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the news board there um welcome to the talk back session uh well
i should feel very very happy that the audience is though you know more
or less picked to even with the the last session of the day
so thank you very much for being here it's a pleasure for me being here in to
being you together with fall experts uh uh for people with
with the with the great background with interesting background
uh so my i'm in charge error of the commercially unit in euro good news and sports and entertainment
and uh i'm guiding you through the next around sixty minutes on the sports topic um
let me start introducing you are out the penalties are
first elf half life you have half an hour
uh she is just arrived from las vegas shifted
director of research at the university of nevada
yeah yeah i have the financial gain if you if i'm in a flat top on both
freezers caliph internet gambling with the phone with the idea of your fourth and employees
she thigh that you're off the uh i think we first if you reviewed journals
uh gee sure so at the international advisory fellow for thing if with national council
she is the founding director of the new viaduct his fourth alliance
and both names yeah in twenty three with the global gaming bases on the fourteen forty percent
so other front i think uh that you're here and that we have to have one special topic to torture and
if i could now say that if the reason why she iffy and we flew in the face
of the decision today figure of but we've all we don't talk about it in if it
then i'd like to introduce you to stiffen flipping if uh he he
uh uh uh if if the executive director of he views forward
he actually are oh that's probably fifty shorter fifteenth uh
to the to the audience for the for he
arrives from the from the function lever um the stuff i
became the head of international program airfares are off
yeah on the fed he you in ninety two he was later on the control of sports right
he was uh in nineteen eighty i'm slightly ninety eight
he was elected to use forthcoming fees sharon
yeah yeah it is thought if they have the fifth year we hear the fabric of you region over a shoe that if you
and later on now with the executive directive use for it
have you thought maybe she if if if you're either make your rifle or whomever territories uh off
including the of you know the football curve on for uh the both of twenty two
and all the you get many many of of major thought marked and and winter
um if if the if the events i'll forever is a lawyer
so and we'll we'll have another way all that on
page so and he thought it uh in germany in in that and let it every curve that's what to fit
um for that long uh on on form of direct fifteenth and federation if if if
chocolate defame them if probably the um many of you know the here so
yeah if there aren't if our uh in charge of the haitian with all sport plus federations
have you have a list of all the fake was involved in the politics or
uh it's yeah and uh the uh it it brings
um you know the traditional sports experts expertise
uh together with to use force 'em expertise so here are
up before we moved into each word he was the
computer off the german poppy problems we go for almost ten years from two thousand five two thousand fifteen
uh in twenty ten yeah he was no he was awarded to
force measure over here by the german magazine how ride origins
uh and it's a a fair around to uh the feeling
of two thousand seventeen he moved to use that right
fun test if you've also vice president of the german if sports federation if uh as i
mentioned he thought if you off and five and have to get the vote if um
so but i found and the final long uh oh very cool finite he's ahead
of me off a out for entertainment if s. a. p. if up
thank you um the radio um if the tracks if industry why the for for both
at i. p. cast the most sports game publishers sports betting not read another
he's also a highest impressions also bit of your passion your lecturer
uh at the university all for our uh pump for a a a fabric that alone yeah as
well as and a lot for all in london so you start with that recently right
so you graduated the uh not in a war you credit in in the humanities and arts
um and because i'm destruction of well so are for you go um that's develop
a lot of international business from here sports and take confirms since the thought of exterior
almost fifteen twenty years ago i don't want to vision your your person but
alright thank you guys for being here so let's let's start or with the fashion
there are i'd i'd like to ask you what uh all of you one question um
please could you we're very briefly outline i mean you only inches the sports industry
uh and uh and your view what what comes next
but at least at my connection to that you sports sense
what industry is as it relates to gambling snow i'm
the director research as allies as mentioned i have the international
gaining institute at the university in analysing i guess
most of the head of social and recreational gambling research i at u. c.
l. a. in los angeles i go back and forth between the two
so evidently steady is underneath the umbrella of gambling still
gambling markets as they pertain to game integrity or
gambling as it relates to gain design which often comes up with the sports and video game
i would then that's got van daimler behaviour as well as prior behaviour and how does
manage to intertwine finance and operations that that you and how they are related
i am from there at that time i became one of the founding directors on
the net out you sports alliance add that was put together to log
at these points not just from the gambling perspective of course last i guess is home to
and massive a gambling industry but it's also mounted on massive
tourism industry and from there the infrastructure associated with tourism
was one that we hope to embrace as it pertains to the sports and competition
i as for the future of the sports and what's next uh yeah i'll i'll answer
within the scope of of what i know best which is of course gambling
add this thing is ever increasing way we talk about the size of the market
for gambling when we compare it to e. sports it's something that dwarfs the industry itself
ah the estimate for twenty seventeen and uh the sports industry was that this market isn't a mouse and
maybe seven hundred fifty million euros something like that and then i'm sure
there are agreements disagreements on the actual assessment as their allies are
whereas the estimate for betting on you sports embedding as it relates these points
ranges anywhere from two billion u. r. l.'s to perhaps seven daily and euros and some
estimates even put it at fifty billion by the time we had about twenty twenty
so within that scope i think there's quite a lot of future within the
the batting sphere or whether it be betting on the event itself
i didn't play wagering is quite large with these points some of the pieces that came up in
the last session certainly related back concept as well as bedding within the capacity of the game
thank you very much different well um b. b. you your pin broadcasting union
is an organisation that represents all the public service broadcasters in europe
um so we're covering more than fifty territories countries
um and uh we have a more
than seventy members acting uh under this umbrella uh the you is that it
collectively buying writes a sports rights and to in this respect reality following clearly
all relevant media trends in order to see where our traditional media um might go in in future
we um all the dinosaurs uh consider this the dinosaurs uh in in this
world that's how i dressed up like that um and um and
on the other hand being a dinosaur you see a lot of
species passing by uh coming up and then passing away again
and so we feel sometimes a bit like jurassic park you know coming
back with version one two and three and being quite successful
so our relationship with the with the industry of gaming is is they uh in the sense of
not only looking at it but also actively i'm starting exchange with them
because we believe and we have to discuss it later we believe
that um you gaining wants to be will be ah
that means a and spend the getting lots of money from the broadcasters or other groups of all the
rights and i think both worlds of looking now into how to um if it how to
merge uh did say at least various sectors of the activities and where does it go i think
it will happen uh the merging of the traditional and the new uh sports thank you
yeah and you know i'm with d. s. l. and on all
all modesty it's the biggest sport company bought your noisy online
omens leaks and often tournament this weekend in dallas next weekend to birmingham soul
big events with ten thousands of spectators well the confetti comes down in the end and where you can uh
rice a a trophy and uh hundreds of thousands of euros or as a as a
as a player um what we expect well of we will make mistakes but uh
in the end i think we're we're sitting on record and we will be though
but yes or what sport would be the the biggest entertainment industry and work very well this would be huge
thank you very good yeah i work for a separate or you will really familiar with is the largest
uh business software company in the war we're ninety five k. employees more less that what footprint
and we enter into your sports and entertainment um we
we the whole to to deliver the best
software solutions fourteen for the nation broadcast or any other is the holder and to this industry
um obviously when you see and this is what we need double numbers year after year then definitely
something the yeah i think uh this is part of the detailed information of the society
uh people is not looking anymore line in you know in gauge and so they go to normally
and this is nonlinear entertainment because it's very interactive is much more different than any other sport
ah i'm broadcast teen haywood before so i i think it's alignment to
to not loses and that's why it's so interesting for more fast
for those who are question if this is a sport not a sport that i think
doesn't relevant if we go one hundred years ago people would argue that you
ask us not music and later on they need to accept it so as soon as you do it the but the but the the advantage you have
thank you very much i'm i'm i'm definitely agree with you i mean maybe will
not touch varies on the topic you see sporty sports or not i think
uh all the people were interested in e. e. sports it i'm sure
you are so you you have a discuss this question already
so i would rather touch it will continue talking about entertainment
and uh having you here uh uh you know
not even twenty four hours for a from las vegas the mega of entertainment a matter of life and attainment
uh i mean we all know that he's bored is really growing market about how does it get along the
east word uh with the with the life annotated as it's because he knows in in uh las vegas
it has been extremely popular to plug into the entertainment next in the product makes that exists
is that last may i guess like in more of the resorts setting in general
last i guess has cancer quite a lot of evolution is over the years
and now it's very much focused on being and as you said and entertainment mac as opposed to necessarily a gambling madcap
especially as we advanced in technology to have access to gambling is so many different media
uh you know for example that the phone in my pocket will hold a gambling
i don't need to go into the casino to place the major anymore
and so are these resorts have have listen to diversify it's no longer just
casino resorts would call them integrated resorts there's no gambling
phrase allergy that exist in that name anymore
i guess the results things like e. sports and gaming is gaining lounges had
become particularly popular i read hasn't been very popular each entity here
last i guess is now looking to see how e. sports can be
part of it's entertainment next and we've seen quite a variety
the e. sports arena which is uh as some not globally known brands they have
i read as i or either existing market development all around the world
just open that i i brain your brain i really just don't in a few months i don't now two months at most
yeah you and last may guess in the labs or that's the big pyramid one and the script
that has the giant like because that that you can see when you fly in and
that went into an old nightclub space the nightclub had not been performing well the
closed it and now there's a giant the sports arena and that space
we also see a competition spaces the downtown granted honestly i guess has
opened up a book and space where teams con and rent
out the space and they can all live together much in the same way that that and i described in the last session
i don't live together in bunk beds in a in a i'm not about hotels sleek and then they can go into the
training room and train it really has very i said sure are
very fast uh internet connections so that they're able to
i i play there and train with their then we also have detail type lounge is one
of the big trends recently in the gambling space is only costs deal based gaming
uh which is a just a marketing way of saying gambling that
has some scale component involved in it i'm from their
leasing a big overlap with you sports that trendy to brain and i think if you people now mentioned millennium walls
but just does the most lingerie and he did word in the gambling industry right now
i had to have that converge together so it's not necessarily just a gambling product
it's also the means of offer range and entertaining keys
that simply exists we have or uh and and
tandem with or a alongside the the gambling itself
i mean i'm about to buy a ticket was bigger immediately after the sessions whether that's pretty clear so it
seems that if a rather they go again and had of uh the entertainment and um and uh
and uh i mean the consuming entertainment life and on
side is probably probably still into these two days
consuming uh entertainment through our uh uh through the media channels
um different era i mean you're only yeah you're
coming from from the only nearer to the t. v. world uh i mean you experiencing all of it
uh all the competitors there um a form of on the nonlinear bolt
um i mean what's what's your view and uh on on the
development and how do you positioned at e. b. use uh
uh you know i'm way off of presenting about be used
for topic to the to the to the awfully increasingly
i'm interested audience i if i really think and i believe um
the two worlds have to start to to use the same language at least
uh to start to discuss to have exchanges um i don't think that
do we uh completely fishing in different phones um and and we should do more
probably together uh i see if you go just move second away from uh the pure media perspective or
from the pure d. c. t. v. perspective um what i understand is that even twitch is
amy looking a bit at the traditional media by having now
it twenty four seven sports channel uh on the platform
so it's not only of looking at it in at at at uh the these in just a few game
it's also the the gaming industry looking at us in trying to combine things um if you look at
again wider the organisations uh we have all listen don't follow to discussion of the olympics
will it happen or not happen so even these traditional bodies uh if he's discussing
it and and we don't have to to to other question now but
when you look at the asian games i understand two thousand eighteen already the
asian games will run in the gaming competition and in twenty twenty
two um in china it will be unofficial sport except it there so we
see that the traditional bodies are somehow starting to discuss and when i
break it down to our t. v. world um i can see the
same uh what are we good that we are good that storytelling
um uh is that you get a good at storytelling i don't know it's probably too expensive to
have the players uh then we uh good at reaching still a larger number of eyeballs
um we are quite good at that um i think we're very good at
promoting things we out that at a catching the interest of the use
what we i see clearly uh the advantage of the gaming industry so somehow
as we all stand facing and facing the same situation that the audiences and experience
that we can share um i believe uh that can be more done what
do we specifically to you um we clearly hold off
first you gaming workshop uh actually master class
uh in in two thousand sixteen in berlin we continue um eleventh and twelfth of june
to have old invited members um uh to have an l. another workshop in helsinki
um and we we as it you uh also i'm in contact with a t. e.
gaming industry uh to buy or use rights and to offer it to all members
and all members uh again oh extremely active in this field already so we're
not just sort of a different world files when i look at um
minimum fifteen to twenty members are already active in this field
um part of them doing highlights part of them doing
broadcasting part of them starting having news items so all
different activities so it's happening really that we're merging
oh getting together at least one after the other and um in this context
i believe that there is more to come i'm i'm quite convinced um
we might probably not start with certain violent sports we
might start with other sports we might start
very conservatively with the parallel to our it's a live shows with the the simulation of sports
um and we believe this is a good start but we see that other members are even going a bit further okay so
not sure enough i mean each each of the members i'm either going over the kind of kind of the only opinion
uh so therefore it's it's a it's a kind of a transition period which you just described
what what you so a role and how's the use as influencing
i mean the the developments there of the of all
the development of the media channel what's the best media channel for four years old i mean everything started as
as she ever mention with which but no i mean as as the the the public order of
overboard dresses i getting approached i mean how do you want to uh direct is this
well we're we're of course interested to reach as many eyes for eyeballs as possible so that for you and uh
member associations a member stations off of of the highest interest us
uh i would uh i'll just uh said jokingly to justify uh there's always the two minutes before the
types although the the menus and german t. v. i'll watch by like ten million people there's always
two minutes uh use from stock exchange uh could be an idea to to have
two minutes or what's the baby wrap up of the sport that uh that
might you you more interesting to just send your application with the real world just just just a
job that's the the the the very next i'm not the very next step um so
that there's a basis of of expectation of the sport and service that
you can see something on on on which or at least
for free uh on free spoke what retorts after so that's where we stop and you too
but we we feel more more that classical t. v.
stations linear t. v. stations visions recharge russ phosphor
for magazines for for life events even in germany there was putting that i thought were broadcasting
broadcasting live counter strike a off eleven in the evening of course
and uh so what went very well okay well this will grow thank you for this air
very good um i mean it's a p. just a announce the ah thing one or two weeks ago all
their involvement uh in in the team uh it partnership or sponsorship uh oh are you name it
but uh your interest in in the in the sports industry is different it's it's not just being here
a a spoiler or traditionally like having some uh some uh
uh i don't know media over this so your interest is different would you
like to outline please the interest of as a puny sports sure
um that's everything is moving from union to nonlinear and everything's going interactive
so from your perspective also off or should go that way
and in that sense we ponder should uh with the uh team liquid
which is one of the largest your sports team in europe
to understand the k. p. eyes that they need for paper phone phones me and also develop
older core innovation projects that can help cost to serve other software into the industry
um it's a new way to connect the brown to all the
obvious is that otherwise you cannot reach in particular may be
um a company like i said we will not reach if they are not new sports because uh
we had pieces of work so the way to conduct with dolls on this is different please
into new channels you complication channels just sports okay i mean
i think this is pretty much it trained and
and we have new the sports i mean we're we're investigating the market and we have we're seeing that
at this stage i mean a a brand especially in on it uh it don't make brains uh moving into into the sport
i mean i i we'll give you one video for you there so prepared for the session just
to also to present you a second uh examples next it's a. p. how you can
uh be engaged air within the e. sports industry and i'm i'm
asking the the technique to play the the video of gillette
we're we're
they are
i think it's it's quite interesting to see how they they activated how i'll their house gillette involved with it
let me ask you i mean this video is from the the is the top event obvious
ellen captivated who who went to see into with the the even got to be to
i'm not not that many off that one three four people thought that
and uh uh who else visited any sport even in general
of course i mean everybody yeah then the the audience so i don't know ten to twenty percent so um
i think i mean putting the the um is it if you use more topic a little bit on the side i mean
i'm i'm still let me i can't really a way to oh two or two oscar you bread uh i mean
for your view on the on the decision happened to two days
ago and probably you would like to explain what precisely
has been decided by uh by the us or a government
authority to to open the case for for betting
so so so the two sentence explanation is that
previously there had been a federally imposed
plan and sports betting other that knows that were grandfathered in from prior law
that band has now been left it so damn their sports betting is not necessarily universally
legal across the united states no but the bayonets that's just it's no longer band
i as it currently stands gambling is regulated at the state level and the united
states much as it is in in germany as we were talking about earlier
and as so currently each state has the opportunity
to create its own lot regarding sports betting
ah there is also one currently uh issue for discussion at the federal level the
we'll see where that goes and then from there the sports betting we'll progress
and uh and what does it mean for the sports industry on
let me let me before you weren't i'd i'd like to
jump over to you and uh i mean there wasn't but do you think what it means for the sports industry
well i think this is really big news we can become very happy first of all it's it's great for the customers for for
the for the feds because they can get more involved into the sport through betty this is uh this is something uh
you and others did research on that the moment you you bet even if it's a small amount on
on a sporting event in your getting more involved and you start a conversation
with your friends et cetera et cetera sort would be just more fun
to what you sport or to be involved in this and fall fall or
fall torment over notice and all teams that this i think this money to uh
well just off just in the premier league and english premier league or
half of the teams have a betting companies on the on the jersey you the the the
main part of the the the main part so if you if you picture this would
something like this would happen in the in the us market or even even globally
for the teams and for the for the event although not as also always done
under the prop for transparent compliant way of course this could be great
i mean yeah please correct me read of i'm not a a vamp wrong but i mean uh uh if i remember a lot of i'm
i read write paper i mean the n. f. l. the m. b. a. they are not so much in
favour of this decision is it warm water with uh what's your view i it depends on the organisation
uh it but some are in favour i if you go back even just maybe three or
four years none were in favour that now and i see it certainly as i uh
monetary plus e. v. opportunity it's uh the option that they
now can collect on certain things so for example and
i many areas the water sports betting is already in existence
there's an existing and stable market and regulatory structure
there are fees that do go toward leagues organisations to put toward integrity
training tracking at partnerships with gambling regulatory organisations as already is
partnerships with adding operator is not just from the sponsors yet perspective
but also from a an integrity perspective to look for
i know i'm betting patterns that might signify identify some sort
of corruption in the sport i and so from there
that's something that that i think some of these leagues are little
they capitalised on and not necessarily a negative thing capitalised on
i would say that there's certainly a mix of opinions on
how that will actually well there's then requests for
i i feel one percent have handled so this is the amount of
money that's spent on again it's not necessarily the amount of money
that the block windows so one percent handle can actually be a huge amount if i
put down a hundred euros on the l. canada not have main arsenal game
ah but that that is only going to pan out say you know i'd a hundred and fifty euros
i the the taxes coming out of that hundred euros it's not coming out of the amount that
the the the book might we and and so that's been a huge sticking
point from the legislative perspective in the united states because that he
is typically ending up being in absolute terms greater than like this they
would actually get so for example in the state of nevada
i find taking an effective twenty percent which is about but that one percent fee would be quite a lot of the revenues
i'm getting three to four times like this data data is getting so there's been a lot
of discussion on that might certainly i don't look at the perspective that he's boards
there's quite a lot there half erica said you know doesn't matter us is part is
a sport or not a sports you just move forward and go with it
i unless things change has been defined sport united states uh it has an impact
on the sports because wagering is different if something is considered a sport
or sort of an event is the word we typically use because bill if it's a sport has to fit under sports
betting regulations that it's an event it has a completely separate
set of regulations that if it's under so currently adam
oh all football games you can pick whichever for value like adam my american accented
one or the actual one the ad they they are typically just sort
of capri approved entity i don't have to go away and do the gaming
control board every time i wanna take a wager on an arsenal game
i find that bookmaker whereas with any sports events if yes that was hosting a major event i wanna
take wagers on yes i love and i have to apply for each event that yes i
was testing so it's not very popular thing right now so until there's well the colour white list
of events was it that that would be slow to move forward interesting i mean uh
so you mentioned already if federico so i mean recreate me it's a piece focusing on the
on the in all the tricks of of the teams et cetera at you know
looking at getting and and you know the prob possible negative impact on that so what's
your view i mean uh how does it come together and what all the wreaths
uh we would work with but make us actually providing them software to
teach the i'll use or to run their operations into databases
um on your sports we want to understand it cause system better
that's why we are working with that in with tape your
or software solutions to the t. needs on what the others they all believe
in this environment are from spots within perspective i definitely think that
with the arrival of your sports we will have much more markets to bet and actually is all about who's
gonna win maybe the next round but we're gonna see much more alive engagement when the yes boards
a tournament or games into the but the houses because uh oh this is not the more popular and
everyone will understand better what to offer to the audience and when we think about i'll lose actually
uh the stand time that a person can get attention is
we shorter shorter because the options are much higher
in the past noon yeses have the remote control that page of the way we watch t. v. but
before that it to stand up to the chip that will have everything on one or fingers
and uh if you are not interacting with the loudness after a second then people would move out
so yes forces gonna offer to build make us a new market to approached an
audience when when you buy a men's also because it's different kind of sport
um so definite is gonna be a poster for the bookmakers that why
many of them i do not good job in that sounds like a mission as an
example of lottery downs good spiel in denmark they uh have been amazing job
and that's fine now is one of the top five
e. sports lean years but because that they have
but in a i'm running on the website because they have started these many years ago and all the lotteries
had not yet to start so it's time to go time to bet on your sports uh the best solution for your
how does it sounds very interesting yeah i mean i like to open
air this topic is really hot topic a very fresh topic i
may actually we have organised this topic for the session today so yeah
do you have a question is it uh with regards to
to the the just happened decision on betting in the u. s. s.
oh it's it's things that betting is not a very big topic but we have one question over there
alright insisting on alright perfect um i think one big thing in regards betting in terms
of uh preventing manipulation is um like you said you have to analysts for patterns
that requires you to have a certain set of data two tickets to the patterns
no new sports i think we have challenge that you have multiple different gains
you don't have an aggravation of all the data from all the gains anywhere so don't you think
that's going to be a problem to make a recognition of patterns that could indicate manipulation there
it's kind of yes ah yes definitely
i there's a lot that i the discussion and that's that some of the box has
a saturation updated to the point where they are able to target somebody's betting patterns
and my opinion on on that specific point is actually less so that the data is so spread out
but actually more that as as was i think discuss their least
alluded to in the last session there's constantly new games
that are being developed an exploding upon the scenes a fortnight a battle right now nobody was playing the six
months ago because it didn't really exist any like what was the release date that's not even six months ago and
i i guess suddenly it's one of the biggest gains that we half cell when games are continuing to goes
patterns that's what we really don't have enough data to really be able to term and
what might or might not be i'm normal banding pattern because it simply to french
and for a long time actually with the same idea there are
many issues with creating alright as reagan mentioned that and
is it on sky spell and uh in denmark and they they've been doing
this for many years so it's like easier for them to send line
if we look at the history of football i have all sorts of data on third party now
what sort of behaviours are good for a good football player
so i can create a line for a football match
that would allow need to sort of even out the bowl for bookmaker is to have an even amount
of wagers on each side of the match because they will always win from that vinegar the bigger
and so but that's we don't necessarily know how to properly set a line for the
sports matches for business perspective in addition to the integrity perspective there's issue there
other back to your original planks 'cause i as an academic tend to digress and
i i agree i think that there is really an issue that we don't have sort of a centralise the database of this
but um i've you want is more that these these new games that
keep exploding and get very very popular are regularly being added
tuesday at cut competitive schedule that that groups like yeah seller having
i i that much harder for integrity oversight if i can or something on that topic uh i think this is
a great opportunity for companies like i. p. and other software
tools to demonstrate artificial intelligence and the machine learning
as soon as you are on the algorithm under the stars learning how that game behaves
and how the players or letters that games are run then we
have a much more compiling this story to tell our customers
why would they will software that just advertisement anywhere like read something
so this is the the new marketing way to engage on your sports is not just
spray and pray for someone to buy your stuff
is much more a storytelling uh about
what you do and why you do it and how would you do it
seven and not to the betting i wanted to have more a question related
to the sports a business model actually uh it's something i will okay
alright i mean uh yeah i think i mean in this decision is probably just the milestone uh uh
you know within the betting industry and we really a lot lot more many more things about that
a very soon so let's come back to one of the grey or one of the questions um and from the agenda
i mean i'll say e. sports competition going to be changed i i mean stefan are i mean i uh oh
so the fact that you started early and you you more it what was going on the
market and you will have your next it's was workshop in finland very soon so
so really i mean so you are you are ready or uh uh to to move
in what when do you expect the explosion first question on the sports and uh
and uh i mean what do you recommend a yarn to do in order to change the component
competition that uh the the the why the audience uh available for the increase the interest
i think the explosion is is happening from the perspective of growth
but uh the level of course from where you start i mean percentage that's high but if you look an absolute figures and it's
compared to do the television already is still on the way let's
put it this uh this way um and to and therefore
i believe in order to make the competition crow i mean from our traditional understanding the teams for example that
team from our traditional understanding means you have to click in to connect to them because of something
it's not the name it's not only the way how to perform it must be something
else and and this is a bit difficult for the outside world to understand
who is the team why i'm a supporting this team all the other team um and
that is something which from our traditional world we believe needs a bit of um
uh_huh blood fresh look and and to see what kind of learning from digital
sports can be taken to is it a national team visited and and
be at the represented of the national team here but he said the big
guys uh somewhere else as noted with the national team so somehow
this seems to be one to do one problem that is existing the other
one it's very simple uh you don't know all the people you
don't know the teens you have difficulties to understand who is it um
and that's where i think television and asked the and and and
egon could probably come together and say we could really um hop out
with storytelling on on performance on the teens who is it uh and to
make them get get rid of emotions around that it's not only them
moment that is emotional i think delete up has to be a cast to
prepare emotions and that's where i believe television can can come in
and this is what our members have done um they have started to broadcast and then
there is so it's not good enough and they started then to create highlight shows
um and surrounding stories around this and this then led to a high interest
and we don't know going so far um but as you you
we're exchanging a regularly news items for all our members so
we have fifty thousand items that we're sending to all the
broadcasters connected to us and the agencies by the way
and we are now considering also to have its to um certain highlight events uh to put there
exchange it and hope to get it at least to the sports and or to the news
in order to make people understand that's there and then once you have that kind of momentum
i think then the financing model uh from our perspective could fly that we're willing
to pay even for rights as long as something has to be built up
um it's difficult to get these access to these revenues and uh we we are willing to build it up
but we're not ready to prepare it and and i mean yeah unless or noise i mean
how do you uh what's your vision listed to to uh to you i'm not
what what do or or yon maybe what what what what is your view how would
you like to develop in order to to to to get to a better axes
well or for first of all we have to do it very clear that
we're still in adolescence so it'll be about you're not a like
fee for it since nineteen of all four or something oh so you're still
in rock n. roll state of of of of of of the industry
and this will still looking it classical sport we can learn a traditional sport we can we can learn about how
to do storytelling how to to how to better explain all competitions how
to avoid that we have a global championship he and another one
two months later and some of the uh link or they are not linked whatever
that we can use uh we we try to to create a from zero
two euros strategy well the the big global tone women's of course on on
top of the pyramid and but from the foundation you can you come
rice step by step from national championships to come to those goals
global global important event but this is just you just have it at the beginning
my my my personal take this or or the others that you know this but my person take would be uh
in the next seven to ten years we've also see really national competitions does not
not something which is common uses all take so long slim to ten years
but oh well i would i would of course it's full would take some time but but the moment would be the would be
publicly financed and all that the germans date wouldn't
like to see all only the russians or
all the port you use or whatever when the metals uh or to the americans so i i
think we will have you see this happen one day but just a question then is it
do you think that this kind because we're talking here in the session before we
we listen to number of four five very important um e. sports competitions um
do you think that after a couple of us something completely new has to
come something else has to happen because a league of legends and
all that is good but to play it for eight years ten years of the watch it uh for eighteen years might be difficult
or with what you've all sort of four hundred years there's a problem
that uh i actually i got everything i i i don't want
i don't know the answer to this question if i knew i would be genius and sitting somewhere in the
villa been just getting phone calls once a day i nobody knows of the whole industry is is this
it's trying to answer this question and the the bus if that developed fortnight they are
building your heroes and we will have new them to use time so this is why i think
this is the interesting thing about this for as well the some games that stay like
come to strike has been around for twenty years and we'll see what happens to fork
out of it was different for a pretty long time of the games might just
fade away to to puerto new yeah i could i mean i'm a few days ago i mean uh you coming from a from
a tech company and uh i think a visual a reality is
probably definitely topic or so for for as a p. e.
at least i mean i'm i'm definitely convinced that you personally uh interest in this topic uh
i mean uh you presented to me yes that they are quite interesting video from from japan and so
i mean uh what what if the and what's the link uh of these virtual reality uh
a trend uh or taking big it's not anymore trend maybe
uh involved in uh in the sports industry what what
what what what can we get out of it well i was surprised by the how the work ah
this uh initiative from a japanese company a startup called
us to want to shut communication on the ornaments
that look like teen team against team just like useful that is
moving your body uh with the return value the headset
uh this can be a new segment inside the video game in competition
which is evolving from being in front of a laptop or a
screen uh with your device and just interacting digitally to i mix
and we have some interesting of targets also here in this
in this congress are mixing bitch already we i mean communication
and trying to move people out of the chip
so i think this is not gonna replace or kenny wallace uh yes possible
he shows the new segment inside this huge all real war and again out talking about anybody
station do something that everyone is afraid of a federations flops from traditional sports please
take your strategy for your sports even to say no
but starting the case because this annual communication channel
uh to reach new audiences to put your brown in the head of many
people there is much more viewers orpheus force actually than many other
traditional sports so even to say no please review your strategy and
say no without reason knows knows just say no because
all this is a four d. s. digital for young people i don't understand anything if
you still fragment the uh and there's novel association to look after these are flats
a movement is evolving every the that's the goal of this as
well and your brown can be better position if you
i i agree with that company strategy on the stakeholders to your company
yes and uh i really um want to to support that idea because when we started to discuss with you the soft
um uh this was uh the idea to some will bring
a real event that means the olympics um to win
if you're the young viewers uh but then to use as much
as possible it see the real down hill slow um
and allow the people to compete to a certain extent with the real picture and and these kind of things
i believe is up coming in by awful and you can define your heartbeat when you
have to shoot a and all that kind of thing so the out released
developments possible and and weekly support that idea because we believe this is a must
to guide people to more interaction with the with the sports decisions balls
no i mean i also agree with you and and if you if you um you mention to uh i
mean all the stops to of today and and and do we know for what games is also probably
i mean they're they're not far away for integrating visual reality as well let me to kind of you know so we we haven't seen it
gets also these uh a hollow road games so everybody uh we haven't
seen it yet should should maybe do believe it's quite interesting
but i mean again you know lot bigger as a is or where they had all that they make is like is it
you know everybody on the street lovely go running around with with
the with the regional uh uh the technical brought um
oh the last days in particular i don't think everyone will be running around with the
rich already had that because we like to think that what we've created there
isn't itself already the virtual reality in so perhaps while you're there you don't need to
where they had said that perhaps we can export it it's either had area
no fantasy so okay um god anymore question from the audience from the auditorium
as they relate to fully quiet yeah but probably uh because of the final although there's one question
from from the european only if i'm not wrong yes it took the technique because we can't hear you
i'll i'll probably no yeah um i'll get the uh the release of c. with
a it's the vocal it's um but my question was about um the uh
the games uh can only as and uh uh thieves game and how they might develop in the future
versus obviously the big games which of the uh the known sporting games and i see that picture
would you like to answer from a competition standpoint from a development standpoint uh
from from province is really i think my understandings obviously the the
the uh the big numbers the big interested in those articles um but obviously maybe sports
basically in this will change the landscape slightly which is how those those two sports all your sleeker
relates to the n. b. a. to katie and i'm out those games mites a row
uh or not go in the future um versus or it's good i mean they can't
fever and the p. s. uh can i mean yes force yeah big
vans big publishers integrate joplin platforms but let's think about your sports
uh they represent for only two percent of the obvious just very low compared to all the games
the reason for that my explanation is that people one plate yes for the don't wanna recreational file that reality
which is kind of the same day that they can watch interview from that for every team
into the breach or you to gain you know whatever platforms broadcasting that
um so yes forces about all fantasy creation exactly sure movement
which was in a different way and if so
probably i could trust question which is a different involvement that's just the produce in the sport in the top
in that sense every qualification looking into your sports the easiest way is okay
i'm a football team actions will high one died to play in
front of a playstation incomplete again someone but i think there's nobody on
that i think your copy of uh sure she'll get involved
it to the top days which oddly other strategy how your nation with the obvious because they
get is this board games on your sports broadcasting they have no no not public almost
yet to add to that i think it's a good good can be i'm i'm fully supporting would just said but i think it can be good entrance
point just start with with the sport but it can only be the first
step into out on the road with many many steps under fire
i i i think that many of the of the be friends like real madrid open united picture themself us
as entertainment bread sport entertainment that's with q. new to use them in
professional football of course but they could also sell i don't know
of bathing fall or open up a hotel or whatever whatever them it might have minds all
it's nothing an actual just just to start thinking about league of legends or indian come to strike
and something that i that i'm i'm pretty sure we receive this message through the next yes
you know from our perspective to the sports simulation games are interesting
and we want to really push that for the that is
for us the the best entrance but also from a commercial point of view of what
i've seen is and i might be wrong but uh the n. b. a.
the the two k. leave out of yeah there was a big deal uh that it which
port for what is it ninety million or something like that for two years so
apparently the when you look at the commercial side um and when you look at
to what apparently no also the you gaming platform so uh uh investing
something is happening also eating a bit at the judicial sports and it took a
leak i think in this respect shows a certain direction which is uh
to some extent supported bass as well and i guess it's it's almost not is really requirement but
it's the affiliated traditional sports organisation is not then
evaluating itself with the e. sports organisation again
somebody else will sell event b. a. did not choose and be a two
k. n. h. l. is partnering with any generate team and i'm from
last night i guess i'm a big fan of the vegas golden knights
we play it this evening in the conference finals were very excited
i'd they have their own twitch streaming which they play n. h. l. eighteen so this this affiliation
is a very natural thing that's coming together that's i think why we sound like that
i mean i eat midi outings for example partnering with uh
feed suppliers who would then where the jersey of that respective football team
but with their and they don't get their actual name on the back they
put their their screen name either handle on the back 'cause that's cooler
and that so that's a natural fit we're also seeing
significant increase a in investment from sports organisations and
our dish owners a in the less traditional games of
example robert kraft onerous then doing a patriot
it's an investor and and it over well actually what chad itself
i think there you do you see a lot of that overlap starting to happen more and more
rick fox a former n. b. a. player i has been had begun faster and i'm
i it i i lead alleges to even i think now they've expanded other other games as well
for i was about five years now so he was a very early adopter in a space
uh but i i asked that continues to grow i think
we're gonna see much more of the traditional sport investment
sort of stretching out into blasts familiar ground because
as as my fellow panelists and said
i simulated games are very familiar this is the thing that if i
lifelike part i will recognise flip ah if it is less simulated form on a on a screen above me
i i want to necessarily recognise that giant stats are at the bottom of the league
alleges screen that you may have seen as you want i that the competition earlier
that has that starts to spread more i think federico made the point earlier there there's just act it will
eventually make its way into that understanding look at sports and the time is the traditional twenty first century
and if you compare really sure how we doubled in different regions might not be the same
so this strategy that watching back that's my no work in europe and we should develop or on a strategy that's my point
and uh the way his process on the and uh be number still been a shop
will not be the sound but maybe in this country but please double appear stretch
i look at asia to yeah i mean this is this is i mean thank you for uh for playing the ball to me
i mean if you want to know i mean uh uh you know the situation in age here all the way so
we started all of you to go in investigating it into researching for for the right inside so
weak you can download it at new thing that is for the website so sorry for
the little advertise with that was the only good occasion to me that you re filter tap
but i mean we're coming coming to mend now and and uh and i mean
the sporting a three three believe only we all agree it's a fast growing
industry and uh i mean talking about timing and uh to close out
imagine we're we're back here at the sporting two years time i mean i
eventually they the the you know the whole soul invited together to
use time so uh i mean who do you expect will be in
your see each that could be you know air by the way
uh and uh what kind of questions are are uh we we will u.
r. l. will you ask you know did it to to the neighbour
and i'm asking this question to to each of you to for the for your final statement please
it two years is a short period or long period while you're on
i i i would hope that i'm still sitting here that i have an undergraduate student too is very
interested in you sports it came to me to work on one of my other research projects
and then one day when he was in my office is now that i had bad on that
uh which is that the blizzard dad's i danes
hub on my desktop computer anything ah oh
course which projects are you working on now this is so cool you're my coolest professor
i told him to tell all his friends that he didn't tell any of them had that but he hasn't happened canning
researcher in a space this is the kind of thing where there is a tremendous amount of interest in self
i think the people who will be here that's not i think will be people who are in two
years time probably ten years younger than we are sitting up here and and talking about what's next
i i think the questions that would be asked on the batting french are probably going
to be actually related to addiction problem gambling and something that we haven't quite
sort of figured out completely on the gambling franklin as you merge together danes in gambling
games already bringing in math much of the discussion on what's healthy and what's not
i as well as the gambling component and new media and technology and i
think that there's a tremendous tremendous amount of opportunity for this discussion
and the reason i say two years is not a lot of time is because i don't think that we're going
to be so developed in two years that that's not one of the most important questions on the horizon
seven i'm i think i'm a young said that there will be a hierarchy
uh in organising the sports uh at least that is the objective and my question would be why
it didn't it to use to teen between this time why didn't you get it done
that's that's the highway check first with i think with you
state of mind there will be a a manager of a of a one of them
biggest jessica sports friends from likes or football
or soccer or whatever sitting here explaining
us that he has more media reached with the sports then his sister disposable
wow interesting statement today to yeah i think uh we're gonna see that
much more different ways to engage with your sports on the people
sitting here would not be only from the company's university and need yeah somehow analysis
we will seem many other companies are right now we can't imagine these
uh environment engaging somehow interacting with the content
create a new solutions and new ways to engage with the obvious that we should can
imagine right now so i i don't know if in two years time
maybe even faster we should be really open eyes open minded because
uh this is going very fast there's no orders for all we know is the speed of your sports
a number scrolling so definitely stay open man this the curious does that that's
where you can engage with your sports and you should talk on that
thank you very much uh i think it was a fantastic uh accommodation and talk
session on stage here at it and see if the if the final
final our office part uh so i really you know
appreciate uh your support and and i'll review and
thank you again for coming all the way down form of because i know you want to
you want to uh experience because it's so then they have you made already a
plan where where you wanna spend the next two three days here in switzerland
uh oh i'll be here and it's it's a at the lake or a few days as they i i've i've
so everybody here knows now i've never been to french speaking switzerland i'd been many times to
german speaking switzerland but i never to the west side seems very exciting for me
i asked you to delete a enjoy one of the very nice french batteries hit move on so
so uh that's what i can recommend to and in plenty of all the people in this audience eventually evolve

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