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that's the r. p. f. example ah places sacked on apparel happy that you foresee paso pillow bash at
the the project can create knows what he a at at the n. b. entered lap mostly coming and
probably the logistic myself to scam pop or sit on my lap mostly believe they did take notice
the call it up with new voices it's boss who she she does it you know
as we all know denny's a different show something the post camp on that
you know space something the pitching phase one of ensuring can now see the duration that happened on the
do you want the uh expect you may say that is also
a sick they show scroll now statically klee younger public is so nice you know a flat
but to show up on don't let me put although she believes that put to yeah
up k. o. c. downs on saturdays mail c. list faster when
i show j. officials present there i sound p. third the
next the the serum compose see i don't damn elects them to get to present to control the your or
you see that it won't be directed you to to get to choose key yes via a universal should
these are actually tape onerous task sentence the on those set of wow we yeah
put unit in fact so sit back you pass don't susi pollute of
inflation opposes use common put on club solar no contact monet manner pattern that
he had yeah like they have to read his own yeah don't domain
uh the you know that's only exact the sabbatical some back last your the
preview so don't normally it only hope hope it don't shows yeah
his own narrative if katie pat last they want to have a yeah open a while back to to
talk about here to do for a a a in what we have to get a skirt
when you were deceased i know of guilt if you show on
that the universe y'all reflective don't know mobile speak i
you know that's only fair out
was yeah i could just be the cause skated deep well uh uh really do gonna get
just with that but that is a stamp of dole universal said that will play actually
so the deal goes i'm not i'm not on people who do choose to not notice on the deal yeah when you put a lot
yeah it it yeah that's it all response the the control not all sit on this was
it tells you long workable good job because like you so we know owns at all
pollen count lot a jail local t. think while she's he's you know of the little s. p. c.
l. norma vaguely deceive the idea actually turn out to be to the system doesn't it's it's all
japan's good gimmick you to say it's usually shows gonna lose all the lawn uh yeah i think the lump on on the
she uh on the the open slot pop a lot to to keep from but also that example crumple to
c. could only no less y'all you flip lucy i show shade of money don't always yeah yeah
now what yeah on the beach are open up that it did defeat evil play idea it what ought to to defeat on social
it functioned all i said on the piece to signal club little false security long of implantable map
is the um on the on the to skip one partake 'cause as well
as it does your machine which up all all straddles trees falls
eight eighty this idiot what i'll plan detector also the deal you know vessels you don't you know they
the double you all got doubles to keep these two movies or super tool support one is is
at the level they now we are in almost two that exist it did play idea
uh for the monte if you see all the most used in this on the full monty
low productivity industrial to for example don't say like like i did this one a little longer
allowed commandant of the dealer skis button you would you pass your is gonna play
or don't electoral directories don't be doubled assistant to some day when evolution either is
gonna play effective now i know they actually pull sauce apostle much they
this should be a social of is not the answer to select corporate market
still easy to use easy less income p. h. on thick builder shows
more 'cause i think he normally people uh the pussy teeth pulled a bus
young people the system buckled optional smoker to actual one remote they'll
should your budget actual management as the people at school officials more we could do
a list is all cool issue hope that example new with a couple
so the the salt the difference only no i sure scully was
your looks good so guess i skip like might take
suppose 'cause all the the person to sort the present that has a lot that the possible so
that is in the west or the or the kinetic weekly technique to please ourselves up
yeah yeah when you vote um that without pneumonia when assistant assaulted individual
or just in talking about so what was as clear as with the others and some of our bills and system
um you know that's also been ignore the the the the more yellow city to come that you trust them or
so the the the one the and it is three even if you lose
a fiend yeah me get called on that whole class compliments opposite like
does act uh that's one thing it does it does not make it don't people how
ah have some more on those or you know that's hopeless also sample or shows
uh bob will have extol commander was the mic because only absorbed in all courses by um
uh the best horrible to probably the local was all g. e. that's
plumb they'll knowing that slightly that gasoline yeah it's uh like us your particular new or the
the technique will be adults on the professor there last us it is also arms
the bestselling book one bill x. if also all evil access if that's that's real
well the the button seymour either bottle when i yeah you pass the class that will be more than
he does is like a guy more universal push well hold the pool table was a different one
yep yeah highly more say the bus your input to sound they forfeited at that point the a. o.
a whole series or or not be all that well the kinds on uh sometime
why are the second layer upon us spend october sent to put a member
uh it yeah like a two that's a like you collected obsessive shut any the
idea while on a signpost all all produce the princess was my idea
it it i know that's what like a lot then you've got this is in a mall up basket
which will be on the uh the could doesn't take you more to the many opposite
postponed that plus also a prism postponed good apostles uh it could only get
yeah it is the rest of apples when if he's let it any more suitable spell
often thought was the man pass your secular deposits when a what val access is why
the bottle play the simplest people sit tight malarkey power law access request i still
it does have a little the spoken um no when you would
be less you'll like them off and if all examples paul
so don't put up automatic only i suppose unless all the it up with also push
them all the but the well it is is is is at least least
maybe i'm wrong of water go jen i'm only us show at the mo
willpower oh don't was was so we take the show so much shape
so called uh then she on those you know those were welcomed us y'all don't
pollute local toll you put to audio school field don't you know vice y'all
zero laptop deeply also of what's called a poll a suppose will uh when
you would apply also ship only work at the meek every day
the peaceful collided produces it off to you you know i saw people so
response no lapping also stuff it back to use most it's it's evermore one or no one
twenty locality do your response is a lot of people something clear most essential eczema bottle
he or she was one of you would would be your back you
keep competitive but you factor more you of echo effect appearance your
me a big go it's a caddy t. v. keeping with people when you have a do two shows don't care here response
uh yeah the seventies key key could tow collective more share when you would you do
cut more uh it's it you i don't think it's more like that the proposal
oh it's most unlikely you don't process is too salty don't poses used universal sex from a bottle
it it says v. v. up close you like the melodic when you get a kickback on a pass you know there's one the sentence that is me
or not you know of for most young people to to compete with the stick
but at the um i like the um we're gonna probably get the uh
uh the passing on on t. vector to to ski vote to have a
completely new to excessively pleased with double b. when you work at it
i wonder why not even on the pleasure of echo the topic innovation centre is this
your when you save ramada point one counter really the fundamental slash basis so
oh it's somehow done up what's normal remote more the c. v. d. b. picks on city or
do do do are we or or some called the goal
just to so lucy lu local contributory full colour universe yoke would deprive
also question and more yep but please all shot directed to
read the other the system to sort the silicone still looks a purpose only once when we
what the the cable show this as it is used in to put mark uh comes up with a good luck post
well the pocket book would look leo just the more specifically you'll see the past show
what we provide you with universal quest whipple whose work or
explain it powell cocoa assistant assault take e. d. u.
what what they're what you know i still think would pressure it be a useful cookie push the party
people still but you don't want my people shot of um keep too but that would be
it's good price at men yellow see we did you know they don't bother to see twenty down to
someday the sea trial commit to lose your compact this response
that applicants your sissy don't they which are honestly nor
pulled chi hey don't these are compared it to the the rapport
sounded the upon honestly mount for the bike some plug at
the level don't in eighty cad men yeah shall they they don't need the car or plato sample it shows yep okay
don't know not peter i'm i'm gonna honestly more pull some p.
if ye levy the no statewide are uh it's as
they see some palpable no don't go on l. c. to supposed open letter widely those electronic to pass your cat
cat is on post our per our will be shown is up don't improvise on the
poll percent of say twenty to pass urine is and there's no sign car
sacramento now show rushmore a vision resound battle in won't have values
some disastrous decision they have a clue the report shape young yeah genetic models in it
you can import wanna put on dot com so uh there are no support shape
elastic controller maybe it's a lemon don't they sit mostly
mobile up gonna pass no priests remain x. say
the i say don't they could be put in your actor so patient empowerment compounded p. design a
see them down before he laid opposed to be paid the fare don't want wow oh we'll see
appropriate set platform pull his own produce the to set of east the papers your pet
pet care at play on i suppose they can depress normally o. c. lap back the top
map back the norm but i'm oh so you re pass no a pound or
paper was your mad at the the kinds of it at the end of our local
look at mobile to mobile super so this to support your local well sojourner
really say what it also want the letters from last week's i've read
the essays score faded pages or a as in their say
c. d. screen's yours utility does direct twenty three pass your lead the manet
yeah yeah yeah price in these and then they don't come that
coasting platform here to show post ascii like me on plus
some clown i provided the of equipment estimated kathy separately
people people unemployed down upon don't push it out the sound apple v. togo he presided
control network wakes up all of the look focus up let's compresses on issues
c. clamp my shit though see what they do to say twilight every not cascade
determine that their life is paid to the the case it why don't but
susi or he'd the the nazis then politico sees seven ninety seven fashion
the pen onto stuff he said but i don't use the program dish i
fall fall create the big these ordered look at least like to leave
most people don't elastic await their own history third course of
market shows you know speed the yeah famous opposes who's
he opposes to skirt i purity the seller pauses uses each ocean no
keep last forever see i think replies that out as well
not go so usually has two more social smoke to the motel that but also i want to go to hell
so the government who see unity mode of life on i. c. with because you need
exclusive mobility device focus all the rubbery c. s. keystone
get different results so the other school believe
well so so on that phone to good use all of on to do justice your
the the soup o. j. the lemon yellows are suppose because we knew well she can
with a very uh see you new c. you yeah 'cause 'cause then it
potentially helpful not long uh just use you wanted to note
on the top levels which was good to repeal the
number one little receiver as put that up levels you'll politically more can go by and this to you
the paul m. c. to d. c. stands on presume one that you had to be on
the on cancel a yell of and there's gonna build the l. j. d. r. g.
it even on the l. s. o.s to shut the debian set on the nail
i'm actually digital will be the the p. d. western europe i yeah
i loved west i a it has really only hopeless for also the do you see
for is the local capacity oppressed assume today nominal boss on what what compels
we have also november there are key separate in overlap will keep you just don't
call us at that but you may so you cannot be dallas eh
t. v. also mules check some you know of functional unity to press one usually a all functions double my when i
it's a bit iffy liable comparable also the point fifty model julian per
yeah yeah but it shows the they do good data that you collect let the l. g. opal one visually little
look problem here sick of automatic more superficial g. yeah ah custom all
during calls i fail to present respect them cos abundances yeah so
they're sues don't drop effectively upon israel in a sense on your l. functions on three fifty logic
is too long departed beaches of a button to local capacity yeah but would you guess yeah
when i was good at uh so not happen to you all courses that he knew
seeded penal deeply lash but but that illustrates a comma jackass calmness which is
empty perth mention some papers on almost empty pool then you do see park on
toenails on c. to come on county council eighty one particular on the controversies
a a de de la sicker really street won't people no more than a
bit uh what you just want to open while shortly before we
the family you know they may your latino vote for a party to pay more
that was keys on his own face to face cannot bennett noise out was the an unpleasant was
up but bundle payment so they did well nick saving party the let the energy musical overlap
wow that's great if you want a homosexual camp a lot on a stock or you'll you'll cycle
you don't you are easy the last little calls you something he has all
the people want on your telly applied on the p. t. zone
one fifty only sell these policy clients are talking office at step you know that doesn't get alan
is all lately lately baseball so the trust issue that so connected to add on it
yeah the need for you 'cause on the jacket pizza box keys only uh all thread is only what an test
it just i was your favourite non up little still addicted to keep myself
down on juices up by a really hold okay um you see uh
it's called up well the model communities you would walk out all the saudi conquer the fat the fat
susceptible it's easy that does all the push the i completely fictional do you mean you really cool
on to cost really empty barely noticeable called gallup young people the people still cordoned annoying
up was old kentucky full so sick is only on plus a bundle payment
yeah we can most ah i think the only t. v.s they wouldn't
patsy dover pa act pa county all your not gonna source
gonna punish exactly temples all q. t. v.s on offer up looks
obvious truths us to park on top of easy park county
doc is always you fifty top law signal say low levels you wanna hold
okay at us as a bundle payment excesses course should i see little
we'll psychosomatic routine is to see a man yeah the logic to your
uh optional status grandma little busy with the little valet well either
most peaceful don't would pay you really well to mount it in a pony
idea should put up i was on one to keep a calm yes
i put it's it'll come only forty novel last pocket is read your local also the comment them with that i mean they can't give you
but the local market will depart mayor q. midnight he idea i don't feel calm yeah
you know by showing a pocket technology take risks are than the view opal
so this is just an should do uh_huh so it makes on clone look really good actually liked
we um this is i think you know the new device or provide good when
you would lie technique already to that uh housing dynamic senate at this party
what was supplemental was with the data name or a double all these or
the digital data about sadness alternate proposal that was all his coauthor this economy
a spotless but suddenly or come sated either use them or
inside the world without this economy obstacles them up
no no one will be a seed or the medicine to be bigger
no one knew calls also uh much of the please also also
go us i would so they also this monopolist y'all
so you would use only mogul if you get your circle was really
must the populace your palm also also but it but it does
it does just the technique say pickle p. good yeah they can withstand
the bus could wipe his own to get by puzzled possible
eh uh look at the the net's all of all of them were solar pump up
the balls all supplement that was used to whatever they said please also or
should it be the plot problem of fed or sauce loss on his own tools
well it but all this it the the person that will both the what
pull the veneer so says then the uh the they actually uh accuses insistently t. v.s
in unique more though that was like the other this uh this uh people
uh there was a mess on a system was awake evil or hidden in the woods or also use up
it could be a pretty so i don't see the purple and then men
yeah no veggie come a multipurpose on systems also pull somebody though
but ask um also to to learn to put the vote and then to
just show a on uh the way i feel sick useful arkansas puzzle
a. p. uh put it down in a a a a lupin why don't they actually this as a
stand key val he's a loss on the place that's your the the the the border hostile
they provided isn't whether they also don't also the group you want t. v.s power the nobel prize that's you'll walk
often call the system one to put an overlap call this
the the the uh with the field or uh
plus that they're a colossal it by that he by the uh the land then then yeah
though i suppose called well it's yeah those available to
uh when you would do the the last only last or picnic connected to see when evil additional small
was it with the the the list is then keep em at the
uh does develop is also are the survey you would use your
that was also lap openness on the populace your eyes it limits in the bonds
put policies or when can can be taken somebody quite a severe g. uh uh okay then you wouldn't
be screwed up well a cyclone is august your boat spawns pop bottle with the energy encore
which means you're always get to get more corrupt universal says you know what's gonna cities you want or
you want like on the on the nifty so bob baker in we had speech is also
the type of stuff i've always bought envy some poorly possible um once it is
that you did a people's your c. d. persona but out to it
did it did travel easy kick our it's not like a still sycamore school full of it
objective level come was completed five always this outcome was complete with t. v. visual
did did participate on system interview format example clarity of if you
are what you should be with usually thirty c. c. d.
of c. d. u. c. l. use leo it's yeah yeah yeah yeah whatever the portion of
the cases it because i want to get a v. c. twenty on the curve
the populace unless wanted a populace on the due to participate exactly what some something which parts of the silver
it's good good going so the shores of hoopla fifty uh those are sick
on either side unless you well but my then is that they'll uh
what's killer um and so you expect let's just make the well only not
it's not their eateries o. s. groove that it's really show big
you know but it is the so the show was a fifty fifty you see less
well if we we have models is thing
you'll know reading you'll know here in
and make yeah and played phone key a family
company c. to do see something funny
place that that is one with two would want this ethos you'll definitely need
key oh uh not no new stalls usually see funny offencive
i think of course not only thanks you realise that no not participants you fancy oh keep
i know an email tool for one family's enables you with me really cool looking all
no on down to the sea look so much overview some some not really only comment
definitely so connected to sell me one key oh there's which when it but then
uh we're doing is a collective certain how well oh let me see we only
need to listen couldn't one on top also look at the most online young
well don't keen chili's don't accumulate rockwell oh i'm going to need to
see if we can use won't don't have it you can
if you can help instead no motion ceased to show him sissy
thing than p. c. gaming cannot advance you not only the
yes you pull this sequence you want them to see you see one even wouldn't want that to you
know to see you know something i don't know what we pay the idea i can see
i'm due to low usually still couldn't actually gets one huh for schools with who want to
and part of the plan to you know the only specific comedian if you'd say completely continues his yeah
you have to yeah okay yeah that's good opportunity thank if he's if the t. v.
you mention c. stations to choose people places well nobody has hidden hidden eventually softly
a nice time moses you possibly data sufficient events now
he should what good else use ah who clues yeah usually themselves too
uh who couldn't absolutely note on easy and
sydney he pleases you decide huh
and which is you know if it's a good ah cool i'm not
consistently perception from now on the g. c. give uh i'm no
i'm see cities you can move you know if you're curious issue
cable data you want to move to the hook sicily him
what this with philip k. already feel yeah the mood that tough do so
let's see following the forces are full of you know by show products
if that's what when i see structure more record quickly device the cup to have come for the
if we can keep our system this auntie provided one pop topic sauces on telephone
pop out of the school system command to the mattress you keep didn't we
oh that's good because i think they can choose to q. q. kick someone atlanta so
or as you put up a sheriff's almost completely the read only come was complete
oh the t. v. you don't it could pass your might object only only comically press that at least
one really porno films here to missions senior person who will be you will be open to you
we'll prudential montego bay additional help keep a breezy yeah
d. do you see a a human beep
probably you present that is what i do see rescue
she meant remember to beat see improved on reducing your shoe
that's one of the guys seem to be the only one who probably just wanna thank
you eh if you visit p. two seeded reason v. camera unusual see looking cute
e. two key fruit when she should plenty actually didn't seem
basically it's it's usually a an automatic for the set up the whole house universal scope
of animal put all will probably do you know of souls only do she medical
it would be s. 'cause if you don't well the navy though it's good i want to see me just got it you know
i sold was to create all i need to lose to you
you do shaky if you don't like it should be though
well opposed to look at a new person that doesn't like twenty to pass year after
year round the middle eastern there the sales baby salary cap necessarily 'kay i'll pull
the manet your apple jules verne moaned purple black l. type concept where yep
they don't happen around the shows the specify what tool to that effect
the spouse key file a so say to businesses to car pool posts they
a professional shape that's gonna comment minimum last some they seek imam our design one
ah i'm back though he compute batteries optional j. c. v. did you
next normal people conversation tomorrow yeah they'll probably is that because we're
about to show some older people like that may not discuss paso
tools composers out obvious your nokia little sample don't about france
it's a pounce what nina that's your little sake there's whatever amount on the fair would only part with
school you know less only says it was the was the page this it it it it
what happened happening more was what we could do it if used properly us young core or
could you did what sixty palate to see passing also on d. c. plus your says
kickboxing container or continental u. i. d. twenty twenty something you know by the or like
a so sick almost completely fixed but people would be on the parts you know
the oldest because a p. d. a. tequila seems usual bitchy that's
wanted any since you see you are um so see before
workers comp if iraq is going is good that's why we confess that wreckage was lousy for and they can impossible
it's going to get a pass young have made you just don't put up a check to see twenty
east was like what i'm up billion you don't put on cod device you want any at interview it went up because of the fact
that you know they don't e. c. d.'s asses yeah to compress your computer network that's your addicted to see pass your kick about
you don't you don't put on c. i guess the arrows you to prove or not idea okay we should keep
that one might be a mistake you know go i suppose the colours used when you would you go
but i'll ask it the the uh on the set up was the it's
like a clam or the supersonic clinic says a plane device you'll
first clue was impossible but big coke nested athletic more demands on for less you'll
nor does it put that on wanted you to show a universal
sequestered i didn't meet can zap fossil colour you develop mall
says it'll probably the the new bands so this show is unlikely to lose
it doesn't clinically overall simple uh as is in a mall or
this scheme that body of the point about you know or what i mean is all of this is no less you'll be no less also but that's
little by the the love we needed to do still speaking sort of on those it has all
the the bus also do don't is it and it's also the whole from us you know
pulls last lupus also quite a pharmacy to perform a selling postpone colds
let me guess only been the c. i. a plan a
bottle of the articles that you can provide it up is also also they put that we never admits on somebody big animal
yeah go put into it plaza on people would pull because you need a guide
by no problems out about israel particularly put a limit the clinics is ideal
all's medical how they got bicycles medical surpluses use so to put
a you know the the the the place that there was
on this and would be that limits either the c. d. m. a. is this one of them you see movies you'll
it was medical sort of bones what this is the mole puts it me said
no that's true but i'm a person that that call it loosely you uh
that is also on the the bastille may put partisan that's the only movement for us all the time that you
little bottles that's that's it but is that many allow over there appears
the few guesses they yep lose the guy did they i ski
point also use the most of their souls it is that the two does it help opal was old yeah and we'll uh
uh at this it was equally probable school for is what what this and that is a proposal uh
in in the dog plummets and opens with a base it is that's not this is also listed
pauses you skied molds we will we will you want other channel yeah we lost most colours y'all got
the victim all going for the and they really got there we put the people of your
uh it's not partly due to pass you on on don't get there is it
like a supported by the us and within a couple of doubly biggie
a moment you'll also encompasses at a particular to be able to get the fee on keep due to see past
the only you a cadillac and evaluate the non uh cable box you want as long as it does he
do you want this t. massive knowledgeable school opens onto the pack all judea let you
gotta level but alas evolved an exam will be on the p. dominica the
cool it on on the c. i should know that teaching hospital you got a possible plus all it was
only do you want to do the ah zero or the or the sample metal glass amplitude possible
pushbutton off aunts router you don't manager demands on visuals button and dues you know that you don't at all the policy toward you
last piece gonna publish it national sample more get out that's all one only series
the u. b. places about met the idiot nevis you dismissive lexical but upon it that is
the will of the parking lot for that multiple uh a piece young polishing wow
and that's only she will use all problem ah yeah i produce unity got buckle does want to ski
if you don't see a key up for the more i'm quite up when your body
or so that it would not to the people or she will not be a
couple now you know that's itself it by the icy ma'am but you were not able
to be done what it will be my model of all of it so
it would be a good last is only all prices are jesse not long review type value though
to go down to the people didn't couple temples on on on post on the people machine
basically i see stand the ball unless you tend to be digital nasal will predictive no wanna if most ascii
director model e. r. one owes you popped up escalation why yell pull on to people all its own
the social the the homeowners appeared we chat basically moss from audition likely to use this everyday
a good control now it'll be done level only will soon reach out the automatic now
all three just gardens rule of on you know what you don't if you
yell cygnus it to my finances or you could just awful nice young
maybe carter as someone older boss early what they are up to now we are just at the hague on
to put a stop it opens the down on a while wait key a fifty dollar should deal
land to connect uh or she walk in the not provocative passage is going up and down
q. phonetically policies dutifully did it for nearly speech it's it all looks at that someone was off and on
the p. d. a. you're knocking at lax on the on the option on he always want to
and i'm way and yeah yeah next it is also a stereo uh what is it that you're propellant on the on the
p. double vision noisily bulgarian male cecil mount can vision occurrences emily
can easily easily ponce kept the no not me deal
don't courses are plenty of mechanisms also be specially upon the people the the state we summary
but well may as critically more c. d. to one available
audio c. you want yeah miss good videos a good
well it a lot when you wouldn't have almost one blah blah single pretty
she's good at three data you may was it does he come
out of all the tell me let you go a little too many there's a good that's a more a shitty out there um
i did what it is you're supposed to connect on normal i'm caught in the
dizzy evicted no good will do you a local most on guy hey
based actually apple pie while i think the market it don't it was
get tell mom don't make you forget narcissist m. should perhaps sophisticated
couldn't itself to see people reap bulky you don't actually know they basically donate
seen by examples 'cause it's it's a lot of using particular because you
you the papal is really cute fifty marketed unit set up example muscle well it's it's a
and that's on on sunday p. late 'cause we could to like it is so
well older but you cause it to do the nervous you'll miss antennas on what
good what they they couldn't make it in which of these exact though
is it you just put your work with the uh this was 'cause we we don't
keep really like a sony would last i didn't wear a source whether she
offered as a um there's just speed up but uh he's not that was the
stampede cable uh a lot of lot more was your is about as your
that means all plus uh the models you a lot about that we
probably because you'll be consoled by still set new technology issue
it yeah so much will just like to take up the balls the the last
syllable people distiller that technology level might be that the telly that's your
it be whittled we all uh the all the fields anatomical not a law that technology
like big easy twenty that's your statistically d. uh in a politically only the name
it was the lady fit on the whole i'm picky uh also responsible to stick a little less
up to get multiple the middle class uh the state postulate twenty three stages doubles as well
not only t. meet with you that less likely to keep his ample calls each day for the last one was you got
me a p. m. troubles his skis huh i'm pop up with
a few deal with yeah intervals cyclone i may heal
was he the pluses use but good to system of almighty it but it's still the
pluses use keel awful some about that like mathematics about when you have all
don't you feel so i mean that's your own clothes already that's your life all all full stella
button area it before well but i wish is done will be done is just talking about
people who would only a a novel porsche possible dated uh well view global could
make the pa energy you'll was you depose disease because if you guys
if you i will um starts about okay that book with some like that
i think that's you know they must pulses are key key key problems
on me ah sitting was local washer shoes letting that go but it's
still not look a show called you put it so well mark
uh on the security to a uh until within them all ships execute this
exactly if you know i'm open to go work for a while
excuse but only for the use of of previewed scanlon security or learning about i don't know who uh
after the government yeah sergio global responsible politic litigious
to put that on lamont challenge should
on the other side like will be limited to be swap and when should you know new to to skew secluded idiomatic
shall be lot as did many a comment i said yes this is war machine was it that you need also to
adults we saw on spots 'cause essay on one of the the prism proves a source of a party evicted model
do the last week to do do the usual amount plus put it to to live on the the delays with the local malls or
i'm just a little messy one of them was what good local as somalia the n. h. s.
our lawn life exam on now but there must be some model yep local to be talking on par
function opponent usual pacific why ya hiking blocks of like a
a a clerical sorry don't call me a calmness after
the upper specifically the system so so con and okay so the labels like they're younger to implement it
that number to pull a hard with the controls but what do you want to know
about us you is useful to just comment on policy stand out from us you
the pasta proportion via he l. you've person on assaulted
me nonetheless it'll boutique recording all politics apostle more
usually one of the idea should just as rule keep little partial missile put people to see me
is it like satellite approval on zero points but that man the typical occupy t. nor should you
nick said yes to i ninety also t. v. shape so it was kind of a little boy
that's she's huge bottle will take along really unknown shop all the japanese some clay out more
really don't know domain will be not only will be type but that was just on can clue me
no okay because want sickle applied yeah they happen to put his own political isn't gonna pop
what does she do do you need they absurdly modulate presume when are the only because
you know it was apple to lowe's up multiplicity of heated up on that paper
uh do we go somewhere topple do wooded results possibly um they ruled we should get
to drop the idea to put a joke on the little adjectives issues are
uh the essence of the effective only please pass on don't you don't have
copied now to prevent don't we can send all the blueprint little boutique
it's really i don't know people shop and buys on for volume fifteen on a unit why edges also losses
to people that depends on for example you talk you heel yes it did the the too cool hospital
use only fifty on me all plastic does his temple are uh on the tongue real
moment no made a last weeklies assume at this p. c. l. now laugh um
little yeah shoes you know that was the beastly it's a thought ah
uh there is that's very uh so messy but last ages so we don't yeah system complaint
with active now yep what car you mac inaudible so that you could do a good
they uh they could be still be sold or sell the the palace on that or sassy sipping on
that will so we'll party act the more knowledge in silent but that that ah sex all night
it's effective noise don't to to to to disaster non directive on also will
and it's why i shifted to consider yeah operate by not an example good example some if not most of the little blue double
look simple separately on up a little dinners possible would be to
designate acrimonious was it actually it took at more the the
concept at all the parts could only catherine portions and they tell them of walker crucial that does sound to us all
keep keep keep up to say it would be compensated a little bit of a given given but no less though
we double it was you know it should work off e. bay did not good
when we yeah we still have probably didn't even know you see them
i don't need me some comment i'm not even thinking he was beating you want
our product is key i mean somehow use he he pushed good condition
and i think this is what's known humanity is yeah yeah i see who is it would be something
no bounds on his hips you write little piece you
didn't sound good i'm not so sure hope we
see oh bleep me about what would we do that we would not well it's not it's
when i get you see that's oh oh oh just in town that's
for one thing you sure sure i see who is you know
seem essentially hands diesel onto dealing can only only sticky humid heat in
a couple of only push polls colleagues at the women problematic
so of course all cold here in um something for on to the this the this the technique or or
the the do see pass your roof at some remote repository access or says uh for muscle
um this is like this will both formats or uh i don't get easy to to be able
to just about i that's cool federal access is a form uh somebody bastille accepted units
at mall steve new uh let me guess your swallows you to visit the they have to
take it yeah may or the or the upper plate and then the the any goodwill
uh mm bottle eyes events attention it has all
the do do that's on was all
be all's d. but that's actually hustle ah n. and pop office with by now
but still oppose the whole idea i flop appliances 'cause 'cause of the the other supreme opacity
or gotten to boast about new version of us you'll notice it as an assault yeah he might know who's
it is all peaceful journey attics on your we need that for like the whole system or not
i think you got more noticeable wanna shawls this supposed will probably then busted numbers as in
a store and uh then doesn't see that yeah and the guy who do they
see this war the diesel diesel reply at somebody asked one puzzle
reply yeah they got a non productive it became one possible citizen
puzzle reply ah this these some of our best to yeah
he's can economy couple assumes that the mets also that you ballet and by missus usually assume that is the uh
um the more probable purposes that or god knows that it was going to put buff
it's good they ought to put up little bits on i in boston to put in virginia muscle
you will be ago more i think last basically that's all that it seemed bar minutes
it'll probably probably so now it's uh there's like a big a survey people bought
it was always move them also unless it's there might not be puzzles
and is it metal plastic we still got probably developed by the
the summer slanted more or less a column superior the because it doesn't matter but
the goal is to cop bomb attack us you'll do the missiles all the
full bore about preserve proposition than little ball a boutique or the the minutes and
they got more by the by somebody does all the design feeling yeah
uh these are the people that i do see it at the right to the heart is a box that
the the army clock the boston i don't think this will fall to do this is them uh
please also of the the limits in the probably will go balls
while okay paul due to absorb that up unless you
is it like a meeting the public schools or openly my your huh
that's the the uh the the lab he's also ah it will
be bought vessel laptop problematic to do the the lag ah these
bodies as it usually was you as you missus anymore now
is it like a little because is it about what movie or blame you know building what did not like the limits seeing or
uh the these organisers will be disabled or not that that little
small the fable legal poses to the pets that's all
is it up with that group was set then so these are the three
oh but that was deeply involved it will promote they pop will ah
you wanna know if it you know what the modern accompanist up was actually not in it
will go off with that union dues you don't be null be useful on the d.
s. l. up went to do the opposite what you considered don't usually i. p.
by example um gee they bottled on us and be that american with a complex sat down on the the
but to d. i. stamp a combined on p. g. c. d. m. a. t. don't units at all
so the close little claws detective or is it you want we propose on seven on the case you
a summer likeable medical now so but that meant for g. i. a security check to see if
it is most of a bonnet channel up about what i said on the case you
the double addictive or ah on to test the deal only with some down the wooded will
it's one hundred years you hon done of crystal through these signals of the white on but we never actually yeah yeah but
is on the east automatic wanna prescriptions but we'll punish it almost you know she would've in ca let me that off
should format and one one of the sources although they don't issues on t. will make you more
than you love don't read put this yeah medical persuaded me closer take this part two
don't give up a lot of it you know i will see which is eating of assimilated with
people will fussy decision messy should come look like it's still to go for less than
the message and just the type it gets your automatic they could admits or lap
we're just yells a suggestion is that even if it killed that for you
i thought i'd pass it is the telephone meeting that circled here because you realise that's just like it or is that
a bad example but you know it's it's just eligible took these people see that except that this show actually helps
what's it suggested that you'd you'd guess you'll second or is it just looks a
little piece of the puzzle double you know from a copy it there
what's this that's nice hostel so as is when those good result when
i stop like it's all security request all in all asked learning
the company security solicit from restaurants report it to the input from the tip windows
the fact they could all cycles that adults is set pocket for the founder great
that's was not asked link them up because of the results it is
it's just like it's also the psyche of it that was that when we
give it a whole lot of your that the phone for for uh
um that like a steals your boom box and was not value for um i guess that
we we we don't have a decay some concrete lap on yeah salad compared to
the climate so uh either by today's aces is honestly mon don't stand on tuesday to propose it is so nice you know
to happy valley larry keypad pap dose most assesses your dorsey
are provided on the straight to the choice of all
you that letters in case your city pap our uh shows repeat affair earlier they
planned while while now see never bashed about don't exact then a sector
cards everything except then norms that downpour feel could pull mount you back a
pack disappearances this then the fact and you've conjured nonsense suppose yet her
said defensively they apt okay long some but it was it's a problem coming because you only thought of issue
will uh like i still want to dress onto looting of us your the the good news that
if you look at some of us could you know less your we all share three projects open that
many of resulted problematic this kind of yes it's true
you know restaurants good to talk with you
it's 'cause screw liquid crystal lois group will both janet back to
look cool yes you lose two more leisure still there
yeah we'll get this on the year before the the other
markets will fit responsible muscle you know the additional nudity
to use it's a double on city t. now come on which they are good good body no that's your lashes
young a fifty dollar venal small it's a like a a calico partially uh what else s. s. m. b.
became weasel camels they are let not on start the line yeah sell yours
will buy examples it is really all calls a objectivity on layoffs
eagles and lay by doubly e. put this might lose
and i think he was too i sat down on that that was you'll uh by don't ah okay should
keep camera ample don't you'll be the play little use up with all the g. d. plus all
say uh the on call that out of like a lot tool that i should look to the casual would listen up the pool
up by and will support cache and i think team on uh the energy of got the mail but because it is you
uh it's it'll be done get as possible so that you could see a moment i added
it up like that bond with bar will draw is because it was you know
or flay if if you want to be done to get their good good sets it party on third and a nice tight you would wait if
it you know it was like yeah this this messy wanted to surprise humans should but you will be good he's only shut it up
they put two keys one or two down through a g. d. i put a push appleseed you
with one shoot you when she knew the uh peter call stuff exact them or let them
pass a piece of exact the more yes up to uh keep the what would be on the
op uh sit by the on but busy but it about all the cool video card
but it all falls was all all that doesn't usually put the exact uh no
the input only i don't only the the new i use it in usually possible to
couldn't you on the loss of a typical them and you don't wanna be down on what we could do me and ah
also because you want your model may what u. t. v. then leap of that that the details of the
dip santa cruz to class trip to be done i
genuinely uh luigi speak uh really see standard yeah
evaluated at all or some of that is size should you little up
in my office was we sweat you're an apocalyptic views of the
supposedly and operas grapples what nicole digital but a lot of good people
about digital basically don't need ample pontiff their opponents a commercial with
the little people legitimate we don't all the stuff but to wheeze also when you push it if you don't see people but
the ah you'll be assuming you date in overall distilled amount i'm a little bit of yeah could you know the shoes she outlook
again could typically my hobby and could to deal a uh the while taking off into the top people with you know you'd
illinois really don't want to put it that that is examples would only put up there they michael is
all to plot or the ah sorry ah play outlays shape sick could probably have is to yeah
uh the footage of a basic wouldn't be visible as good as you see
other people to fill one sushi politicos goodman on other people not falls
you may fittingly good immune of up to four second a nice use of this economy per example don't yellow pollen it
does landed up don't does all that fit people saw one open it wasn't one it might as well so
no cloud but yeah yeah they are available and probably no yeah sure convicted
cocoa in customer service younger you see me quite a a a
a a a a one who look to missus yep universal big energy yeah you've had more with if you so fast you know
um it's good was excellent possibly use t. v. b.
excellent e. collides with the new technology will officiate
i don't feel to technology dozed into some piece that yeah come was connected by new
lamb user presses technology i think people feel as all the other key press you
that's what it technology or short come m. one unless you will work liquids that others why device you
yep you know more about twice a lawful muscle get that but we don't well used to vector formats homosexual up all the for
some of us in the some of the local club was sort of off into some p. l. l. pass you know
whoa seem exciting week you've you've around idea as distant up what actual i'm excited people
would puzzle pieces with your bus yes it to the people present formats your
it's good the whole effect your mouth got about twenty house we'll actually
always yeah our remote what elephant give it the remote begrudge each
usual bottom uses it does but i missed second quest to profess you'll you
know one more that are on the u. t. forget basic technique
yep i allowed please you wanted technology don't know don't associate the like the originality but still it is almost
ready to go it probably is good to the shows to clinical by example opposed to be alone
suppose effects are concerned it will quickly gauche depended
what good good good what was your own going over the the new solar powered but
this was the art home if it is more yeah yep yep is your particular
as you know won't cover i wouldn't say onto carded the twentieth or more up or select these would
be to me also one can't continue to push it yourself and see some of it you know
oh i suggest imported or share psychic issues could be directing with opportunity product accomplices you
let's see look yes you want to do not competing wanted to keep the fat is at least
such upon would cool up that you can get by your young got that's neat with
uh what was yet yep yep yep lemon cake issues of yep we'll go
one curve through the topic marxists even easier less of a more complex you could keep your here
when i say the family sated how uses you do it would be desirable exxon
maybe porsche degraded to could doctor that's on t. i. was on the cannot have like i was you couldn't show smallville would
to to phoebe postscript assuming no you present formosa seven telnet or
onto the normal performance with the design for most no see
he like it seems they come most essential wash the look up our own kerr on to pass your
e. in its necessity 'cause okay so 'cause not this one wonders what could
only point kentucky for the city news you wake up 'cause 'cause i'm
'cause 'cause i mean 'cause 'cause i'm your maybe you don't like it because some catered for do do your case only a couple what city
cassidy kazakhstan wanted its own keogh something complement yes of was coffee directing
when you know just to pop in your system for something with
it's good to people took these guns record cable that's good opposed to cope
by me nothing last only technology would fitfully sean on who don't system
yeah okay so next even of s. c. on one via that i make it shows to
mac shake if adam um they don't talk to pay down there they belong to still
need to have a yeah because it is a tough you know it isn't taken a path
from a tail the two dogs as a kid shows can correctly folks it actually
they don't thing of asked hynek crappy them for six sessions only transit example pleased overlap click
it shows the fact they discuss apparatus have put their donkey for his own p.
k. painted the path too lazy to exact there yeah what's efficiency last enact layperson or
uh or what passes an action uh sinclair you would just inquest kinetics it technology
well it's it's like a spoke about that could the no vessel will put the puzzle
puzzle that looks good the only this is the ability to get to the heart
this poster or not push pretty disciplined enough to don and and objective colour
says alamo that'll be only to surpass it was all about buying the lessons that
but but it's also all set that up opposite that doesn't take into apostle
some it's unlikely that was on past decided like you don says people available as it use your
up with wood percussive diplomats or the the that that's always me
i am also calls people said oh that's both the course once more
of bali prophecy amanda is is is a sophomore though the the
display again well i see go often listen just again
it's just a particular supposed to laugh at the technology gets more united a profound corpus
and that was one yep a pestilence of but that the the mullet the you imagine uh i have
yeah with the uh one of the result you won't be onto the fact that go on
what it says that yeah like this is a feature who she uh i'm loosing well
the least local to you the keys to would you know i still also play
it will show what was your idea what is the question thirty with get great that
people will pay you know i still go through your wonderful when you go to
the to put out of all the point because also it's on p. p. b.
x. it by then it's impressed this exit at that meeting because he grew
uh usually the m. e. p. z. within yeah me campus bob
miss clark it will be it is also something big doesn't meeting dumas and it's in the plaza
in ah as o'clock or locals letting go a salad sampler
hopeful our much able to do the do us all
maybe they coupler and this is you the collages a commercially bob or persons actually but it
was it was about an apostle that's so i'm bob or not is also also
um the the uh doesn't irresponsibility put the puzzle that's what's what's
it to also look that's what he does with that
it should bust your class on the the mouse is what we need more
to be but a messy but we don't usual buttons would multiples good
a live you will be done is to go to ski but well up down it was up
that bob all our ability to just double major points good disease i got these all
the present with limits and into as well and the mall enough feel me on
animal ample don't weekly don't about what would you do to pass you
you could have put upon screw up these all just how people passed on his whole song is is
a biggie but this you day if it you know the coming back here is about this one
the visual nets or are they getting i'll put it but that's a one mixed
multiples 'cause i'll see how up there much pocket universe you'll buy a bit on candid yes people are
to cycle but deep that digital t. v. series of little pot could only somebody portions on it
what was it the local about was also that or pass you mentioned about what does it become but the c. d.
a uh keep up what it won't put the system t. v.s will you have a good usable p. you'll already need
to to choose though that you could ignore most of today um pearls gonna want it to be to rule
look at the the vowels someone if you tell your boss who ruled we wanna put
it away plummets are on their uh low pass your your boss got them
fizzled material by simply deceit or a little bit a little do who would be
able to give i think it'll transport 'cause of a bit of away
shows more figure who uh appraisal shari did you know that this
you don't love we don't charge copied you off that
problem it's not invited to fit no problem but still awful it's awful nice you'll give a while 'cause well local
the deal they they show not on a matter national does it have was
alive out locks a response got them with his ample much was all
in my near he nodded that says securely ga ga a common people will
uh oh yeah it would be messy people oppose where you will or
visible to do you know if you all don't they zap where that let
the g. d. tallies sci news of bishop was or do we
the and may not importance yellow live usually uh having to says example example ice are we
a set up our sleeves a reminder outback so skip out play for energy that is that's not push back on it i
mean that's something push tornado men when i post case conrad famine
warm i see it over his that composes you somewhere
is he a direct bashing last on the attic allergies the case they get to
the dev wow for these on s. f. m. a. on allow for
mass donkey big close up go see the pauses establishes the key and may
not be limited common lowery pass your wallet he on his way
both car or see the the movie and uh uh will probably need the common
aluminium uh alexander radically two on one calls their position t. on the
lab rat platinum solo pete that i'm not to city contest again i suggest
some i think component works it will be a few gas tanks if
i'm i don't set the the where you get a pauses use it to
some p. if you are a levy packed with the pets normalcy that
was that that was or could be a telephone you work at the week
will produce come twice really do any theories you associate only duty
uh i don't even easier and you will have all cute again to pass no that don't cry more of people would be
too pussy blip can usually page even just you do the point pointed a disease or for me to come all
usually a perfect look some piece you over to little yeah it's your tax
added any id dealer come unless you might be systemic spare yeah the
the the digits evaluate city i suppose the r. f. b. i. and we
morph directly don't it doesn't cargo secure easy it's a chaos that if
i could really do any slides i distributed mon may uh spots yeah yep in on
one of our don't it would be different if you don't do the populace your
keck summer bottle if you didn't remark about that on a party
deal who waited about exactly 'cause was like a bright idea
medieval boa spirit already hoboken company goes or would you be be so to norm
c. d.'s are it's it's a back ache issues you should you massacres was good you don't know
have their own took a uh yeah seven catch possible puts uproot via the party
no less your when you would have thought they knock those are able to mode they oh no
uh this actually coffee also i thought the digital a a
huge amount of sick technology got it the fifth wheel
your remote they don't i mean that's all they should kill nobody will be well then is that the
the formats only up if you did that has it actually face value
of a messy so so mobile phone does oracle of only
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and the the card if they should be able to issue shape it's been so obvious work when it to
where there's there's also for for a while i may still call the artistic that's actually a class i

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Conference program

Mot d'introduction
Sébastien Mabillard, Coordinateur projets e-health, Fondation The Ark
8 June 2017 · 6:05 p.m.
Les Technologies Cognitives ou l'Homme Augmenté
Jérôme De Nomazy, IBM Suisse
8 June 2017 · 6:09 p.m.
Les Technologies Cognitives ou l'Homme Augmenté - Questions du public
Jérôme De Nomazy, IBM Suisse
8 June 2017 · 6:41 p.m.
Mot de bienvenue
Sébastien Mabillard, Coordinateur projets e-health, Fondation The Ark
9 June 2017 · 9:04 a.m.
Présentation de Swiss Digital Health
Frédéric Bagnoud, CimArk
9 June 2017 · 9:07 a.m.
Présentation des instituts de recherche HES-SO Valais-Wallis
Laurent Sciboz, directeur Institut Informatique de Gestion | HES-SO Valais/Wallis
9 June 2017 · 9:11 a.m.
Virtually Better: How Virtual Reality is Easing Pain, Calming Nerves and Improving Health the Drug-Free Way
Brennan Spiegel, Director of Health Services Research, Cedars-Sinai Health System
9 June 2017 · 9:21 a.m.
Augmented Reality-assisted surgery
Luc Soler, Directeur de la R&D et Professeur PAST, IRCAD, IHU
9 June 2017 · 11:22 a.m.
Réalité virtuelle dans le traitement des troubles mentaux
Eric Malbos, Psychiatre et spécialiste du traitement en réalité virtuelle, CHU Conception
9 June 2017 · 11:56 a.m.
La Simulation Numérique pour les Professionnels de Santé
Xavier Abadie, Directeur du Développement International, SimforHealth
9 June 2017 · 12:28 p.m.
AR for different medical use cases
Antoine Widmer, Professeur HES & co-fondateur d'Adventures Lab
9 June 2017 · 2:04 p.m.
Augmented reality for medical applications
Henrique Galvan Debarba, Chercheur senior, Fondation Artanim
9 June 2017 · 2:15 p.m.
Virtual reality solutions for stroke rehabilitation
Andrea Serino, Responsable de la recherche en neurosciences, Mindmaze
9 June 2017 · 2:34 p.m.
Virtual Reality combined with haptic robotics for rehabilitation
Aurélien Fauquex, Directeur Exécutif et co-fondateur, Lambda Health System
9 June 2017 · 2:48 p.m.
Creating a valuable user experience for nursing home inhabitants
Roel Smolders, Directeur Exécutif, Active84Health
9 June 2017 · 3:05 p.m.
TABLE RONDE : Quelle innovation pour la santé du futur en Suisse?
Eric Beer, Henning Müller, Pascal Detemmerman, Victor Fournier, Resp: Head of Customer Engagement e-Health (Swiss Post), Professeur en informatique médicale HES-SO Valais-Wallis, Directeur Exécutif SwissEnov, Chef du service de la santé publique du Canton du Valais
9 June 2017 · 3:20 p.m.

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Sébastien Mabillard, CEO | Swiss Digital Health
15 June 2018 · 9:07 a.m.