues d. c. could be cool
of the souls legitimately that love will publish other comments and all seasonal
the hope is it says there
john or via the police this yeah so it is full of it
these are deceitful maple tools plus keys or they just want to get it
the shape of the object that was with little interest on a lot
oh right on also the um is an l. p. c. i. a. p. h. p. s. o. and people who
well i guess
she's on the lapel
you only watch bluesy like is august people's
full c.
the loss in mogadishu somehow sitting focus your last occur could should also um
that's a posse low the rumour on that uh uh softly so it
there yeah to set the garage and a pup cordless result
it's a common for a a fantastic on a in a visible subversives tremendously not cookies
we can call the beep a key yeah the free scripts get called
papa to use of our beloved actually cited only with a group
um come awake everybody to stuff is curved but i'm just
where you uh internationally quarter but isn't possible them
um and now it's still well they like calvin isn't much either black
tongue it's come up and then was and i only on them
but it takes them a free scales 'cause a two part two back to a
call some oh yeah for muscle 'cause say morgues and can't just sit down
downtown lab professor aspect the k. l. sell professor when you'll see
d. logic teeth that that i'm actually deals like a sit down in the wash
and ah i. b. m. i. t. z. yeah and i'm awake he
to prove wow on main one poor panel i've met a lot than a a dinner for
my social prong of time is accrued little packet them often see one by one
comes of was only it doesn't class does one thing left a damning the maturity
cohn yes forty yeah if that is it to that should be asked objectives had not been in what they're not have that special town do huh
not that they knew what that are more picky piece fab visit to badger he can it be f.
anyway yeah i knew backspace you take some guest design dimension can add to plop about remote
it it just settled q. okay paul second multifunctional do when you're
done with economic of will needlessly component i don't know
the only down an article that is and no impacts on the record that is an key id badge of the pack works as well okay
oh no i am not mine to six picking me on there no matt upon them
as a separate almost wanna happily d. c. seven no ask effecting mostly send no
say reeks collapsed onto to half of schools that have one button hole astral
which prospects in a whole delicate blasted its level just go through dizzy
not animal saying you know it people like to see a soprano
take no that one c. d. coming up twenty cents to overlay the
answer presentation maps 'cause you challenge empty puts everything up into
does anybody own place a hate say he'll say don't touch and likely to moan francais
no zap on t. v. back valet key they like more menacing your mark on my monkey no buffet stash
the dispatcher does has on on animal and a sample then what see that's okay
i'll probably end it what else in your money now that happen masochistic uh_huh
it available open your pull had the was alert police in general
it just gets up copy fast remote could appear fiction while it should um where is all talk or
or arizona here i think it does in a nice that's you as much of it before before
which boston's when you would do that the costumes and then if it is it what it normally would be cool
i wasn't easy to the statistic the mission do additional should not be paid disposal
then it is for informational shape the coop noon who is coming to the
value of what you would do in the mold and impacts on june
people since the consoles uh a dish polish below discusses incident
inoculate bruises in the bow skin and tape op
you could buy the the that has all but but now that you will pulls
you didn't put up which was a simple so was it it's still the
the whole plot pump was supposed to construe people pop will allow say new more is
to you you could put models in your telephone you will be to uh
eh eh don't know this and on to a pool full of homo code to do was to well
but you didn't double uh but do we she you with the turn up on this you know
it's gonna miss the smoking for the wouldn't do companies to be and the ball
uh the simple now was come to the people and steal from the million
detect the cable uh the p. c. not portable so see the
guest wonderful uh people so they can suppose well should be put on
the the uh basically what what us we shouldn't leave molding
good lose me p. z. uh uh the cost i put the key could be put that up
that it misses the the custom fall right should was cheap and it's at least me a
couple should be so that the company logo will pay the mall the u. c. c.
lucas be with equal disregarded you wanna use what amazes and will will will be
which usually come in but he can feel the the the games don't
that's rules you know it's a tenth as it would have so
i'll get to circulation i would let you peek at multiple uh the colour
suppose couldn't badly as you know so that is a good one
for hope that that is a plus going up even come to the
napkin longer but corpus this 'cause it's but what the hell
you'll patients than them all apart the income doesn't like the comparable up and all
don't scooping the simple all bases c. c. d. meet people that
can't the monument visual show shown not broken communicable opens it no you wanna
spoke will uh uh the palm insect and put the only way in which
band mates on and the people that oh oh oh sorry control
open basically shows you could well i like somewhat division uh_huh s. s.
a. d. c. d. the tipton got to keep it simple
forty four zero cracker lookup older but it is our only shopped all
decisions linguistic guys all requests certainly they proceeded from your forty people
a well known with the the create to last us issue a dollar there's impacted linguistic
yeah yeah pretty motivated by fear is all about to wrestle select the
modem gasp overlap with you um what what we wrestle promos
to it's really cool that called the different out on that that
acted like he found one would lead morris's them or should
difficult but i'll be valid bassett return on the right of that ad and
up had positive you to them on the mice past that's that's what
you get it done it impurity you're gonna pay extra us personnel it must
ask that's another coffee um i say screw those 'cause only twenty
um i peppers da like it's yours you send more and more she to tough it out go off but
ask your um uh_huh i don't lot mm some metadata
for a piece of what how you come up
sure i demonstrate they uh i should have noted probably performing be easy to young face the limits okay
a life we have good a lot more to come on the questionnaire responses that tell him out a lot ah yeah a lot more
a um it's it's just to ask uh with a lot affected i might you know complex what i
wanna know see basque uh e. c. d.'s to show my own of what part for them all
a little while a prescription amount the lose of come about that on the market to
pass a font yeah a ninety six say you know bonus you know strong
male ah sure what apple well a ballistic part was that
should apply some political and that's a catalytic agenda was
is not an all star uh on seeing a lot more exact might
come up come on if a a off parts went valley
macy parliament shows just more possible sit upon us and ah version of our landmark
boss comparable is somewhat yeah not mine may deposit was that unanimous or not
i'm not sure what apple wow the the boss in a news you
settle down some modicum pompous good so some config counterfeit equal downplay
you have to stop they they before the cool one percent be more particularly a to the nagging uh
with a long game then that many of the partially if you know i'm all uh on
developing compete on spicy walk compound second my moments you only to the spa apply
oh man i'm sure what apple why mm the asian of wow
ms was home on the right up on or lamb on the lam m. i. yeah who
really nice she's uh_huh screw off at le party special most it didn't get stung okay uh pastries
off a set age why are you in a man yes you step on a lot more
the reviews remote well yeah um which when just when i think we'll
just see because i get so caught up with the t. v.
did is to please she's always you know it's it's quite easy
to to attract you like essentially you it'll be social group
yeah people do you know what it's it's it it it does what it looks a lot like well it looks like oh
it would be all street when you would you would use your you know your people can watch what you eat
but you know what's good sound visual well yeah you could use or do you think it's
i dunno uh we have pets um here are the same
and play it say yup who put it through the
see you all um the fact yeah an economy
it's complex p. g. a. late um
freaks the commands want want to be a may for
example to get onto onto peas now don't be
when it is summer they'll see that each other more mikey separate model car because you know
he come uh come will come on you know or point about that
a lot of that soon enough that that he's each lap each
oh i'm not activity i'm not fond copies won't be and come to fix the comments
a a a not only said well i get one but
uh yeah i you know i mishmash from excellent b.
so what was the present right out the axis of i. b. i. just more mm affected by flashy but are you long
okay the uh no effect the profession longer stop sign and uh back in or not
but um it's your lips charge religious comics out don't listen puppies that he the
only compete parts of communicate dunk only only stick with they like is
your of gummy guess yeah i don't have enough data sample are
missy autographed good because they come you guys have a click yeah we
yeah and if a a and about you know the monthly
the and then the the computers linguistic doppler market lot please but i think they put nikos you get to the other
does he not longer than along quickly on that i'm too low to be signed up to eighty dalai f. o.
like it was the fully do a week with pakistan course and uh we basically basically uh you know
also for example of what people saw the level of actually get real threes
uh the the uh so the corporate also linguistic study media say the model we calculate a complex
the parameters all the calculator mess so i'm an invalid or uh
when you would you be be much or not all kitchen religion either all the cars
at a church issues broken helpless just a unit vices i'll put all this about
uh i find a frog on should be on it it just to get so they let you control what you wanna do loaned out
i usually get me to sultan started but yeah like people's right
subscription will say political if a if a judge profit
i mean this is gonna inch possible she couldn't possibilities equality
put it wants to now little scientifically and was it
he lived only the all the what and it's you know it's all the older eh soft only
visit i'd like to be that's all that much about a list of people because i didn't
oh but about the so called a lot on mister mom omitting and couple of title excited
yet maybe like this that should be it comes yeah see i'm just pulls up
it is usual temples old nobility such as you usually don't francis traditionally it's it it gets us
on a lot should be yeah it's the salad bar that it monday
well what it is yeah it should only people up in it is legal but it level that's what
you'll see yep that little not not only people to be an audio c. e. devices make always
which shows you don't often so this is this semester okay that she should
let alone a pulls it isn't going to come and local slope
eh you but i want to do that if you could we could more the concept though you would do
and the completeness technique is was a bigger would only have to be like this
and demo which was the home probably go the sunset
and complexity minimal mode push was you some couldn't
complexities u. penn will also school that eh i'll put that on a potential solution based on what
i see cedar shift given fruit mow the let up very quickly they put it the chances of it on my lap okay
yeah so i slowly made his way to democratic well you go
uh that is possibly they retired issue issue to new
you may proceed so that that wouldn't be a little bit
and completely that point isn't long this one uh huh
yeah of course it it though i don't pulled 'em showers to uh
in all the some problem with mention put a little bit up on that isn't don't see
pluto to some of the more we should implement the country blues but when it don't
that's why that is o. o. p. and the whole bit olson q. that would
we we didn't appoint me constantly to keep on pay them to do that
i wanna do a modem gospel decision recognition or square the worker groom
where you can most racism if i knew uh so that we did only too long
japan's come back on the politics you know school some level p. estimate his panel pretty
about the lab problematic to bask effect the whole mount lack a map
online mobility found 'cause one nice cussing crystal pedagogy exactly pineapples
a second last go about alimony all the l. c. cell model don't know valet
she happy allentown developed by d. leslie sentiment couple buddy do anything
eight cup on the web will often say it's a commendable complicate an l. c.
m. k. k. for that i have worked in dynamic is joe robbie say
next time oh i need a tabby overlays o. of bunny superbly en francais
okay but that is also to death exceptionally a common excesses you're looking for the my the the my what the panel
by panel down pretty stank until he back home town back home protect we're long says you didn't hear any so
in some cases less yeah that was just a minute and then t. v. and your writing
'cause 'cause that wouldn't they know what have we done a not expecting allows them without falling a assemblies
does happen yeah been direct cabin to domino lab teflon but remains a magic missile i had meeting
you look at them and don't addition to buy land mobile apple well into p. only once i
get back on just only passer monkey pox on a line no second draft available values up
hey they they concede that a seaside in many k. only zap puppy pass could not be over
his own misery path already aching backs and key policy sell more come along the bands
setting the candy say don't now now what could ever have it sooner distrusted remote there you see
let's dip and one should you know to the market you think he's still double uh
to call me to do this you see in it you know who to
see people as it is you who was exposed to double the limo
city see what most polls component to put told the p. d. b. to belong to
it to a week like couldn't be exclusive to see he did but opposed to most polls
pursue to double in keystone could do to whom she bit at the post game
the economy goes a lot more click put on the beach balls
policy slightly she's the nazis seed you've got the c.
do you a lot cooler but that's your to that you do you mean you should do this on them
so sit but maybe she was you know shouldn't call for most should
sure c. w. double good shouldn't you johnny elitist japan and all
the main should it come to visit you the unity they depict people were so it
the issues well you show me this to see you
the the most was moved and don't know maybe you could use
bruce wanted to see you to do this bit is do would be to become more people uh well
do this it's you would've been will be still we ended when it can point with without them
let us think he's he's come see me nine new shoes to see the movie
the full pa made plug one lives with six shows the u. e. d. papers budget also so we are they
that we should bally's us or other than the results of if you see it
the t. v.s s. all day long you would think he did
yeah didn't last summer sample exactly the does a secluded yeah
click ceased men you visited that but that was because of what the problem that it would visit with the
major in the cool mini we provide output should did they would make these
men but they don't miss it wouldn't so that might be a little
consequence it could be able completions to mark his domino sydney who
do that there's there's this kid would come on the
was to call it that close you was on he's got the call one of the superstitions
with um um but uh that was about radio should according to go be yeah
unless they uh devoted activity today don't you example somewhat reprise ample tall mailman down
sigh uh some mashed a dinosaurs so much but i'm
scottish people come back lid on this they don't
and economists confess a. a. c. that's got object if duncan move on men see why not
to slump was this chart personnel to the age of a passion impart limits envision them
meant when i said to show that objective launch compost sit but yeah sixty yeah an object if
a school that does or uh before can it one in your look with the uh
uh look with a a sentiment that it's still nice to see you gotta
objectives you will get on the county shaken guy from its yep
i know that my spouse so cheap device on more mash book would be vastly more to to solve a
uh i'm going well informed us you know obviously a lot by some shuffle example recognition or pen
yeah i got to fill out the form that don't that ash actually noises but what i sure wish
matt said to be on the piece obviously she sees the look on rock um based yep well uh well
uh i cover the phone both the politically some people more you to write it but to shove wow
people well guess 'cause cylinder don't discuss a lot no support is
it usual prism than the more play on sheaf camel
don't go we should have got a kooky and put a a
a a sentimental cute you had you know get examples are
matt apply a job to some 'cause some much ah so much
but to to uh come um commits us to cover them
apply possibly a like a strategy to to be easy to use that's your
i don't mean a spots go let nimbly for this time they escort of they
want as much as the school cool animal what yes it it will
cool new uh uh fit the why of uh um economy
ca stability post production like to sell at all
cheap osgood done late do it yeah a lot of posts a comment
if i miss every meeting amused basketball again that just they
is that was only a big black is on the economy's
it i don't much of the collective provided production automatic
it's a lack of past of when it when it's more some mashed can have
it meant survey they um they um okay the aim is on pages of t. c. l.
or or somebody else have i mean you articulate late monday that's just the seat may
on it that i got from a you have a remote that no one out
just or of um just on the model g. so to our clan cardio quite complex rocket ship
may pikes peak it may can them is funded twenty some to some claim of is it
a key if you can map them on like the astronaut product though
did u. s. and then three if yeah massive attack uh uh
public places use the parts they don't let's from awesome to see that was it's just good old
stuff but they are i could be a human yeah with a lot it don't go
if after the machine priestly upload your profits more miss it i'm a sick but
passes the agony than push um and i don't hear a up there
i play lately plastics you know i could i mean should give on the large yvonne downtown tar
is on m. m. what value i've got a a lack of them wants yeah that's more like a bunch of calls me doesn't is circular
so people are really gonna double up on triple or quad that's real uh
mayor you drill a group through as a it's it's what i hated this crucial
to go i'm scared people weird al also thirteen cripples can put two little quickly
forgot to when it then those are good too salty motel problem with relational
a second ravel is solar by value for conform low values
are manifold value in this way provided a it it
schema guests the reason will say this is also a secure to take its toll before marshall
we'll get on that too she also it's right here uh so whole sold
the elected him again you're a cylindrical fables good any distance organ is
uh uh also secure the coveralls difficult sexual i'll send you more it was
a shock so are you and what he or log on mon
it can be seen francoise issues are offering it was and it was a there's are the result for me really that's really
a free related distributing basically by avenue and easy to see part of our
history our newsletter located propeller here should pass the microphone acting verbal

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13 March 2018 · 6:33 p.m.
Un regard économique sur la valeur des langues nationales et de l'anglais dans le marché du travail en Suisse
Marco Civico, Observatoire Economie-Langues-Formation, Faculté de traduction et d'interprétation (FTI), Université de Genève
13 March 2018 · 6:37 p.m.
Table ronde, animée par Bernhard Altermatt
Eliane Gaspoz, Marco Civico, Gilbert Briand, Resp: directrice adjointe BCVs, responsable des ressources humaines - Faculté de traduction et d'interprétation (FTI) - chef du service des ressources humaines du canton du Valais
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13 March 2018 · 8:17 p.m.

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